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Awesome: Girls Of The Wild
  • In chapter 26, Han Gyul's gang comes at Jae Gu's house looking forward to beat him up, once more. They didn't expect the Wild's High girls to be there, but since they are bound to a rule that strictly prohibits them from using their battle skills outside the ring, they can't do much against their Bullying a Dragon treatment. After going as far as cutting Dal Dal's face and messing their dinner, they get Queen of all people involved in the fight, with Han Gyul falling against her and breaking the eggs she bought for Jae Gu. And she decides that's enough.. She closes the door and makes some calls in order to get her lawyer to clean up some mess she was about to do. The look of sheer horror in Han Gyul's face when he starts to realize what's just about to happen is priceless. And he deserved so much what came down.
  • Finally, in Chapter 49, the highly anticipated bet between Jae Gu and Han Gyul begins. As if having Han Gyul being looked down by Jae Gu right before the battle starts wasn't awesome enough, Jae Gu wins by following Queen's advice about knocking his opponent out with a kick in the temple.
  • It doesn't matter if you have a small army of thugs with you. Screw with Jae Gul's siblings and he will mess you up!
  • Moon Young. In the throes of Tranquil Fury, she completely destroys Kim Ho Pae in a bout after he cheap-shotted Jae Gu. She then pulls the stool that he brought in to hit her with, sat down in the middle of the ring and glared at the men that had accompanied him. They Zerg Rush her - she still wins.
  • Queen calls in a private security force to 'deal' with the thugs that were threatening an old master her friends outside the gate.
  • Lee Na - her every appearance is awesome in that she looks so utterly bored while people threaten her with fists or sticks and she disables them before they know what hit them.
  • The battle between Dal Dal and Moon Young in the tournament. Both push each other to their limits as fighters.
  • Queen returns to face Kim Ho Pae in her last match in the Wild's Tournament.
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