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Headscratchers: The Vampire Diaries
  • I haven't seen season two yet, so maybe Tyler rescues a truck of puppies or punches Donald Trump into the sun during the first episode to make everyone like him. But why is everyone glossing over the fact that he attempted to rape Vicki? Even Matt doesn't seem to care.
    • I think it's Pilot Weirdness, for the most part. The same way that Damon isn't really the character he was for the first six or so episodes of season one, the same goes for Tyler. And in-story, most of the characters first season didn't actually like Tyler — they put up with him because they'd known him their entire lives. And almost none of them knew about what he tried to do to Vicki.
    • This show is pretty big on giving people second chances. Plenty of other characters have done things just as bad or worse and still been easily forgiven.
  • I can't get over how IDIOTIC the plan to deal with Klaus was. So you're going to trust Elena's life in a potion that may or may not work and that doesn't even discount the fact that the werewolf and vampire have to die - obviously their lives are expendable compared to Elena and Bonnie's. Frankly, all the crap that took place in episode 21 ( Jenna, Jules and John's deaths, Klaus finishing the ritual and surviving could've been averted if they'd just let Bonnie kill Klaus. What's one life against five others - the three that died plus Elena and Stefan, who were both ready to die? Why is everyone jumping to let themselves die for Bonnie? And even after all that, Bonnie still royally screwed up in killing Klaus. Why is this girl still alive?
    • Because that plan should have worked. There was no way of knowing it would turn out as poorly as it did. All the werewolves (minus one) are evil by virtue of being against our protagonists and vampires are still kinda default evil. So you let two bad guys die to save one good person. That's a bargain. It sucks it turned out quite how it did but without the ability to see the future they made the best call.
  • There is a vampire. He lived alone in his house as a human, and so now has no one to invite him in. Okay, reasonable. However, vampires can get into houses no living humans inhabit—we know this when we see a vampire get into Stefan & Damon's place, and we confirm that there's no grace period thing going on when Damon snaps the old lady's neck and immediately enters. So why couldn't he get into a house that had no living human tenants?
    • Somebody else owned his house.
    • It's implied that vampires like living with humans because of the security it provides. Half of Season 2 and 3 is survival tactics based on keeping Klaus and Elijah out of the house. (Both of them usually being polite enough not to remind our heroes that they can hear your heart beat and throw rocks like bullets, and houses are flammable)
  • On the same vein as the above, how did Caroline get back into her house after she was turned? She specifically stated her mom wasn't home yet, and Vicki showed us pretty clearly that you need permission to get into your own home.
    • No, she said, verbatim, "my mom is gonna be home soon." Her mother might have just stepped out of the house briefly after inviting her daughter in.
    • Alternatively, text messaging/phone call.
  • Whats with that Fog/Raven thing Damon used to do? How come other vampires don't have tricks like that?
  • Why do they have to keep on killing off interesting characters like Anna just to prove that Anyone Can Die?
  • I understand, of course, that Alaric and Jenna are adorable together and I don't mind seeing Alaric shirtless and all, but why couldn't they get HIM to go into the tomb in episode 10 instead of Stefan or Jeremy? He's a vampire hunter, for crying out loud! Distract Katherine, blow the ashes on her, get Alaric in and out with the moonstone, and stake the bitch! Problem solved!
  • The Salvatore's house has an awful lot of wood furniture for a pair of brothers that could be killed by a big enough splinter. Why not decorate with something your enemy can't tear up and kill you with?
  • Okay, in what universe can Paul Wesley and Ian Somerhalder pass for teenagers? They have WRINKLES. They look like pedophiles next to Nina Dobrev. This is the most ridiculous example of Dawson Casting I've ever seen.
    • I agree with you about Stefan, who is supposed to be SEVENTEEN, but Damon is the older brother. He's supposed to be 20 something, if I'm not mistaken he's 24 in the new prequel books.
    • People aged a lot more poorly during the civil war. Maybe it's the result of a 19th century diet and skin care regimen from when they were human? Doesn't explain why everyone in school buys it, but no one in that cast is high school aged.
      • For the record Stefans Diaries and the wiki put Damon's physical age at 24 and WHERE are you seeing wrinkles?! Stefan wrinkles his forehead alot and Damon has crinkles around his eyes/dimples but no where do I see wrinkles! True Stefan DOESN"T look seventeen but neither he nor Damon look THAT old and can you honestly tell me that JEREMY looks Fifteen/Sixteen?!
  • I used to think TVD had a more... ahem... mature fandom than that of a certain other vampire series, but the fangirls' attitude to Damon just bugs me. Of course, I'm not taking about everyone, but the majority of the female fans adore Damon and never judge him. Don't get me wrong I love the character of Damon as much as the next person, and Ian Somerhalder is amazing (and yes, hot as hell) in his role, but the guy's a ruthless serial killer and rapist, and the things he's done? He did it because he couldn't deal with the ANGST. When he attacked Jeremy, and Elena told him he lost her forever, the fangirls exploded in righteous anger saying that Elena was such a bitch. He tried to KILL HER BROTHER. I am so tired of seeing comments like "Poor Damon, he's been through so much, he deserves Elena and some happiness!" No, he doesn't. He's got to do something pretty incredible to deserve Elena and atone for the atrocities he's committed. In fact, the best thing down the line for him might be to die heroically.
    • Dear God no. Without Damon, there is no show.
    • I think Damon has been embraced by the fanbase for the same sorts of reasons as The Phantom of the Opera and Rochester from Jane Eyre. Evil Is Sexy aside, he is one of the most complicated, well-developed and entertaining characters in the show. Yes, Stefan may be a nice guy and probably a good friend in real life but he honestly seems like a cardboard cut out compared to his older brother (and it doesn't help that Ian Somerhalder is a vastly superior actor). Plus, he's constantly the Romantic Runner-Up, with both Elena AND Katherine. That's something most people will be able to relate to, far easier than Stefan who has girls running round after him. To be fair, lots of the other characters are killers too. Plus, he's never going to get Elena. Ever.
      • Seconded. Plus, he's the Bishōnen, even in the books.
      • yes, because being the guy who gets away with murdering,abusing,raping, and terrorizing people is a lot more relatable than being the guy who has two girls in love with him. -_- Wow, Damon-stans are even worse than Stefan-stans!! I'm surrounded by dumbasses, I guess.
      • Wasn't LJ Smith trying to write Damon/Elena in the books before Executive Meddling set in?
    • Because Damon's so incredibly awesome that it doesn't matter who he's killed. I'm a guy and I'd still risk hanging out with him if. . .if he'll stop this Bad Ass Decay right goddamn now. (edit from the same troper. Apparently his whining was limited to a single episode as of the end of season 2. I apologize) I don't want him crying about how he missing being human, I don't want him feeling bad. I want the guy that might hypnotize a hot chick and take her home, then eat her, then turn her into a vamp and cut her loose.
    • I'm annoyed that everyone skates over all the crap Stefan's done. He's baited his brother, knowing he'll lash out, and then sat by and let everyone else rip on him, or patronizingly scolded him. He was Damon before Damon was, and yet the fangirls are all simpering over him. Do I think Damon is a good person? Hell to the no. I'm just sick of everyone constantly dumping on him and worshipping Stefan.
      • Stefan, by his own admission, was worse than Damon when he first became a vampire, except that he's presented as someone whose behaviour was horrifying and inexcusable and who will never stop being disgusted at himself. Damon kills and abuses people remorselessly, but when we're watching him, say, compelling Andie to have sex with him and let him feed from her even after she explicitly asks him not to, we're not meant to see that as morally repugnant behaviour on Damon's part, we're meant to feel bad for poor Damon who loves Elena so much that he has to find someone else to "distract" him from her. Neither Stefan nor Damon is a wholly good or wholly bad person, but Damon gets away with so much within the show that really, a bit of "patronizing scolding" isn't out of line.
      • People like Stephan? Why isn't there a Burger King commercial about who's team you're on 'cause I'm ready to rock my Team Damon T-shirt.
    • I'm sorry, but when was Damon ever portrayed as a rapist? Also, what exactly do you mean he has to pull "redemption equals death". He's already put his life on the line for her and her loved ones, why should the fact that he didn't die make it any less meaningful?
      • He's never been portrayed as a rapist, which is precisely the problem, because that's what he is. Unless using compulsion to make someone have sex with you who would otherwise not have sex with you doesn't count as rape. (A clue: it does.)
      • I don't think he's ever compelled someone to have sex with them. Granted I've only watched the series once, but I don't recall a single case of him having to use mind control for sex. I do recall him using it to shut people up, but not to get laid.
      • This might be a case of Values Dissonance, since the idea of raping someone you're already in a relationship with is a new one, and some people are still skeptical about it. It's also notable that Stefan gets support every time he tries to atone for his actions and turn over a new leaf, while Damon doesn't.
      • Having just finished a Vampire Diaries Marathon,I can state with certainity that Damon NEVER uses compulsion to get sex(he doesn't need to anyway)so that throws the whole he's a rapist thing out the window.
  • Why don't the main characters just tell Jenna about the vampire stuff, already? Someone should have figured out by now that keeping Jenna out of the loop creates way more problems than it prevents. There are at least three dangerous vampires that Jenna has unknowingly invited into the house, not to mention the whole being compelled to stab herself in the gut thing! Jennaís an educated woman and has been consistently characterized as someone who deals with whatever is dropped in her lap (you try going from a 28 year old grad student to a legal guardian of two teenagers). Thereís no reason to think that she canít deal with the vampire stuff, and every practical reason to let her know whatís going on in her own home.
    • Because Elena feels knowing it is a curse, and doesn't want to burden her Parental Substitute with something so huge. She really should, but emotions and such get in the way.
    • They did... and Jenna's dead as a result.
      • Jenna's dead because she fell for a phone call from Katherine as Elena, which doesn't have anything to do with being let in to the fellowship of the falls. If anything, she might have thought twice about the phone call if she'd had longer than a day to process that her niece has a vampire lookalike.
  • Why does everyone in Mystic Falls use "Bing"? Nobody uses Bing — not as a search engine NOR as a verb ("I'll bing it." Really?). Come on, writers. This just makes you look cheap.
    • I think teen drama writers specifically aim to look cheap.
      • Product Placement?
      • Yeah, I'm thinking Product Placement. Bing is the same as Google, except it whores itself out to stupid advertisements and overly blatant product placement.
  • I know part of this is simply for drama reasons and that this pretty much holds across all vampire media after Buffy the vampire slayer where a well trained human was capable of killing a vampire. Between Twilight , True Blood and The Vampire Diaries I don't understand why vampires don't rule the earth. Clearly werewolves aren't much of a threat since they're only dangerous a couple nights a month, witches are a larger hindrance but still not enough to really stop them if they wanted. You can't even hunt them while they sleep and try to burn the house down 'cause they move so damn fast they might hunt in New York but actually sleep in Philadelphia. Basically they should have won long ago if they weren't such idiots.
