Tear Jerker / Aliens

  • In the extended edition, Ripley learns her daughter had grown up and died while she was still in hypersleep. What's worse is that she died two years before the events of this movie. Her relationship with Newt is all the more meaningful in this context.
    Ripley: (tearing up) Amy... I promised her... I'd be home for her birthday... her 11th birthday.
  • Newt...good God, poor Newt...
    Newt: My mommy always said there were no monsters...no real ones...but there are.
  • Ripley facing her nightmares by having to watch an alien embryo burst out of a colonist's chest.
  • It can be pretty heart-wrenching to see Hudson, Vasquez, and Gorman die when they were so close to reaching the dropship. Particularly bad for Hudson, as the other two were able to die on their own terms, whereas he is taken screaming for help by the aliens. For all we know, he could have been impregnated before getting killed off.