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     Season One 

Season 1:
Love Sucks
  • Chapter I: The Vicki Chapter (Ep. 101 - 107): This chapter deals with the return of Damon Salvatore and his shady influence over the events in the town and most particularly on Vicki Donovan. Stefan wants to get to know Elena Gilbert, who looks identical to the vampire he and his brother loved in 1864. As Damon wreaks havoc in town, he turns Vicki into a vampire. As she was about to kill Jeremy and Elena, Stefan stakes her in front of them. Damon offers to compel away the memories of Vicki's death from Jeremy, which gives Stefan hope for his brother.
    • The main antagonist of this chapter is Damon Salvatore.
  • Chapter II: The Tomb Chapter (Ep. 108 - 114): This chapter deals with the aftermath of Vicki's death and the revelation of Damon's master plan: opening the tomb of vampires underneath Fell's Church to release Katherine Pierce. Despite Annabelle, daughter of the Tomb vampire Pearl, and her plans to open the tomb, Damon succeeds with Stefan, Elena, Bonnie, and Grams' help to get in and out of the tomb before the barriers went back up. Shocked Katherine was never in the tomb, Damon is heartbroken as Grams dies from using to much power for the spell, which brought down the barrier in full, allowing the Tomb Vampires to escape.
    • The main antagonists of this chapter are Damon Salvatore and Annabelle.
  • Chapter III: The Lineage Chapter (Ep. 115 - 122): This chapter deals with the aftermath of the opening of the tomb, the release of the tomb vampires and Elena's true parentage. John Gilbert is in town to get rid of the tomb vampires at the Founder's Day celebration with the Gilbert Device, a weapon to immobilize vampires through pain from their heightened hearing. After confirming he is Elena's father, John later at the Gilbert House tries to explain his motives, only for Katherine, posing as Elena, to cut his fingers off, removing his Gilbert Ring, and she stabs John, just as Elena walks inside of the house.
    • The main antagonists of this chapter are John Gilbert, Isobel Flemming and Katherine Pierce.

  1. "Pilot"
  2. "The Night of the Comet"
  3. "Friday Night Bites"
  4. "Family Ties"
  5. "You're Undead to Me"
  6. "Lost Girls"
  7. "Haunted"
  8. "162 Candles"
  9. "History Repeating"
  10. "The Turning Point"
  11. "Bloodlines"
  12. "Unpleasantville"
  13. "Children of the Damned"
  14. "Fool Me Once"
  15. "A Few Good Men"
  16. "There Goes the Neighborhood"
  17. "Let the Right One In"
  18. "Under Control"
  19. "Miss Mystic Falls"
  20. "Blood Brothers"
  21. "Isobel"
  22. "Founder's Day"

     Season Two 

Season 2:
The Year Of The Kat
  • Chapter I: The Katherine Chapter (Ep. 201 - 207): This chapter deals with the aftermath of the destruction of the tomb vampire, the return of Katherine Pierce, Caroline's new life as a vampire and the mystery surrounding Mason Lockwood and Tyler Lockwood.
    • The main antagonists of this chapter are Katherine Pierce and Mason Lockwood.
  • Chapter II: The Werewolf Chapter (Ep. 208 - 214): This chapter deals with the transformation of Tyler Lockwood into a werewolf and the appearance of the Original vampires as well as the new importance of the curse of the Sun and the Moon.
    • The main antagonists of this chapter are Elijah and Jules.
  • Chapter III: The Klaus/Curse Chapter (Ep. 215 - 222): This chapter deals with the aftermath of Elijah's death and the release of Katherine Pierce from the tomb. It also deals with the arrival of Klaus, and it concentrates truly on the events surrounding the curse.
    • The main antagonist of this chapter is Klaus.

