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This is the Wild Mass Guessing page for Kevin Hearne's Iron Druid Chronicles series. Feel free to go so nuts with it that Loki thinks you're insane. Spoilers abound!

Certain important characters aren't dead.
While fleeing from the huntresses, Atticus does not actually see The Morrigan die. He simply loses all mental link with her, which she could very well have shut off herself, created some damage, and escaped intact, after divining that her greatest help to Atticus would be to pop in as a total surprise when the shit really hits the fan. She has other places to go than her Fen in Tir na nOg, or even in the earth plane itself, although it's more likely she IS in her home among the Tuatha De Danann. Mannanan Mac Lir, who also has part of the job of ferrying souls to their rightful place, has not said a word about it nor had anything less than his usual hospitable behavior; the loss of the Morrigan would have dealt him and the other Irish gods a great blow, but the only one who seems to know is Goibniu (after being informed by Atticus), who seems genuinely distraught. The court of Faerie would be turned upside down in grief, (most of them, anyway), and they're not. The Olympians may be immortal, but the Tuatha would have mounted a very fast attack for retribution. They didn't.

How better to gather her forces and help with the final attack on Ragnarok as a surprise than by completely faking her death? And as Atticus was closer to her than anyone else, convincing him would likely convince everyone else.

Goibniu even mentioned that Scathach was moving in - who, in lore, was the very dangerous woman who trained Ireland's greatest hero. Nobody'll mess with her if they think she's taken up residence in the fen. And what better bodyguard could you have while you're hiding and marshaling your magic and plans than the only woman to beat the best warrior in their history and taught him all he knew? Ergo - the Morrigan, a badass in battle in her own right, is alive.
  • In Shattered, it is revealed that even though several gods have died so far most if not all of them wont stay dead. Due to the power of belief the gods who still have some worship/relevance in the modern world can remanifest themselves.
  • Shattered also involves a scene where the characters commune with the spirits of the dead on Samhain. Midhir appears immediately when summoned as a smokey outline and converses with all present. The Morrigan on the other hand pops up suddenly next to Atticus, not having been summoned, appearing fully solid and even touching his chin, all conveniently while the other character's backs are all turned, and speaking to him telepathically so they cannot hear.

Oberon will die.

Nobody wants anything to happen to that pooch, but he's lived exponentially longer than any other wolfhound that exists. And if you want real pathos, a real kick to the gut, the enemy won't kill his lover. They'll kill the unequipped, vulnerable dog that he's had as a best friend for far longer than he should have. It's not pretty, but it's war, and wrenching the heart out of Atticus would be a valid strategy on the bad guys' part. This is a WMG that I'm seriously hoping I'm wrong on. :Not exponentially. They've "only" been together for 30-something years, which is 5 or 6 times a wolfhound's normal lifespan.