    • Well there doesn't seem to be any kind of unified organization, since there's not some sort of inherent mindset they all snap into, and no vampires with an actual interest in conquering the world have been seen yet. They haven't "won" because they're not trying to do it.
    • Well humans on TVD actually do seem to fair pretty well against vampires. Elena was able to hold off a fairly young vampire for a little with pencils and the broken off handle of a mop, and Alaric was able to sneak up and kill Elijah. Twilight and True Blood are much more egregious offenders of the "those vampires should be able to take over the world!" problem. Both have incredibly well-organized vampires, and the Twilight vampires don't have any real weaknesses and are almost unkillable and unstoppable.
  • Similar to the troper upthread who complained about Damon - The Damon fandom attitude towards anyone who doesn't like Damon bugs me. Look, I agree Damon is an interesting, complex character. But can we please stop going all Ron the Death Eater on the characters that have the audacity to hate him? A large segment of the people who hate Bonnie seem to be Damon fangirls who don't like that she is one of the few who is willing to put him in his place and not easily forgive him for the various atrocities he's committed. Bonnie isn't close to being one of my favorite characters, but I say thank goodness that there is SOMEONE on the show who won't readily overlook the shit that Damon's pulled. Bonnie has every right to be judgmental towards him. Some of the fangirls have also claimed that Damon killing Lexi was justified because, hey, Lexi was attacking the Sheriff, so she was totally the aggressor! Later they said that Stefan was being a jerk for throwing Lexi's death in Damon's face in a more recent episode. Do these people realize that you CAN like and appreciate a character without approving of every single thing they do? Sometimes I think I'd like Damon more (as it is, I definitely appreciate/like him as a character from a storytelling perspective, but not on a personal level, if that makes sense) if it weren't for the copious amounts of Fan Dumb present in the Damon fandom. HOWEVER, in all fairness I shouldn't generalize all Damon fangirls this way. Most of the Fan Dumb-ish incidents I am talking about came from the Television Without Pity forums, and TWOP =/= fandom as a whole.
    • What this troper finds irritating is how Damon is Easily Forgiven within that fandom or his actions are justified because he's an vampire and vampires are suppose to act this way yet an certain vampire gets condemned daily even though he's an far better person than Damon is.
  • Wait, how exactly did Jonathan Gilbert write in his journal "I saw the vampire who killed me; it was Stefan Salvatore" if he, you know, DIED?..
    • Ok I went and rewatched and Stefan said he survived. I must have not caught it when I watched first time. Although, why did then Jonathan later write that he was killed? He thought he was going to die?
    • I think I remember hearing it stated that he had his magic not-dying ring on at the time. So he was killed, he just came back.
  • How did Katherine get into the house to give Damon Klaus's blood without being invited in by Elena? She hasn't been invited in since Elena was given ownership of the place.
    • Because Elena technically died when Klaus drained her during the sacrifice. It doesn't matter whether death is permanent or not, it still renders a house 'ownerless'. My question is, how did Stefan get into Alaric's apartment when Damon had to be invited in by Ric?
  • Why doesn't Elena have a problem with Damon killing Mason? He was in league with Katherine, yes, but he was never a danger to anyone until Damon stabbed him. Come to think of it, she seems rather nonchalant about the fact that two - no, three - of her friends regularly kill people. To be fair, I haven't seen the first season, so either this was already addressed, I ought to suspend my disbelief, or this show is a lot heavier than I thought.
    • One might also question her not being bothered by him using mind control to rape one of her best friends and reduce Andi to a wind up toy, or him murdering her brother out of pique. It all has the same answer: because Damon is ridiculously Easily Forgiven. For people besides Damon, the deaths have been either self-defense or transitional loss of control, which makes it a bit more understandable, although there does seem to be a strong group-centered morality going on.
  • Maybe I just missed a bit of vampire mythology. But vampires being dead don't have to breathe, So why do they constantly strangle each other and when strangled struggle to breathe? Makes no sense, like when Anna strangled Damon and when she let go he was gasping for air and commented on her strength, is it different in Vampire Diaries and I just missed the memo or what?
    • Maybe they don't need to breathe but still possess the breathing reflex.
    • Well, even if they don't need to breathe, it still wouldn't be too comfortable to have someone squeezing your neck and digging their fingers in. Gasping for air could just be the reaction to the pain.
  • This show is set in a small town in Virginia, and most of the characters belong to families that have lived there since the 19th century. So why does no-one have a Southern accent?
    • Because that would make the show seem like a True Blood ripoff.
    • Many Virginians don't have any noticeable accent.
  • In "Homecoming" didn't anyone consider that Damon stabbing Klaus would kill him, since a vampire can't dagger an Original without dying? I thought that was the reason Stefan saved Klaus, but it seems like it didn't occur to anyone.
    • Didn't kill Stefan when he did it to Michael.
    • The silver daggers were enchanted to kill the vampires that used them. The stake presumably came directly from the tree and didn't have any spells on it.
  • I get really annoyed that Stefan is seen as the better choice, when we know that he fully turned Damon into a vamp, tortured and killed hundreds of people and let's face it, the amount of crap he put Elena through in the first part of season 3. I know people saw that he's tried to get back on the wagon and is really really sorry, but really they want Elena to spend her time ensuring that Stefan stops drinking the red stuff. After all, ghost Lexie indicated that she dried him out every ten years or so. I'm not rooting for Delena either as I don't see that on screen.
    • Not to mention he threatened to drive he off the bridge where her parents' car crashed and turn her into a vampire, just to annoy Klaus.
      • Stefan is the better choice because he actually tried to be good, genuinely cares about Elena's friends and family, and makes of point of always giving Elena freewill and choices. Besides he didn't do that to annoy Klaus, he never intended to truly do it but if Elena knew along, then it wouldn't have been believable. Like Stefan said.
      • Watch that scene again,Stefan(despite what he tells Elena) totally was going to drive Elena off that bridge if Klaus hadn't given in first. Also season 1 Damon may not have cared about Elena's family and friends,but now? He does,infact,seem to care in his own Damony way considering that he does go help/rescue the others without being asked or prompted(or THANKED for that matter). In seasons 1 and 2 this behavior could certainly be interperted as him trying to please Elena but now he seems more genuine in his interactions with Jeremy/Caroline/Bonnie and helps because he himself wants to(although he will never,admittedly,be bffs with any of them). He's also only took Elena's free will once(when he forced her to drink his blood before the sacrifice)and though he states that he would've saved Elena over Matt,we'll never actually know the truth of that because he wasn't there. For the record Damon has done terrible things but who on this show hasn't by now? I personally don't belive that either brother is "better" or "all wrong" for Elena,in fact I think both make good partners for her for diffent reasons. Stefan was good for her in the beginning when she actually needed someone to play white knight and sheild her from the big bad vampires,but now? Now she's strong enough to walk on her own and doesn't need Stefan or anyone else coddling her,not that Stefan realizes this. He assumes that she'll never survive being vampire,never survive killing someone,and never survive turning her switch off and yet she does survive all of that(Sure,the road was really bumpy at first but what vampire/wrewolf/hybrid DIDN'T experiance a few hiccups at first?) but Stefan can't seem to understand this. Further more when he discovered that Elena was sired and that a cure for vampirism existed he imidiately set about trying to "fix" her,out right saying that he didn't like her as a vampire because she'd changed too much(despite the fact that Elena and everyone else has continued to grow and change since the freaking pilot). Damon on the other hand states that he likes Elena either way and never tried to change her. Is Damon selfish with her? Yes,sometimes but he has also been very unselish with her and proved that he is worthy of her affections(Remember how he actually backed down to let her be happy with Stefan?),not to mention he helps her be a whole lot freer with her emotions than she was with Stefan. So there for at this point Damon is better for her than Stefan.
  • Alright, I know this is already in the Fridge Logic example on the main page, but seriously, can anyone think of an explanation as to why in 'Bloodlines', Stefan was so confused by Elena and Katherine's differing last names ? That's pretty much only something a five year old should be confused by. Was he just hefting the largest Idiot Ball in existence or what?
    • It wasn't that they just had different last names that confused him. He was commenting on Katherine being a "Pierce" and Elena being a "Gilbert" and implied that as far as he knew the lines didn't intersect.
  • Has it ever been explained how these highschoolers (the humans ones) are able to hang out at a bar and drink at all these parties and balls? Not expecting The Max or Angel Grove Juice Bar but I've always been curious about this.
    • If I remember correctly the few teen parties they are seen attending are held in the woods and the Alcolhol was provided by some college kid named Duke. Although in the Pilot Elena makes Jeremy throw away his beer when the police come after Vicky is attacked and in another season one episode Damon offers Caroline a drink which she accepts but tells him to warn her if her mom is around before she takes a sip. One time the kids got alcolhol at the Grill but that was because Lexi compelled the bartender.Elena is allowed to drink at Bree's bar(despite her doubts that she'd even get in) because Bree thought she was Damon's girlfriend and probably assumed she was legal(notice she doesn't ask Elena's age or to see i.d.). The oldest person at Rebekah's party was Rebekah and I doubt she cares if some stupid teenagers get drunk. In short They're probably just sneaking it by their parents/guardians/teachers or vampire compulsion is involved somehow. The only incident that I don't get is when they have a beer keg at a spirit week event ON SCHOOL PROPERTY.How'd they swing THAT?!
  • Why did anyone think Klaus would fall for Bonnie using all that power on him, causing her (fake, but convincing) death, while he possessed Alaric? It wouldn't get them anywhere, and surely Klaus realized that. It would only kill Alaric and Klaus established he could easily just possess someone else, implying he would survive. And then why DID he fall for that? And why couldn't Bonnie, with all that power, just break the indestructibility spell or reverse the possession?
    • I can answer that, it's called the 'plot wheel o' doom' This is our theory for most of the plot in TVD. The writers are discussing the events of the episode, they're 25 minutes in and the party of the week is in full swing, but they haven't a clue about what to do for the last 15 minutes of the show, so they pull out a wheel with different plots on it, like say, Damon killing Lexie; Elijah not guessing that Klaus would stake him; Damon snapping the neck of a friend or Jenna or Tyler letting his werewolf buddies torture Caroline.. They have these plots all written on this wheel and then they spin it and write up whatever it lands on, ignoring any and all character development whatever. Honestly, we are fully waiting for the aliens to abduct the town, it's a distinct possibility from all the other plot events that have happened.
    • Why wouldn't Klaus fall for it? Klaus knew they had a weapon that could kill him and under a risk free enviroment he forced them to play their hand. If he's shown nothing else throughout the series it's that he's extremely arrogant, which acceptable when you've spent most of the last century as one of only three beings walking the earth with a hope in the world of slowing you down and only one able to kill you. He's not the type to double check.
