Headscratchers: Treasure Planet

  • Why was Captain Flint's body there with the treasure? There weren't any other bodies around, and it didn't looked like he'd been killed or anything. Also, what happened to the crew of his ship? They surely knew where the treasure was, since they were the ones who hauled it there. So why didn't they come to the planet after Flint's death and get the treasure? (Or, if Flint had already switched the security system on, why hadn't they accidentally set it off and blown up the planet while trying to get the treasure?) Okay, you needed the navigation ball to get inside the treasure trove, but clearly one, or some, of Flint's crew had gotten hold of the ball, since it ended up outside the planet... So why hadn't the crew member(s) used the ball to get the treasure? Or, even if the they didn't have the ball, they should've at least tried to get to the core of the planet with some other means. With the technology level shown in the movie, it shouldn't have been impossible.
    • Multiple (and possibly inter-connected) theories:
      • On the crew: A) Maybe most/all of his crew died along the trip due natural hazards, and Flint's ship was for some reason too damaged to escape, so he starved to death in that cave B)Or Flint is just that jealous with his treasure and stood there and starved to death on purpose because of how damn protective with his treasure he was ("No one will have my treasure, no one!"). On the Ball: A) Maybe some did survive, but were too scared of Cap'n' Flint and his memory to even try, and so they purposefully buried everything they knew (including the ball). B) Maybe B.E.N (who was a member of his crew) was the only survivor of the trip, and left with the ball (not knowing what it was for since his memory was ripped off), after a series of unrelated events the ball got lost (one also needs to note you need to know how to use the ball for it to work, see Silver messing with it to no avail in one scene).
      • It's perfectly possible that Flint killed his entire crew to keep the treasure all for himself.
  • Why did the pirates plan to kill the other shipmates. Unlike in the original novel, which was like one treasure chest, which is alot of money, but can be stretched thin with a large group of people. This is a WHOLE PLANET of treasure. One treasure chest from that place would set you for life, in the end of the film, a hand full of diamonds rebuilt the inn (Which is maybe like what 100,000 dollars). The pirates couldn't share a planet full of treasure with like four other people? If the pirates hadn't backstabbed the other crew members, they would have found the treasure with no hassle, collected as much diamonds and gold as they could, become incredibly wealthy, and gone on there way.
    • Wild Mass Guessing on my part, but since the Legacy was captained by Amelia who was in full uniform, it's believable that the expedition was being authorized by the government. Once they found the treasure and got back to Montresser, the crew would only have gotten their standard pay, maybe a little more. The rest of it would have gone to museums, or simply taken by the government itself, depending on the current morality they exhibit.
    • Well, what's the exchange rate on that planet full of treasure? It could amount to chocolate coins in tinfoil for all we know...
    • Greed, simple greed. Four more people to share the treasure with. Also they didn't know for sure there will be mountains of gold. According to the legend there are tones of treasure, but they can't be sure. There could be as well a few chests.
      • This, pretty much, even in the original Treasure Island. In the original book it was much more than one chest — Ben moves the treasure from where it was originally buried over a period of months or years while he is marooned there.
  • When Jim stabs Silver in his cyborg leg, Silver yells and clutches his leg as if he feels pain. Problem is, that leg is mechanical. Does he have artificial nerves or something?
    • The leg was supporting Silver's weight, and when the leg suddenly gave out, he was startled. The yell was one of surprise. It's like having one foot on a stool, then having the stool taken out from under you.
      • Not to mention that thing is probably 'plugged into' his flesh to keep it properly anchored, especially if it is a necessary prosthetic. When the pressure gave out, it jammed itself right up into his thigh or hip, wherever it ends off. He limps for the remainder of the movie... though that's partially due to some of the air in the leg not being restored without proper tools, leaving it less pressurized than before. He does comment to Jim that it's not working properly since their 'game of tag in the galley', referring to when Jim stabbed the leg.
  • How come nobody but Jim could open the map thingy? Surely the guy with a doctorate would be able to open it.
    • I think what happened is that Jim figured it out completely by accident through messing with it, and it would take too much time to try to reproduce such a circumstantial event.
  • One thing I can't figure out when reading through the character page is where people got the idea that Amelia ever got promoted. She is wearing the exact same uniform at the end as she did through the rest of the film. Unless its in the artbook or something I don't know where anyone gets the idea that her rank changed. Assuming she's actually assigned to the Legacy regularly its not like her command is gone. Jim isn't a captain. He's a cadet or, at most, a junior officer. He could easily find himself serving under Amelia if she doesn't request a land posting after having kids.
  • How dose Jim know the name Billy Bones? In the book it's based off of Jim and his mother see the name tattooed on his body, the pirate claims it's not his name, but never tells him his real name so they just roll with Billy. But in the movie it goes; he dies, the pirates attack, they go to Delbert's, then SPACE- did he find out the name off screen while they looked over his body for cause of death?
    • He said his own name in front of Jim when he first crash-lands there. "They'll have to pry it from old Billy Bones' cold, dead fingers a'fore I- *cough* *hack*."
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