Awesome: Game Theory

  • It's not quite as awe inspiring as the other examples, but for a cancer patient undergoing chemotherapy to push a zombie down the stairs to save a girl she didn't even know is pretty impressive. And it's the first thing we see Chikaze do.
  • Zest's entrance in chapter eight is pretty spectacular.
  • A lot of the battles with the Jewel Seeds are much more exciting than in canon, but the eldritch submarine against the TSAB team and Fate and Nanoha in chapter ten is absolutely incredible.
    • And then Precia proves that her rank is well earned when she kills it in one hit and disables the Arthra at the same time. From another dimension. Wow.
  • The battle on the Garden of Time is way more awesome than in canon Nanoha. The TSAB brings far more ships and personnel to bear, while the defenses of the Garden are made much stronger by the additional Jewel Seeds tied into the defense systems.
  • Yuuno gets one in chapter thirteen, when he uses his knowledge of ancient technology and a well placed lightning spell to destroy an incredibly powerful construct powered by a Jewel Seed.
  • Precia manages to make use of Nanoha's unexpected involvement in her plot and everything that came with it, and succeeds in resurrecting Alicia without risking a dangerous journey to Alhazred.
  • Aleph made Precia somewhat likeable while remaining largely true to her character. Enough that readers of her fic wanted Precia to survive longer to see what became of her. That's quite an achievement.
  • Power Games gives one to Shamal in Chapter 5. She uses Klarwind to disrupt a large TSAB device without anyone noticing.
    • And then she and Zafira curb stomp a squad of TSAB mages that outnumbers them ten to one.
    • And then, immediately after, they manage to destroy a Mariage while also keeping it from killing any of the unconscious TSAB personnel on the battlefield.
  • Power Games's Mle Trois in Chapter 6.