Funny / Girls of the Wild's

  • Dal Dal at one point tries to get Jae Gu's attention by pretending to have tripped over while training. Only her training regimen includes dragging a bunch of monster truck-sized tires around the running track.
  • In order to get Dal Dal to train more, Jae Gu offers to do anything she wants. She the. Suggests that he strips, to which he says that he'll only do something normal. They eventually settle on studying together. Dal Dal then gets Jae Gu to take his blazer off, loosen his tie, and keep his brow furrowed so that he looks cooler as he tutors her. There's then a significant Art Shift and Bishie Sparkle to display how attractive he looks.
    Dal Dal: So sexy!
    • Later on, Dal Dal asks if Jae Gu will be getting his license soon. She wants to know because she wants to see him standing in the rain with it in his mouth.
  • When Jae Gu goes to the third floor, which is for upperclassmen, he finds out that that's the first time a boy has ever been there. All of the senior girls are depicted as nightmarish silhouettes with Glowing Eyes of Doom that are all trained on him.
  • Goo Ra gymteacher Jang Yeol Jeong is trying to psych his students up, when he gets his Rousing Speech and Inner Monologue mixed up:
    Jang Yeol Jeong: (out loud) You will be the pride of Goo Ra High!! (inner) You guys have to do well so I can be seen by Lee Na!!
    (etc, until he finishes up with)
    (out loud) I'll take Lee Na's heart! And her lips! And we'll marry and live happily ever after! (inner) For our school's pride, put everything you have and fight!
    Students ... ... Pardon ... ?
  • The first boys bathroom in Wilds High, complete with Hellenistic fountains, claw tub, and Roman Statues. Courtesy of Queen, of course. And lets not forget the large crowd of girls standing outside of it, cameras (and an electric drill) at the ready.
  • Jae Gu is washing himself off at a fountain after heavy training with his shirt pulled up. In the next frame, all the girls are shown to be ogling him and blushing. The frame after, they all have their cellphone cameras out.
  • Lee Pal Bong, who has only ever been seen as the unassuming, elderly, balding Principal of Wild's High, revealing himself as an ex-professional boxer, nicknamed "Nuclear Fists" and with 38 career KOs and still perfectly capable of defending the honor of his school.
  • In chapter 90, after Queen wins her match with Jae Gu as her coach, the two have an intimate moment while sitting on a bench and then the two apologize to each other for the less than amicable first meeting they had with each now having a better impression of the other. All this while cherry blossoms are falling off the trees in full bloom. This would've been wholly heartwarming until Queen's butler is then shown on the far right on a tree sprinkling blossoms over the two to simulate the romantic atmosphere. Makes it even more heartwarming when Queen's brother is shown orchestrating the whole scene in order to get the two closer.
    • Dal Dal then attempts to ruin the mood by sneaking up behind Queen and making fart noises.
      • Only for Dal Dal to ruined her own chance to make romantic atmosphere with Jae Gu by farting for real.
  • Anytime a horde of girls forms around Jae Gu, they will be black blobs with glowing eyes and mouths, and will pop out of anywhere to get near Jae Gu, up to and including entering through windows on the third floor or climbing around on the ceiling.
  • Queen's grandfather date peeping on Jae Gu and Queen, in a loud "tourist" shirt. Especially when he's quick to jump to the worst conclusion, only to be proven completely wrong in the next panel.
  • The end to chapter 213. Oh man. That ending. The cast's reactions to the attractive Chinese athlete going after the Kavorka man, specifically because he's a complete slob is priceless.
  • Lee Na finally had enough and took action against Goo Rah's coach in chapter 252. What truly sells the scene are the super-deformed faces of the police that take him away as he's incredulously screaming Lee Na's name.