  • Why are the Originals so certain Klaus sired the Salvatore line. Vampires are rare yes, but we're given the impression that there are enough of them in the world that given just the five hundred years between their origin and Katerina you'd think the Originals (who allegedly ran as a bit of a pack for a long stretch before Klaus got all dagger happy) would have long since forgotten who sired who since until right now it wasn't particularly important. That's a lot of book keeping over a thousand years.
    • Because most vampires probably do Originate from Klaus, he is after all the only one obsessed with creating an army for himself. Fin turned Sage because he loved her but like you said, the originals were a pack. Klaus was the only one who wanted a back up family.
  • Unless the whole line dying if you kill the original was something that Ester did why didn't they all die when Micheal was killed. We know he's the true Original.
    • He was probably the first to transition, but that doesn't mean all the other vampires came from his blood. His children only drank Tatia's blood and a human before they turned.
  • On the subject of the whole "invitation" thing, here's one. Vampires can't get in unless invited, and once invited in, they can come and go whenever they want, even if the person revokes the original invitation. And yet we have clearly seen several vampire thwarted by the threshold rule. If the vampires possess the power to hypnotize humans at will, why don't they just compel a person to invite them inside? It seems to work in True Blood countless times.
    • From my understanding the threshold barrier is like a glass barrier and a vampire can't compel someone unless they are looking directly into their eyes, so if you're standing inside the house and the vampire outside you can't be compelled to invite them in. As for revoked invitation I think it can be done only by magic, not at will (and I'm pretty sure Bonnie revoked Elijah's invitation back in season 2).
    • No, we get it straight from Damon that it doesn't work that way in the episode where he kills that woman to get into her house. The invitation doesn't count if they're being compelled to do it.
  • So the most recent episode states that for a vampire to be sired to hir maker, s/he must have had romantic feelings for that vampire as a human. If that's the case, why weren't Stefan and Damon sired to Katharine? They were both in love with her when they got turned, but as soon as they realized the kind of person she was, they had no problems with telling her where to shove it. And if romantic feelings are all that's needed for siring to occur, then why is the sire bond supposedly so rare in this universe?
    • Stefan's feelings for Katherine were never real, since he was compelled, but Damon's can probably be explained by his belief that Katherine was dead; even so, he spent a fair bit of time trying to get her back. Hell, maybe he was sired to Katherine - he offered to go with her and forget the part where she abandoned him, after all, though her explicit rejection of him after that would surely have broken it if such a bond ever existed.
    • The early storyline suggested Damon was sired to Katherine; after all, Damon spent more than a century trying to rescue Katherine from the tomb, believed he was still in some sort of relationship with her (i.e. Damon tells Sage "I do not need a woman; I am spoken for" referencing Katherine), and continued to both have feelings for her and try to track her down even after he learns she was never trapped in the tomb and, therefore, willingly chose to leave him behind. However, Word of God has stated Damon was not, in fact, sired to Katherine.
As to why it's so rare... if two lovers are devoted and continue to be devoted, its not necessarily obvious that such a bond exists. It probably isn't that common for vampires to build a loving relationship with a human anyway, especially when they have access to compulsion. It was only so obvious in the case of Charlotte since Damon didn't return her feelings (and his tendency towards sarcasm), and in the case of Elena because she was torn between Damon and Stefan as well.
  • The reality is the writers just didn't remember their own plot points. If it's just emotional attachments, then there should be plenty of vampires who are sired, probably outside places like Mystic Falls where good vampires keep turning people so they won't die. I imagine the majority of sired vampires had feelings for their makers. It certainly doesn't seem to be the sort of thing you do out of spite in this reality. It also contradicts the Klaus sire bond. Wolves only change once a month. He hasn't freed them until the first full moon when he's actually made good on his promise but it seems that it happens instantly. Worse, Elena is the only one that the bond doesn't feel unnatural too. The rest of the hybrids, it's so bad that they volunteer to go behind his back and torture themselves until they break the sire bond. When you'd think that if wolfing out is as bad as it's described as being that, wolves would be gathering from around the globe. Not only is the war between vampires and werewolves over, the werewolves in no uncertain terms have won if they team with Klaus.
  • The reason the bond doesn't feel unnatural to Elena is because she was in love with Damon before he turned her. None of the werewolves were in love with Klaus before he made them into hybrids. It also doesn't seem unnatural because the things that Klaus makes his hybrids do are direct commands and, because he's Klaus, he's asking them to do things they'd never do otherwise (i.e. telling Tyler to bite Caroline). Most of the things Elena does because of the sire bond aren't commands from Damon, rather ideas that he plants in her head (i.e. Damon suggests that the red dress is better, Elena agrees; he suggests that she can't drink from blood bags because she's a doppelganger, she believes it's true; etc.)
    • The problem with this theory is that the show states that in order for the sire bond to happen the human must have had strong feelings for the vampire BEFORE turning. None of the werewolves knew Klaus prior to his turning them into hybrids and it's heavily implied that he forced it on every one of them. Even if not having to turn (which unless he hit them up right before a full moon) might not happen for nearly a month none of them COULD have been in love with him. I think it's possible the writers either forgot/didn't know how the mechanics worked because they hadn't thought that far in advance or in giving them the benefit of the doubt what Klaus does is a different sort of sire bond than what regular vampires do. It's similar enough mechanically that they didn't give it a separate name.
  • My guess is that Damon was sired to Katherine. However, we see with Elena that, if a vampire shuts off their emotions, it permanently breaks the sire bond, even if the vampire later turns their emotions back on. So, while Damon probably had a sire bond to Katherine when he first became a vampire, it ended up not mattering since, by the time he saw her again, he'd already spent some time with his humanity off, breaking the sire bond.
  • How was Stefan able to get a tattoo? Shouldn't it heal?
    • I've wondered about this too. It's interesting to note that Damon/Ian Somerhalder also has a tattoo that's on his inside wrist (though the few times it's been seen it might just have been that the makeup artists forgot to cover it up, it's small.) I remember on one of the season DVDs the producers said that they argued with the network to let Paul Wesley show his arm tattoo (because the actor already had it). My guess? They just wanted to see Paul Wesley shirtless as much as possible, and covering up a tattoo that big would probably be very difficult and inconvenient. Therefore, vampires on TVD can have tattoos.
  • Why doesn't Damon just tell Elena something akin to "make your own choices from now on" to end this sire bond nonsense?
    • The mechanics of the sire bond are sufficiently random that I don't think this would work. Though the reason they don't try it can probably be chalked up to nobody thinking to attempt a rules lawyer answer to a magical problem. Given how Elena was doing what she wanted except when it contradicted what Damon wanted. My guess is two fold, the sire bond (at least in Elena) simulated love. Making her own choices would have still meant her doing what Damon wanted. If he found the proper phrasing it would probably have manifest in her being able to tell deny him when he was testing her but the next time Damon actually wanted her to do something she'd probably do it.
    • Damon knew that if he told Elena that she'd go right back to Stefan so he selfishly kept her against her will. Notice how when she mourned like crazy when Katherine killed Jeremy, he simply told her to turn off her humanity rather than help her cope with it.
      • Yeah telling Elena to turn off her emotions was a bad call but when did Damon ever "selfishly keep her agains't her will"? True he didn't break the sire bond when he should've but he tried very hard to stay away from her(didn't quite work but oh well). As long as we are pointing fingers here,STEFAN was also being pretty damn selfish in that he only wanted the sire bond broken and Elena to take the cure because he wanted to "fix" her(e.g. make her go back to how she was before she loved Damon because he didn't like how she'd changed). Also breaking the sire bond wouldn't make her go back to Stefan,she outright states that she was falling for Damon to Caroline in S3 well BEFORE all the vampire sire bond crap came up. Then theres the fact that she DOES choose Damon over Stefan after the bond was broken and she flipped her switch back to "ON" so the above comment is pretty much moot. As for the original question that method MAY have worked but probably not because if that was all it took there would be no drama and this show lives on drama.
  • Speaking of the sire bond,there's something else that doesn't quite make sense. Initially all Damon says to Elena is "Vampire's eat people, be a vampire", Elena was not in the room when he said he thought she needed human blood straight from the vein(although Vampire hearing could explain this bit). Okay, so that would explain why Elena cannot handle animal blood but later on it's DAMON who tries giving Elena his own blood and then a blood bag...given how the sire bond works the problem should've been solved right there but nope,poor Elena is still vomiting blood(note that it's only after the blood bag fails that Damon theorizes that the problem is Elena's doppelganger blood,which completely ignores the fact that Katherine does not have this problem). Then the next couple of episodes go back and fourth on what exactly Elena can keep down,initially it's stated that Elena can only drink human blood from the vein...but wait! All of a sudden she can drink Klaus's blood with no problems,despite being previously unable to feed from another vampire and not one person comments on this at all(okay yeah she needed to be able to drink Klaus's blood for plot reasons,damn that pesky werewolf venom,but it still flies in the face of what was previously established at this point). Geez, talk about confusing!
    • As is stated above the Sire Bond seems to work exactly how the plot wants it to work at any given moment and a lot of the other issues are fairly unique. I always assumed that the blood bag thing was mostly a mental block, likely one that Stefan and Damon have seen before especially in young vampires. It's probably something like eating cold food. A lot of people just can't stomach it. If I'm not mistaken she feeds off of Stephan prior to the Bond being broken as well. It's entirely possible that vampires are sufficiently human to pass by the Bond. It would be far from the most confusing thing.
  • Within the rules of the Vampire Diaries what exactly defines a human? Are Werewolves technically human until the activate the curse in the same way that Jeremy was sufficiently human for the immortality ring to work until he was chosen as a Hunter? Given what we know about the Founding Families of Mystic Falls it seems unlikely at best that nobody on the Council was some breed of supernatural which should have screwed the spell.
  • Continued. Are witches on the Other Side unbound by time or something? I don't understand how Qetsiyah cast a spell two thousand years ago that was balanced out by a being, the hybrid, that wouldn't exist for another thousand years and there wouldn't be enough for the spell for a thousand years after that. Hell nature allowing the Moonstone to exist goes directly against balancing out Silas which logically should have taken precedence over Klaus. In fact creating Klaus to defeat Silas actually makes a LOT of sense. What gives?

