Heartwarming / Girls of the Wild's

  • In chapter 24, after Lee Go Seul rescues Song Jae Gu from his tormentors, she accompanies him to his job (you know, in case any 'friends' come by). The weight of his situation is becoming too much (living on his own with his younger brother and sister, being a parent to them, having to work to earn money for food and rent, and being constantly bullied) Jae Gu says that if not for his siblings, he wouldn't have the will to continue living and breaks down and cries. Unlike the stoic and serious Queen, the more rowdy Moon Young or cutsy and pushy Dal Dal, Go Seul just quietly listens to him and then gives him a comforting hug, reassuring him that he is as strong as he needs to be right now.
  • Queen eventually becomes a Cool Big Sis for Song Jae Gu's siblings and takes them around in her limo, showing them a good time.
  • While their friendship isn't exactly perfect, seeing how close and caring Queen, Moon Young, and Dal Dal become for Song Jae Gu and his siblings is very sweet.
  • All the interactions between Jae Gu and his siblings. They are adorable and he loves them, no matter how hard it is on him. Especially evident when he forgets to buy sausage for breakfast for his little brother and about has a breakdown over it because that's what their mother used to make them for breakfast on their birthdays. Even more heartwarming in that event was that his siblings made drawings of him telling him how much they loved him and were sorry for causing him trouble.
  • Near the end of the Garbage fight arc, Queen ignores the hypocritical ranting of her Arranged Marriage fiance, turns to Jae Gu and thanks him for coming to her rescue, even going so far as to hold his hand. Jae Gu's flustered, yet humble reaction was nice too.
  • At the end of chapter 241, Jae Gu quietly turns and leaves Dal Dal in the hands of Myung Hwan because all he wanted was for her to be safe and happy, and he knows that going into that storage shed would only ruin the moment.
  • Chapter 242 has Jae Gu expertly deal with Dal Dal's Trigger and not only give her a shoulder to cry on, but goes Warrior Therapist to deliver much needed words of encouragement so that her self-confidence returns.
  • Chapter 243 has Queen seeing a picture of Jae Gu doing well, thanks to Driver Park, and she smiles.
  • The entirety of chapter 250. All the "safe walk home" clients get a happy ending, all of them.
  • The ending of chapter 252, Queen's driver and bodyguard, Driver Park, quietly arranges for Queen and Jae Gu to meet at his home without either of them being aware of it.
  • Chapter 253, subverted, Queen leaps into Jae Gu's arms (afraid of a cockroach), and just as it looks like there'll be an "intimate" moment, Moon Young shows up and ruins it by kicking Jae Gu's door in. Then played straight when Queen and Dal Dal meet and Dal Dal invites Queen to a bowl of ramen, which is, more or less, how her relationship with Myung Hwan began.
  • Chapter 260. Jae Gu gets off his rectum, tracks down Queen, holds her hand, and she literally cries in his arms.