  1. "The Return"
  2. "Brave New World"
  3. "Bad Moon Rising"
  4. "Memory Lane"
  5. "Kill or Be Killed"
  6. "Plan B"
  7. "Masquerade"
  8. "Rose"
  9. "Katerina"
  10. "The Sacrifice"
  11. "By the Light of the Moon"
  12. "The Descent"
  13. "Daddy Issues"
  14. "Crying Wolf"
  15. "The Dinner Party"
  16. "The House Guest"
  17. "Know Thy Enemy"
  18. "The Last Dance"
  19. "Klaus"
  20. "The Last Day"
  21. "The Sun Also Rises"
  22. "As I Lay Dying"

     Season Three 

Season 3:
The Year Of The Originals
  • Chapter I: The Ghosts Chapter (Ep. 301 - 307): This chapter deals with the events surrounding Jeremy's new ability to see Ghosts and the mystery surrounding the return of Anna and Vicki to the world of the living. It also deals with Klaus's plan to create more hybrids as well as revealing his back story to his new wingman, Stefan, as well as why he wants Stefan at his side.
    • The main antagonists of this chapter are Niklaus Mikaelson, Rebekah Mikaelson, and Stefan Salvatore.
  • Chapter II: The Originals Chapter (Ep. 308 - 315): This chapter deals with the truth surrounding the creation of the Vampires in the form of the Originals. It evolves into a conflict between Klaus and Stefan after the latter steals the coffins of the Originals and uses them in his crusade to destroy Klaus. It also sees the arrival and death of the one responsible for the creation of the vampires: Mikael, Klaus' stepfather, and the father to the rest of the Original Vampires. Also, vampires and humans alike are baffled when a killing spree begins against Founder's Council members, scaring others into thinking there is a serial killer in Mystic Falls.
    • The main antagonists of this chapter are Niklaus Mikaelson, Mikael and Stefan Salvatore.
  • Chapter III: The Bloodline Chapter (Ep. 316 - 322): This chapter starts with the development of Esther's plot to destroy her family. Elijah and the rest of the family are not willing to just die and they use Elena to force Damon and Stefan to help them in their power struggle against their mother. Lastly, they learn that once you kill one Original, you also kill their entire bloodline of vampires, which leads to a search to find out who turned whom and which Originals they can kill without signing their own death sentences. It also continues the storyline of the mysterious killer who seems bent on killing the Council members who protect the secret of the vampires in Mystic Falls. As Alaric is revealed to be the killer, due to overusing the Gilbert Ring which cause him to have a split personality, Esther makes him into an Enhanced Original Vampire with the last and indestructible White Oak Stake to kill her children. After appearing to kill Klaus, Rebekah kills Elena, as Alaric's life was bound to Elena's, killing him. However, Elena died with vampire blood in her system.
    • The main antagonists of this chapter are Esther, Niklaus Mikaelson, Rebekah Mikaelson and Alaric Saltzman.

  1. "The Birthday"
  2. "The Hybrid"
  3. "The End of the Affair"
  4. "Disturbing Behavior"
  5. "The Reckoning"
  6. "Smells Like Teen Spirit"
  7. "Ghost World"
  8. "Ordinary People"
  9. "Homecoming"
  10. "The New Deal"
  11. "Our Town"
  12. "The Ties That Bind"
  13. "Bringing Out the Dead"
  14. "Dangerous Liaisons"
  15. "All My Children"
  16. "1912"
  17. "Break On Through"
  18. "The Murder of One"
  19. "Heart of Darkness"
  20. "Do Not Go Gentle"
  21. "Before Sunset"
  22. "The Departed"

