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Heartwarming: Game Theory
  • Miyuki is the best big sister ever. Her advice to Nanoha, and teaching her how to fight with a staff to enable Nanoha to protect herself, goes a long way to show how much she cares about her.
  • Fate taking care of Nanoha after the dimensional quake, even though they were still enemies at that point.
  • In chapter six, when Fate comforts Nanoha, who is distraught over being separated from her family.
    • Later in the same chapter, Nanoha's conversation with her mother is very touching.
    • And then there's Fate bringing Vesta to Nanoha so that she wouldn't feel so lonely.
  • Vesta's devotion to Nanoha is also pretty heartwarming.
  • In chapter eleven, Precia actually hugs Fate, which very powerfully demonstrates just how different she is from her canon counterpart.
    • Also from that chapter, Vesta's conversation with Linith is pretty touching.
    • Chapter eleven in just full of these. The scene with Megane and newborn baby Lutecia, and the one with Tiida and Rizu playing with Teana are both very "dawww" inducing.
  • At the climax of the story, Nanoha once more chooses Fate over Yuuno, and accompanies Precia into Imaginary Space, which is both this and a Tear Jerker.
    I'll see you again someday, and make things right. I promise.
  • In the epilogue, Alicia is successfully revived. Squee!
  • Nanoha's reunion with her family in the second chapter of Power Games.
  • In the third chapter of Power Games, Vita recites a love poem to Hayate.
  • Mei revealing how she turned her life around in the fourth chapter of Power Games. As Quint says:
    You know what? Thatís the best thing Iíve heard since the damn Jewel Seed Incident started
  • Chapter 6 of Power Games: Yuuno protecting Nanoha.
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