Fridge / Iron Druid Chronicles

  • Fridge Logic:
    • In Hammered Jesus makes an appearance and fills a street musician's case with money, remarking that bits of green paper are easy to make. U.S. dollars aren't paper, they are actually made of a blend of cotton and linen. So when that musician tries to spend that money he's going to run into a few problems.
    • Atticus has mentioned that anything with enough public attention eventually becomes real. Like Comicbook!Thor. But that version of Thor either can't manifest or can't muster the magic required to manifest because he isn't worshiped. At all. That makes perfect sense. But Middle Earth is real in-universe, evidenced by the fact that Atticus has been to that plane. All that mentioned, I'd like to bring up a movie series quite close to my heart: Star Wars. Now, Atticus said that Cult leaders don't become gods mainly because they don't have enough time before they die. Only live for about 50 years past gathering a cult. But Star Wars is a LOT more popular and well-known than any cult I know of. All of that said, I'd like to you all of a little-known fact about Star Wars: it has a cult. Not just a little one that you can find of anything popular either - it's a big one. In England and Wales, there are more "Jedists" than there are Jews. I know that Jewdism isn't a very populous religion, but come on! Everyone's heard of Jews. My God, I sound so... moving on. There are 390,127 worshipers of Jedism in the British Isles alone. Is Atticus going to meet Darth Vader? Because from what I've seen of this series, it's totally possible. And that is hilarious and awesome. Also, since most people reject that midocorians(doesn't care enough to spell their name correctly), would they be a thing?
      • If people believe that Darth Vader can come to earth then yes, he could. For the Middle Earth example above: It exists... on another plane. Druids can get there, but nobody else can. And yes, Atticus could probably chill out with Luke Skywalker if he really wanted. But nobody prays daily for intercession by Yoda, so the characters from Star Wars will have to stay in the Star Wars universe.
      • Exactly my point.