  • At the funeral for the town council When Elena talks to April and hears April's blood pumping through her veins why doesn't Elena vamp out and try to bite April? Given how vampires work and Elena being able to drink only human blood from the vein at the time this is what should've happened but instead it just makes her nauseous and causes her to vomit up Damon's blood. What's going on here? And why is Elena wearing salmon pink to a funeral?
    • I think that she's full from Damon's blood and seeing blood she really "needs" makes her system react by purging the "wrong kind" of blood to make room for the "right kind". As for the dress, I have no idea.

  • Why is Elena,a brand new vampire,able to be around humans and be in control of her bloodlust? The series repeatedly states that it takes years and years to learn that sort of control(Caroline being an exception due to her perfectionist control freak nature)but despite claiming to have control issues Elena is fine going to school or the grill,only slipping once when she fed on Matt at her house. Even without emotions she was more or less in control of her bloodlust if rather reckless,while Stefan has been doing this for 165 years yet the mere smell or sight of human blood can send him over the edge. Seriously WTF?
    • Elena isn't the only one. Bonnie's mother seemed to have a relatively easy time of it, Alaric was just fine as well. Stefan by contrast seems to be an incredibly poor example of vampire control which is brought a few times throughout the series.
      • Yeah, Stefan's beyond normal problems with blood are a pretty major part of his character. Damon posited that Stefan has those problems because he tried not to drink human blood from relatively early on, and so never learned control, but it's looking more and more that Stefan is inherently bad with human blood. Caroline at one point calls him a "problem drinker", suggesting that if we pretend blood is alcohol, after a certain point everybody else (that is, other vampires) can control their cravings and intake, but Stefan is a full-on alcoholic.
      • OP here. Yes Stefan has blood issues but my question was why do new vampires(with the exception of Caroline) not seem to have problems with control when they should?
    • It's possible it's been retconned that newbie vampires have no control problems. Elena even flat out tells Stefan that except for him, The rest of them are much better at the vampire thing.