     Season Four 

Season 4:
The Year of Transition
  • Chapter I: The Transition Chapter (Ep. 401-402): This chapter also wraps up/coincides with The Bloodline Chapter from Season Three. This chapter focuses on Elena's transition into a vampire and all the things that she has to look forward to now that she is one. The newly reformed Town Council, whose mission is to clean the town of vampires and anyone else they deem a threat, decides to take action.
    • The main antagonists of this chapter are Pastor Young and Connor Jordan.
  • Chapter II: The Hunter Chapter (Ep. 403-409): This chapter deals with a new threat that has arrived in the town of Mystic Falls; The supernatural hunter known as Connor has arrived to rid the town of all the Vampires and Hybrids bringing with him two main things, a new origin as one of the members of the thought to be extinct The Five, and also the key to revealing a Cure for vampirism, which is hidden in his invisible Hunter's Mark tattoo. After Elena kills Connor, she is plagued by the Hunter's Curse, but gets rescued as Jeremy kills a hybrid to activate his Hunter's Mark, officially joining the Five.
    • The main antagonists of this chapter are Connor Jordan, Niklaus Mikaelson and Atticus Shane.
  • Chapter III: The Silas Chapter (Ep. 410-415): This chapter deals with the origins of the first immortal Silas, and the Cure for vampirism. Jeremy tries to complete the Hunter's Mark to reveal the location of Silas and the Cure, and the journey to retrieve them. This results in tragedy and the raising of Silas.
    • The main antagonists of this chapter are Atticus Shane, Niklaus Mikaelson, Kol Mikaelson, Katherine Pierce, and Galen Vaughn.
  • Chapter IV: The Humanity Chapter (Ep. 416-423): This chapter deals with the aftermath of the confrontation on the Island. After Jeremy's death, Elena's pain leads Damon to make a controversial decision which has dramatic consequences for all of Mystic Falls. Meanwhile, Silas, who is now awake, has followed the group back to Mystic Falls and is bent on accomplishing his ultimate goal: to drop the veil with The Other Side, which would bring back every dead supernatural being over there, so he could take the Cure, die, and find peace in the afterlife with his one true love.
    • The main antagonists of this chapter are Silas, Elena Gilbert, Kol Mikaelson and Katherine Pierce.
  1. "Growing Pains"
  2. "Memorial"
  3. "The Rager"
  4. "The Five"
  5. "The Killer"
  6. "We All Go a Little Mad Sometimes"
  7. "My Brother's Keeper"
  8. "We'll Always Have Bourbon Street"
  9. "O Come, All Ye Faithful"
  10. "After School Special"
  11. "Catch Me If You Can"
  12. "A View to a Kill"
  13. "Into the Wild"
  14. "Down the Rabbit Hole"
  15. "Stand by Me"
  16. "Bring It On"
  17. "Because the Night"
  18. "American Gothic"
  19. "Pictures of You"
  20. "The Originals"
  21. "She's Come Undone"
  22. "The Walking Dead"
  23. "Graduation"

     Season Five 

Season 5:
The Year of the Doppelgänger
  • Chapter I: The Doppelgängers Chapter (Ep. 501-507): This chapter deals with the aftermath of summer, and reveals more of the history between Silas, Qetsiyah, and Amara. The reason for the doppelgängers are revealed, as is Silas' new plan to die, and Qetsiyah's attempt to beat him. This chapter also deals with Damon and Elena finding Stefan, and the aftermath of his escape from the quarry. Bonnie continues to get used to being a ghost, making Jeremy convince her friends she is out of town. A human Katherine is on the run from Silas, and comes across a vampire from her past that has been looking for Katherine for 500 years.
    • The main antagonists of this chapter are Silas and Qetsiyah
  • Chapter II: The Augustine Chapter (Ep. 508-510):This chapter deals with the mystery of the Augustine Society, Wes' plan for vampires, and reveals Damon's dark history as an Augustine Vampire with his old friend Enzo. This chapter also deals with the aftermath of Stefan killing Silas, and Katherine finding out she is dying rapidly of old age from Silas taking the cure from her blood. Bonnie becomes used to being alive again, enjoying her time with Jeremy, but must come to grips with her painful situation with being the Anchor to the Other Side.
    • The main antagonists of this chapter are Wes Maxfield and Enzo.
  • Chapter III: The Passenger Chapter (Ep. 511-515): This chapter focuses on the consequences of all actions taken at Katherine's deathbed. Once she finds her way to live on as a passenger in Elena's body, Katherine sets a plan in motion to take back all she thinks is rightfully hers, sending Damon off on a killing spree with old murder buddy Enzo, which leads to its own tragic aftermath. Finally, Katherine, Damon and Elena find themselves sharing a unique bond. Katherine continues to spend time with her daughter Nadia, while throwing trouble into everyone's lives by trying to get Stefan back while she pretends to be Elena.
    • The main antagonists of this chapter are Katerina Petrova, Nadia Petrova, Wes Maxfield, Damon Salvatore and Enzo.
  • Chapter IV: The Travelers Chapter (Ep. 516-522): This chapter deals with the aftermath of Katherine Pierce's death and her infecting Elena with the ripper virus. Stefan and Caroline try to find an antidote for both Elena and Damon, and are surprised when they are helped by the Travelers, who are now accompanied by Enzo. It is also revealed that the Travelers have plans for the final pair of doppelgängers and they will stop at nothing to make sure that Stefan and Elena will be the two remaining doppelgängers. At the same time, war has been brewing between the Travellers and the Witch Covens, and Mystic Falls is poised to become a battlefield when Markos reveals his plans to strip Spirit Magic from Mystic Falls and the world, leaving witches besides Travelers powerless, and exterminating the vampire species.
    • The main antagonists of this chapter are The Travelers and their enigmatic leader, Markos.
  1. "I Know What You Did Last Summer"
  2. "True Lies"
  3. "Original Sin"
  4. "For Whom the Bell Tolls"
  5. "Monster's Ball"
  6. "Handle with Care"
  7. "Death and the Maiden"
  8. "Dead Man on Campus"
  9. "The Cell"
  10. "Fifty Shades of Grayson"
  11. "500 Years Of Solitude"
  12. "The Devil Inside"
  13. "Total Eclipse Of The Heart"
  14. "No Exit"
  15. "Gone Girl"
  16. "While You Were Sleeping"
  17. "Rescue Me"
  18. "Resident Evil"
  19. "Man On Fire"
  20. "What Lies Beneath"
  21. "Promised Land"
  22. "Home"

