Heartwarming: Aliens

  • Newt has one major one. Throughout the film she always refers to Ripley by her name. But after all the length's Ripley goes through to protect her from the aliens especially after destroying the queen. Newt almost tearfully calls Ripley "Mommy" before hugging the battle weary woman.
  • The director's cut in particular is one big long Earn Your Happy Ending for both Ripley and Newt. Both of them have lost absolutely everything because of the aliens and they're both more than happy for the other to help fill the sudden void in their lives.
  • Ripley and Hicks share a moment, albeit brief. Showing their mutual respect and revealing their first names to each other.
  • Another brief moment is Ripley overcoming her prejudices against androids by personally and sincerely applauding Bishop, in saving them from being vaporized.

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