  • Damon,Elena,and Rebekah go to a club. Elena and Rebekah feed from a young woman at the club. Now as hot as the scene was,they are feeding right smack dab in the middle of a crowded club and NOBODY notices. HOW?!
    • Quite easily. It's two girls necking with a guy in a dark club isn't going to catch anybody's attention. Especially not when anybody who gives a second glance can easily be compelled.
      • Also there's a decent chance that many if not most of the people at the club are drunk or high.
      • And with the Masquerade in effect people would assume they'd seen something different than what they saw because vampires aren't real. Really they weren't even being THAT bold.

  • This is really equally an Originals question as it is a Vampire Diaries one but where the hell have these bad asses been hiding out, how and why? I think it's reasonable to assume that none of them had the first clue that the Moon Stone wouldn't actually tilt the balance towards wolves or vamps and you'd think Marcel and his entire crew would have stepped in for that and then with Silas they didn't step in? Oh and when two Originals died that didn't send a big enough ripple through the city to sent your pet witches out on a figure out WTF mission? I mean when in theory 40% of your people just spontaneously die I know that as much as he doesn't want to tip his hand to the witches his choices were limited. Like limited to thank God Klaus' plot armor was strong enough to preserve the vampires of his home franchise and his spin off.
    • Assuming that Marcel didn't spend enough time around the Originals to realise that the Sun and Moon Curse was BS, breaking the sun curse would actually disadvantage Marcel, since being able to make those and only those who prove themselves loyal to him into daywalkers is a key method of his control. A werewolf breaking it would likely be very bad for him, but it's an unlikely enough thing that he doesn't want to risk losing control of his city for it. As for the Original bloodlines issue - probably most vampires in New Orleans are, like our heroes, descended from Klaus. Finn had few descendants since he never liked being a vampire, and Kol likely had relatively few since he spend a great deal of time daggered by Klaus for being Ax-Crazy.

  • If the doppelgangers of Silas and Amara have been finding each other for centuries, does that make Stefan and Elena and Damon distantly related to each other, assuming one of the previous sets got married and had children? Or is it like Fei and Elly from Xenogears, where they find and then lose each other tragically and keep getting reborn?
    • Most likely both. Given their physical appearances are clearly static and to date there hasn't been any reason to believe that they look odd for members of their families, since even travel between the US and Europe is recent in a two thousand year story they must have kept being reborn geographically close to each other they are likely more closely related (or have been in the past) than anybody really wants to think about. Of course to some extent this does beg the question of how the rebirth cycle works and how likely one or both of them are to achieve immortality and a lot of other complications.
      • Hmm well we know that Tatia(the doppelganger that Klaus and Elijah loved) had a child by another man who passed away at some point. But we don't know who this guy was,there's a possibility that he was another Silas doppelganger but then again you'd think the "Originals" would have noticed that Stefan was identical to Tatia's lover,especially since Klaus was Stefan's friend and Rebekah was Stefan's one time lover. Ow, my Head hurts stupid plot complications...
  • How does the doppelganger curse work exactly? If destiny is at work on their spirits why does Stefan even exist? Silas isn't dead! For that matter why does Elena exist since Kat is still alive. If being a vampire counts as dead for the purposes of the spell, which is entirely possible, does that mean there are/have been several Stefans over the last hundred years? Is there a new baby Elena out there somewhere because Elena proper is dead? Did the curse backtrack to the newly mortal Kat?

  • Sort of related to the above,is Elena truly the end of the Petrova bloodline? Word of god and the Vampire Diaries Wiki say yes but was it ever confirmed anywhere that Isobel(Elena's birth mother) was an only child? Or that Isobel didn't have any aunts,uncles,or cousins? Because if such relatives exist on Isobel's side of the family then wouldn't that mean that Elena isn't the last Petrova and another doppelganger may be out there somewhere/could still potentially be born?
    • Given the new information we have I'm less than convinced there really is a Petrova curse/bloodline. It seems to stem from an older curse, that in hindsight possibly ties into Klaus, Elijah and a potential 'Old Soul' for Damon. Clearly what we thought started with Klaus and Elijah is about a thousand years older than that.
      • OP here. Yes Elena is the last of Amara's dopplegangers but does that make her the last of Amara's bloodline? Like I said it's never stated that Isobel was an only child or had no relatives aside from her parents. Therefore if Isobel had siblings or cousins doesn't that mean that Amara's bloodline still exists(and Klaus can still make hybrids)?
  • Why are the Mikaelsons still called "The Originals"? Season 4 reveals that they aren't actually the original immortals,that distinction actually belongs to Silas. Did Silas not turn anybody? And how did Esther get her hands on the immortality spell? That spell seems like something the witches wouldn't want used ever again.
    • They still seem to be the original vampires. Silas was the first immortal but was something different from a vampire however similar it might seem so far. As for the witches I think the answer was revealed in 'Original Sin'. We know now that 'The Other Side' is an artificial hell designed by Qetsiyah to capture the souls of the Supernatural. Until she did that witches (possibly called travelers prior to some split) simply didn't care and who knows how long it took them to catch on to what was happening and why. As far as we can tell at this point Silas may very well have been the only immortal until the Mikaelson clan became vampires a full thousand years later and he was already trapped by then. Being able to spy on people in the real world wouldn't do you much good without finding someone who knew what was going on to spy on.
      • As to how Esther got her hands on the spell, I think of it as kind of like baking a cake. The basic ingredients are the same (eggs, flour — although in this case it's blood-drinking and whatever it was that causes immortality, though Esther seems to have used less than Qetsiyah, as her vampires are still killable), but what you add in changes the outcome of the spell/cake (whereas Qetsiyah's chocolate chips, as it were, kept Silas from being hurt by the sun, but Esther's "raisins" gave her kids super-strength and speed.) It's plausible that Esther got the basic ingredients from a legend about Silas and Qetsiyah.

  • When Damon kills Bree (the witch he'd gotten to help him get into the tomb) in season 1, why doesn't she even try to defend herself? Other witches are shown to be able to hold their own against vampires (the brain pain spell seems to be a favorite) and do so frequently.