     Season Six 

Season 6:
All Spell Breaks Loose
  • Chapter I: The Grieving Chapter (Ep. 601-607): This chapter follows the gang four months after Damon and Bonnie's death, and how their friends are trying to move on with their lives. Elena, Jeremy and Stefan are still grieving, and Caroline and Enzo try and find a way to break The Travelers' anti-magic spell on Mystic Falls, along with trying to locate Bonnie and Damon. Damon and Bonnie find themselves stuck in a prison world repeating the same day in 1994, and meet a mysterious inhabitant named Kai while trying to find a way home. Tyler and Alaric will also come to terms with their new status, while Matt has joined a new Militia group.
    • The main antagonists of this chapter are Tripp Cooke and Kai.
  • Chapter II: The Parker Chapter (Ep. 608-615): This chapter mainly focuses on the Parker Family and Kai's history, with flashbacks showing what Kai did to his family years ago. Kai reveals he plans to become the new leader of the Gemini Coven through The Merge, a ritual that makes the new leader of the Gemini Coven by merging the essence of two twins from the coven and increases the winner's powers, which takes an unexpected turn. Liv and Luke find their long lost sister. Jo and Alaric's relationship takes a leap forward. While Enzo uses Matt to try to ruin Stefan's life, Bonnie tries to find her way home from the prison world, and Jeremy makes a life changing decision.
    • The main antagonist of this chapter is Kai.
  • Chapter III: The Salvatore Chapter (Ep. 616-622): This chapter focuses on the Salvatore Brothers mother, Lily, and her companions the Heretics, siphon witches turned into vampires that can siphon their own vampirism for an endless source of magic. Lily is so desperate to find her Heretics, that she will do anything to reunite with them. Caroline deals with the loss of her mother; however, in doing so, she makes a drastic decision as she drags Stefan down with her in turning off their humanity. Elena will consider taking the cure, which leaves repercussions with Damon, who decides to take it with her. Alaric and Jo's wedding takes place, but it takes a turn for the worse when Kai appears to enact a deadly plan of revenge that affects everyone. Lily is reunited with her Heretic family.
    • The main antagonists of this chapter are Caroline Forbes, Stefan Salvatore, Lillian Salvatore and Kai Parker.

  1. "I'll Remember"
  2. "Yellow Ledbetter"
  3. "Welcome To Paradise"
  4. "Black Hole Sun"
  5. "The World Has Turned And Left Me Here"
  6. "The More You Ignore Me, The Closer I Get"
  7. "Do You Remember The First Time?"
  8. "Fade Into You"
  9. "I Alone"
  10. "Christmas Through Your Eyes"
  11. "Woke Up with a Monster"
  12. "Prayer For The Dying"
  13. "The Day I Tried To Live"
  14. "Stay"
  15. "Let Her Go"
  16. "The Downward Spiral"
  17. "A Bird In A Gilded Cage"
  18. "I Never Could Love Like That"
  19. "Because"
  20. "I'd Leave My Happy Home For You"
  21. "I'll Wed You In The Golden Summertime"
  22. "I'm Thinking of You All the While"
     Season Seven 