  • During the season 3 finale why doesn't Elena just unbuckle her seat belt and swim to safety? She didn't seem to be injured or stuck (granted she might have been but it just wasn't shown). Actually why doesn't Stefan, the VAMPIRE with SUPER STRENGTH just grab both Matt and Elena at the same time? Couldn't he have just held Matt in one arm and pulled Elena along with the other?
    • That bothered me as well but apparently the scene's purpose was to show how Stefan always respects Elena's wishes even if he hated it. Sadly, the lore had to take an HUGE backseat for this and Elena becoming an vampire (similar to her book counterpart) to happen.
      • Stefan only has so much time before he himself drowns, after which he'd be dead for too long to save anyone. Presumably he didn't have enough time to save them both without getting a breath of air in between.
      • Vampires can't drown. It's entirely possible though that he only has two hands and could only grab one of them and pull them free of the wreck.
      • Stefan spends the first episodes of season five drowning continuously and coming back to life just to drown again. Granted it makes little to no sense, but it's in the canon now.
      • OP here. That may explain Stefan's actions but it doesn't explain Elena's. Why doesn't she try to escape on her own? She's not shown to be hurt or stuck,granted she could've been but then why didn't they show it? It looks like she just sat there and let herself drown.
  • Whatever happened to Stefan taking small amounts of Blood (to get over his ripper problem) and vervain (to build up a tolerance a la Katherine) everyday?
    • Nothing, presumably. He's shown sipping and drinking from human blood packs over the past few seasons; but it's when he drinks in excess that the Ripper has more of a chance to come out. And it's worked for him — the fact that he only killed one person and managed to pull himself away from another after starving for three months is actually pretty impressive. As for vervain, nothing has been said about either Stefan or Damon or any of the other vampires stopping their drinking of it. It is however less necessary now that The Originals have left town, because they were the only ones able to compel other vampires. Vervain won't work against Silas, it was explicitly stated that it grew at the base of the White Oak, and that's why it harms their type of vampire. They're probably better off still dosing themselves with vervain just do avoid surprises, but I don't know how much time it takes to build up more than a little bit of resistance to it.

  • What "Great Evil" was Pastor Young going on about in his letter to April? He can't have meant Silas, he wanted Silas freed and believed that Silas would revive his dead wife, as well as himself and the council members.

  • Maybe I just missed something but how exactly did Elena's sire bond break? Damon never tells her to forget him and move on, which seems to be a requirement. I understand that the sire bond wasn't in effect when Elena turns off her emotions because it needs feelings to work but shouldn't it have still been there when Elena flipped the switch back to "On"? Instead it's just sort of ...gone.
    • I just assumed that turning off her feelings broke the sire bond then and there. The bond was linked to her feelings for Damon, and once all feelings were gone, that's that. Then when she turned her emotions back on, she kind of "rebooted" without the sire bond software.

  • Just out of curiosity how much of Katherine's "feelings" for her various boy toys are actually genuine?
    • Not much it seems. Since she's basically been on her own for over 400 years, she, more or less, loves herself only and is use to using guys to get what she wants. Even though she claims to love Stefan, she has no problem hurting him as well, if it means her escaping, As seen in Season 2, Episode 1.
      • It's difficult to tell. She seems to be fond of them but she's far too self-centered to really show it.

  • When Conner meets with Shane, he (Shane) talks about what he knows of Hybrids from "lore" but Klaus didn't become a "real" Hybrid or make the others until recently so how can there be lore on Hybrids?

  • Why is it that Elena makes an big deal about her having free will, choices and everyone (ESPECIALLY Stefan in particular) respecting it yet she could careless about doing the same to others?
    • I'm not really sure what you mean. When has Elena ever denied someone free will? Other than using compulsion on humans while her switch was off I can't recall her ever acting this way.
      • The constantly getting Jeremy compelled "for his safety" thing is the huge one but she seems to make so many mentions about her choices, what she wants/wanted. She mentioned to Stefan about how he always respected what she wanted/her choices as well in Season 5 when she's trying to jog Stefan's memories by telling him things such as "You valued what I wanted even if it wasn't what you agreed with." She seems to have some sort of entitlement of her having free will and choices.
      • Hmm you've got a point about the Jeremy thing but the thing is if you were Jeremy would you want to remember your girl/boyfriend being a vampire, trying to drink from you and then dying violently? As for Elena well nobody wants to have their free will taken away and in the world of the vampire diaries free will tends to be a fleeting thing, because of this I think she's just hyper aware of the fact that her free will can be easily stripped away and this makes her paranoid which in turn makes her over protective of Jeremy and (ironically) causes her to act like a hypocrite by having Jeremy's memories wiped in an attempt to "protect" him.

  • Back in the 1920's why did Stefan choose to keep the vervain necklace? By the time he sees it on the floor he's forgotten all about Klaus and Rebekah due to Klaus's compulsion so he couldn't have remembered that Rebekah wore it. As far as he knew at the time it was just a trinket that had fallen on the floor.
    • He probably felt compelled to keep it with him. We know from Caroline that when vampires compel you to forget the information isn't deleted it's more like it's partitioned off from the rest of your memory. Caroline instantly remembered everything Damon had done to her upon turning because becoming a vampire effectively broke the partition. I assume that Stefan despite being compelled to forget the Originals saw the necklace and instinctively knew that he was supposed to have it even if he couldn't explain how.
      • It was pretty.
      • Remember how Damon used to be able to control crows? Stefan is part-magpie.

  • So Klaus compelled Stefan to forget that they were once evil best friends in the 1920's. Fine but Stefan is known to have kept a journal all his life,even if he never mentioned them by name surely he must have written something about the original siblings in his journals and if that is the case wouldn't he have noticed that something was off about his memory when he reread those passages?
    • Evil Stefan doesn't keep journals, or he rarely reads them. An entry a day for a century and a half is a LOT of reading material.

  • Why does Pastor Young burn all the vervain in Mystic Falls along with himself and the council? Vervain apparently doesn't effect Silas and by doing so Pastor Young strips the town of a weapon against vampires. On a similar note if all the vervain is gone where did Bonnie's father get the vervain he put in the water supply?

  • Why can't someone just teach Stefan to control himself around human blood? Why couldn't Lexi teach him this way back when?
    • He has something very close to an addiction. He did learn to control himself to an extent (with Lexi's help), but you can't be taught out of an addiction, you can only learn how to cope with it.
    • Very True but Lexi met Stefan in 1864 shortly after he became a vampire,so he shouldn't have developed an addiction yet. Yes he was a ripper but judging by later events(such as the ripper of Monterey incident)he wasn't yet nearly as bad as he would later become,so therefore he shouldn't be a ripper yet(though Lexi does call him one when she sees his house). Don't addictions take time to develope?

  • Why the hell would Lexi send Stefan,the blood junkie,to drive ambulances during the war? Atonement be damned,put a blood addicted vampire near that much human blood and you've got a ripper incident just waiting to happen!
    • It might have been a test but more likely she agreed with the American cause and correctly surmised that a vampire medic would do more good than harm for the allies even if he ate his fill. It's hard to tell for sure but vampires don't seem to feed everyday but even if they did World War II was very messy, if he drained every third guy who came through he'd still save a lot of lives that wouldn't otherwise be saved and considering vampires seem to retain most if not all of their human traits fledgling vampires would either kill Stefan in vengeance (if they understood what happened), die in a fireball (likely death), or rip through a lot of Germans. Really the only downside was Lexi might have had to dry him out again afterwards.

  • Why is Stefan okay on animal blood? What about it doesn't cause Stefan to go into ripper mode?
    • First, is there any reason to believe that Stefan doesn't go into Ripper Mode on animals or just that nobody really cares if he rips the heads off a few deer and thus it's never brought up? The second thing is that animal blood is clearly less appetizing than human blood and that's a fair constant through out vampire fiction. It might just not be close enough to human blood to get him worked up.
  • This question could go into most if not all vampire stories with the invitation rule but what precisely defines a house? It seems to be defined as the physical structure, the fence around your property for example doesn't seem to provide any protection. An outside area covered by an awning doesn't qualify as inside your house either. Which kinda makes sense. But in the cases of a disaster natural or how much house do you need to be considered in your house? If a tornado takes your roof off are you "outside" as far as the magic is concerned? If a fire takes out the west wall of your house do you still have a house? Is there a certain amount of time I need to maintain a residence for it to qualify? Would a tent count?
  • Why didn't Katherine die when Stephan caught her? Do the writers of Vampire Diaries not understand that when jumping off a tall building it's not the fall the kills you but rather the sudden stop? Worse based on her current condition she's know where near as young as she looks.
  • So Nadia's whole story is based on how damaged she is because her mother became a vampire. But by virtue of the fact that Elena exists, Nadia must have had a child herself. So how could she do that to her own kid?
    • Nadia doesn't really seem to be the most stable of people. She may not think of it like that. But it's clear that there's more to her story, like where exactly she disappeared to, so that may explain it.

  • So why did Stefan keep Katherine's photograph all those years? It's made pretty clear that by the time the series starts he's no longer in love with her.
    • It's possible it was meant to be a throwback to the books, where Stefan was still bothered by what happened with Katherine and his brother.

  • Why didn't the founding families mention daywalking vampires in their journals? We know they had captured at least two(Katherine and Pearl), but in the present day the council is surprised when they encounter daywalkers, implying that this little detail wasn't in the journals. Such information probably would have been very useful to their descendants.

  • So in season 2 the group learns how to take out an Original Vampire(magic dagger and white oak ash)from Johnathan Gilbert Sr.'s journals. HOW did John Sr. get his hands on info about about Originals? It doesn't seem like that sort of info would be easy to come by.

  • Why was it such a big deal when Elena killed Conner? Conner was threatening Jeremy, Matt and April, not to mention that Elena has killed before(Elijah, Rebekah, etc.). How is a vampire's life worth less than a human's? Technically Conner counted as a supernatural being due to being a hunter and he was far from innocent so the "oh no I killed an innocent human" thing doesn't really apply.
    • I don't think temporarily daggering an Original really counts as killing someone - I can't remember if she's actually permanently killed an actual vampire herself. There's also that her feelings will be heightened now that she's a vampire, so the guilt is harder to rationalize.

  • Why doesn't Katherine just find some random vampire to turn her again as Damon does in the books? She's certainly cunning enough to do this.
    • The cure that Katherine had is much different than the book's counterpart because apparently if you have or had the cure in your system, you can't even drink vampire blood to become an vampire or even be healed anymore. Both Katherine and Amara were shown to reject it, much like when Elena was having trouble keeping blood down. So it seems Katherine can't even become a vampire again, regardless of who she asks.

  • Is it me or does the introduction of Amara to the series screw up the Originals's backstory? In seasons 2 and 3 it's made pretty clear that Esther using Tatia's blood in the spell to turn her family and later to seal Klaus's werewolf side is what lead to the doppelgangers being created(and therefore Elena "dying" in the ritual should have put an end to this doppelganger business). Then season 5 arrived. Since it was apparently nature itself and not a spell that produced the doppelgangers why did the Originals believe that Esther's spell was the cause of the doppelgangers?(Klaus, Elijah and Rebekah refer to Tatia as the original Petrova several times). Esther apparently had the original immortality spell(or at least a variation of it)so shouldn't she have known how doppelgangers are actually created? Did she know that Tatia was a doppelganger or was her decision to use Tatia purely coincidence? Why don't the Originals themselves have doppelgangers? Is it because they aren't "truly" immortal like Amara and Silas were? And if Esther's choosing Tatia WAS coincidental then what would have happened if she'd picked some other random girl? Would a doppelganger still be created or would Klaus be permanently cursed?
    • It's established in Season Five that doppelganger blood has great power, so the simplest explanation is that Esther used Tatia to power her spell for that reason, and her children simply assumed that she was the first doppelganger since she was the first that they encountered. It does raise the question of whether hybrids require female doppelganger blood to transition, or if blood from a male doppelganger would work just as well.

  • How is it possible that nobody has figured out that Katherine didn't die? She still counts as a supernatural, given that she can perform Traveller magic and Bonnie could see her ghost. And it's been established that Bonnie experiences agonizing pain when a soul passes through her to go to the Other Side. And Katherine very audibly said "I'm not ready" before her spirit vanishes. So how come nobody got suspicious when Bonnie didn't double-over with agony at the moment of Katherine's supposed passing?

  • How did Klaus know that his blood can heal werewolf bites? Was this ability active before he became a "true" hybrid? Is this ability limited to Klaus alone or could any hybrid's blood work as an antidote?

  • Elijah sees Elena wearing Esther's necklace in the episode "Rose" where he yanks it off her neck and casually throws it away. However shouldn't he have recognized it if it belonged to his mother and later his sister who always wore it?
    • Most likely an Retcon as when Elijah was originally introduced, Him being Klaus' brother as well as there being an Original Family wasn't thought up yet.

  • In the season 1 episode "A few good men" Sheriff Forbes looks into Alaric at Damon's request and finds nothing out of the ordinary except for Isobel's disapearance but in season 3 Meredith also looks into Rick and finds a whole lot more:Violent fights,run ins with the police,and at least two restraining orders taken out agains't him by Isobel herself before they married. May I just say WHAT.THE.HELL. Does Liz just suck at doing research? Did Meredith just have better informed resources? Or did the writers just screw up?

  • Did Ester outright kill Tatia when she turned her family into vampires? Most of the fandom seems to assume this to be the case but she only needed a drop of Elena's blood to link her children and turn Alaric. Is it not possible that she didn't kill Tatia,granted she likely needed a bit more than a drop of blood to turn six people but still isn't it possible?

  • Teenage April is an orphan after her father dies and she appears to live alone. Correct me if I'm wrong but wouldn't an orphan under 18 with no blood relatives be made a ward of the state and assigned a guardian?

  • Why didn't anyone tell Liz,you know the Town sheriff that Silas,a shapeshifting mindreading immortal,was running around Mystic Falls before he attacked her?! Sure she can't do anything but she probably would've appriciated a heads up...

  • While I can understand that Klaus probably wasn't thinking when he killed all the Petrova's wouldn't Elijah,the only sane person in his family,have realized just how dumb a move that was? I seriously doubt they knew about Katherine's child before they discovered Elena so what gives?

  • Why is everyone except for Damon so against the eat,snatch,erase method? Sure it can't be too pleasant for the human and there's the compulsion issue but we've seen that any vampire not named Stefan Salvatore can feed on humans and not kill them. Besides Damon has a point that it's what vampires do and if you think about it not even feeding from blood bags is completely guilt free. There's bound to be compulsion involved in stealing the blood bags and there are people who actually need that blood for for transfusions and such. So how exactly is leaving a few humans with anemia and fuzzy bits in their memories so much worse than bagging it so to speak?
    • Out-of-universe it's because it makes for friendly fuzzy vampires that are a lot easier to like. Also with three seasons that have the Originals floating around and Katherine it seems more accurate to say that most vampires are perfectly happy with some combination of eat and release and eat and erase method. Stephan has control issues and both Caroline and Elena learned how to be a vampire from Stefan who passes his hang ups on. Also without going into the medical realities because most tropers (this one included) are unaware of how easy or hard it is to get blood for a transfusion so it's an acceptable break with reality to assume that nobody ever died from a lack of transfusion because vampires stole blood, many have died because a hungry vampire couldn't stop feeding. And there may be compulsion involved in stealing blood, there are probably plenty of fairly wealthy vampires however who just bribe people.
    • All good points but I'd like to point out that Stefan didn't really "pass on" his hang ups to Caroline and Elena. Caroline's only kill was the guy at the fair and that was BEFORE Stefan took her under his wing. Beyond that Caroline manages to control herself when she bites her nurse before the fair and when she bites Matt(although that WAS a little touch and go for a moment). Elena fears she could become a ripper but she controls her self at the college party(at least in the sense that she didn't kill anyone),she controls herself when drinking from Matt(the one time she slipped she was able to reign it in again after Damon showed up)and even with her switch flipped she was able to not kill the people she fed on(if she felt like it anyway). Could they or any vampire on the show potentially slip while feeding and kill the victim? Sure but every vampire(even the newbies)seem to have more control than Stefan so therefore any vampire(sans Stefan)SHOULD be able to feed on humans just fine yet they always get on Damon's case should he bring it up!
      • By pass on his hang ups, what seems to have been meant was his issue about not killing people. Of the vampires we've seen most are remorseless killers, it's easy to forget with a cast of kind fuzzy vamps but most the tomb vamps minus Anna were pretty brutal, the Originals for the most part don't mind killing, Damon seems to keep it in check more for the sake of being part of the in crowd than anything else. You basically have Lexi, Stefan, Elena and Caroline who really care. Of them one taught Stefan and two learned most of what they know about being a vampire from Stefan. So it might be less his hang ups and more his morals. If we glance at the Spin-Off The Originals the vampires of New Orleans don't seem to have a don't kill rule so much as a don't make a mess and honor the alliances, if and when it's convenient or too dangerous to do otherwise.