Season 7:
Heartbreak Is Eternal

  • Chapter I: The Heretics Chapter (Ep. 701-705): The Heretic family, living in Mystic Falls, kill a few locals, prompting Stefan and the gang to compel the town people to leave, allowing the Heretics to feed on intruders in the town. Damon and Bonnie decide to fight back and kill one of Lily's Heretics, causing attacks to both the Mystic Falls gang, and the Heretics for control of the town. Alaric, in the meantime, wants to use the mysterious Phoenix Stone to bring his dead fiancée Jo back, but Lily wants the stone herself to bring back her vampire lover Julian.
    • The main antagonists of this chapter are Lillian Salvatore and the Heretics.
  • Chapter II: The Julian Chapter (Ep. 706-709): Lily's vampire lover Julian is revived from the Phoenix Stone, and is trying to get back to normal with his Heretic family. Stefan, who wants Julian dead for killing his unborn child with Valerie Tulle, teams up with Damon to kill Julian. Julian links to Lily's life, for protection. Lily teams with her sons and her Heretics, and tries to kill herself to kill Julian while linked; however, Mary Louise unlinked them, so Julian survived while Lily died. Blaming her sons for her death, Julian uses the Phoenix Sword to kill Damon before Stefan is killed by Nora, for revenge, trapping their souls in the Phoenix Stone, constantly reliving their own unique hell.
    • The main antagonists of this chapter are Julian and the Heretics.
  • Chapter III: The Rayna Chapter (Ep. 710-716): This chapter deals with the origins and powers of Rayna Cruz, a ruthless vampire huntress spelled by shamans. She was given regeneration after death, stronger each time, and the Phoenix Sword to imprison vampires in their own unique hell. After Stefan kills Julian, Enzo found her for the Armory, but she escaped, killing Beau, then stabbing Stefan, forcing him to run as she could find him anywhere. Caroline gives birth to Alaric's twins and moves with him to Dallas. As Rayna escapes with Matt's help after three years, she tracks down and kills Stefan with her sword, despite Damon being seconds away of having the mark transferred onto himself. A dying Mary Louise, with help from Nora, siphons the Phoenix Sword, destroying it, the stone, and themselves, which releases the imprisoned souls into people's bodies.
    • The main antagonists of this chapter are Julian and Rayna Cruz.
  • Chapter IV: The Vault Chapter (Ep.717-722): After the destruction of the Phoenix Sword, all the imprisoned vampires, including Stefan, are sent into random corpses of humans and vampires. After saving Stefan, Bonnie's life is endangered from the pills her boyfriend Enzo gave her to hide her from the Armory, as they needed her to unlock their Vault. Damon makes a deal to kill all the escaped vampires, so Rayna would transfer her last life to Bonnie. After Bonnie becomes the new Huntress, Damon tries to fix her vampire killing urges by venturing into the Armory's Vault to destroy the last Everlasting, freeing her of the urge to kill her friends. Despite his heroics, Damon falls victim to the evil monster in the Vault along with Enzo when he tried to rescue Damon. After months, the gang discovers that Damon and Enzo have escaped the Vault and killed dozens due to the effects the Vault's monster has on them.
    • This main antagonists of this chapter are Ambrose, Rayna Cruz, Bonnie Bennett and The Armory's Monster.

  1. "Day One of Twenty-Two Thousand, Give or Take"
  2. "Never Let Me Go"
  3. "Age of Innocence"
  4. "I Carry Your Heart with Me"
  5. "Live Through This"
  6. "Best Served Cold"
  7. "Mommie Dearest"
  8. "Hold Me, Thrill Me, Kiss Me"
  9. "Cold as Ice"
  10. "Hell Is Other People"
  11. "Things We Lost in the Fire"
  12. "Postcards from the Edge"
  13. "This Woman's Work"
  14. "Moonlight on the Bayou"
  15. "I Would for You"
  16. "Days of Future Past"
  17. "I Went to the Woods"
  18. "One Way or Another"
  19. "Somebody That I Used to Know"
  20. "Kill 'Em All"
  21. "Requiem for a Dream"
  22. "Gods and Monsters"
     Season Eight