  • Damon decides to stay and make himself a better person because of Katherine's death. Fine. He cites that she spent her life running from her problems. Flat "What." Damon leaving Mystic Falls to avoid a fight with Elena would be cowardly. Katherine running all over the universe to avoid Klaus. . .well if Klaus is the problem you're running from you really have only two viable choices. Flee or die. Damon is not in remotely the same position because Elena is highly unlikely to kill him (hell she's likely to hug him and tell him it's okay he was just upset) and even if she did he's older and stronger than her unlike Klaus who could literally compel Katherine to kiss the sunshine.

  • Why is everyone so damn sure that Elena's feelings for Damon were because of the sire bond? Elena outright states to caroline in season 3(long before the vampire sire bond crap came up)that she was falling for Damon,yet Caroline and everyone else acts like Damon forced Elena to love him with the sire bond(completely ignoring the fact that he didn't even know the sire bond was there until after he hooked up with Elena). Given that she picks him anyway after the bond is broken,it really feels like the characters were picking on Damon because they could.
    • Because her feelings magnified above and beyond what the characters think is appropriate. Yes vampire emotions are heightened but we don't see a whole lot of examples to run with and him not knowing has no effect. However the sire bond in Vampire Diaries seems to function exactly how the writers want at that moment.

  • More of a question than a headscratcher but I was wondering if Elena had ended up sired to Stefan instead of Damon would the other characters still be so certain that it was wrong and force him to give her up or would they not be worried because dear sweet pure as the driven snow Stefan wouldnever take advantage of such a bond?
    • It depends on the circumstances. The characters would have given him the benefit of the doubt until Jeremy nearly got killed or something similar and he told her 'don't worry, it'll be okay' and she immediately rushed off to a party or something else that showed she was completely unconcerned for someone important to her.

  • I get that the Travelers cast a spell that removed the effects of all Spirit Magic within the bounds of Mystic Falls which is pretty much all magic except theirs. Since that includes the spell that created vampires and appears to work roughly in reverse chronological order (Sunlight protection rings stop working before vampirism goes away) why does it cure Tyler of vampirism/ why doesn't it cure everybody else? Really the same question. If it cured them for starters they shouldn't have gone to the Otherside, they should have gone to where ever regular people go after death. Since it seems to actually suppress the spell, not disenchant the targets, the difference being they still count as supernatural enough to end up on the Otherside and with the exception of Tyler and Damon and Bonnie who don't come back at all. they all come back with super natural traits intact. First guess was that hybrids are unnatural even by magic terms but the back story of the Moon Stone tells us that one of the original vampires, Klaus, was a hybrid so it should work.

  • If Klaus had tried making hybrids the same way he was made would it have worked? Every hybrid we see made including Tyler and Hayley have already activated the vampire gene before being turned. If they were turned into vampires before activating the gene and then made a kill would it kill them or suppress the gene (after the Moon Stone curse was lifted). I understand that as smart as Klaus is one thousand years is a long time and that idea might not have dawned on him but magic is picky.
    • Possibly, however Klaus's age isn't actually a factor in this particular scenario. Thanks to the Moon Stone curse even if it worked he'd have absolutely no way or knowing if had worked at any random time over the last thousand years. The curse has been broken for what? Three, four years at this point? The thing that makes this a headscratcher is the fact that it doesn't seem to have dawned on Klaus to try that first when that's the way that it happened to him. Micheal would never have even turned him if he'd known he was a werewolf so clearly he hadn't killed anybody and that was his first time turning when he did it in front of Micheal and Elijah.
  • How did Alaric even come back? His vampire curse was specifically linked to Elena and she's not alive. If she is then Ester is a moron for casting a spell effectively meant to kill all vampires (since killing an original wipes out everybody down their chain) that could be solved by any vampire choosing to make one more. One more out of someone who likely wouldn't even have complained once the scenario was explained as 'we really need to turn you into a vampire or else Caroline, Stefan and Damon will die.'
  • Why does Alaric need a daylight bracelet in the first place? Didn't the spell Ester used on him basically make him an Original in all but the most technical sense? It was a major plot point that he was on equal to or greater than them in raw strength and speed. Though some of that might have been slightly exaggerated by the fact that the Originals are so used to being grossly more powerful than their opponents that someone who didn't crumple after one blow freaked them out.
    • Because the originals may be stronger and harder to kill than your average vampire but sunlight still hurts them even if it doesn't kill them. Rebekah states in Ordinary People that the sun burns them and Ester created the day light ring spell for them. Alaric is also seen burning in the sun after he turns and the originals are seen wearing daylight rings,they just arn't as prominant as the Salvatore's rings are. The only exception to this is Klaus,as a hybrid he is uneffected by the sun. So in short the originals and Alaric probably could survive without daylight rings but getting severe burns everytime you step outside would be annoying and painful,hence the need for daylight jewelry.
  • Why don't Bonnie and Jeremy remember having to pass through Amara to get to the Other Side?
    • Amara was a mummified statue due to desiccation back then. She wasn't very recognizable as Elena.
    • Also it was established that when the characters return from the other side they don't remember it at all,remember when Matt died briefly at the beginning of S5? He saw Bonnie and realized that she was dead but when he popped back into his body he immidiately forgot. Therefore it stands to reason that nobody would remember what the anchor looked like or that there even was one.
      • That seems to be strictly a Gilbert ring deal; no one else who's come back from the Other Side has shown evidence of amnesia. Plus, Bonnie never came back from the Other Side, so there's no reason for her memories to be erased. And while they might not have recognized Amara as Elena's doppelganger, don't you think that, during all the discussion about destroying/saving/playing with the Other Side, they'd mention having to pass through a mummified woman in order to get to it?
  • Why didn't Alaric's compulsion end when became human again? Surely that's got to count as close enough to death, certainly closer than daggering which was shown to end compulsion back when Elijah compelled Katherine to stay in the tomb.
    • You're right, it should have. I'm chalking this up to a contrived Plot Hole made to stall Damon and Elena getting back together.
  • This question may be better for The Originals but why are there packs of werewolves in the world? New Orleans has/had multiple packs, when Klaus was turning wolves into hybrids it's implied that they may be rarish but certainly not impossible to find. Now werewolves are depicted as being miserable with the curse and there are only so many ways to accidentally kill somebody and if my family was cursed to change into monsters if they did get a kill I'd probably never get my driver's license and I'd stay away from jobs that might force me into directly killing or probably ones that might get collateral kills. I know doctors aren't trying to kill you but the curse clearly doesn't take intent into effect which is why accidents work so someone dying under my knife as a surgeon MIGHT count and isn't worth the risk. Given those facts active werewolves should be very rare and certainly not great enough in numbers to be able to form packs related by blood.
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