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Headscratchers: The Hunt for Red October
How did Ramius kill Putin?
We see him slam the Putin's head against the table and do something to him slightly off-screen that looks like it could be CPR chest compressions if he wasn't murdering him, then we get a shot of his wide-eyed, stricken (yet still alive) face, which makes it look like he can't breathe. So how did he die? This one has always had me slightly puzzled.
  • I always thought Ramius broke his neck.
    • It was a broken neck - this is made clear in the novel.
  • Specifically: he slams Putin against the edge of the table at the juncture of the spine and skull, and presses down on his chest, making a clean break of the spinal cord between the second and third vertebrae. This cuts the brain stem off from Putin's lungs, so his diaphragm stops working. Although his heart keeps beating for about two minutes, Putin suffocates to death.
Why burn the original orders?
Burnt paper stinks very much, and it's a stench that stays for hours. Surely someone would have been suspicious of Putin's death coinciding with a strong smell of just-burned paper.
  • Yes, but on the other hand the Captain has just killed the political officer. The political officer being the most feared man onboard, and other senior officers are going along with it, so maybe a life-extending move is not to speak up right now. It's like that bit in The Dark Knight where the would-be blackmailer explains his plans to Morgan Freeman and is told good luck in that plan. The plans are disposed with leaving no evidence, and anyone with suspicions will have figured out enough of what is going on to not to act on those suspicions withou substantial backup which cannot come while at sea.
  • Know what else stinks on a submarine? Everything. Fresh paint, semi-refrigerated food, diesel fuel, lube oil, cigarette smoke, and unwashed ass. Burnt paper's just a needle in a haystack.

So does Putin exist in the Ryanverse?
Does Vladimir Putin exist in the Ryanverse or did his expy get killed by Ramius?
  • Putin isn't that uncommon a name that only Vladimir Putin has that last name. The guy that died in the story is more than likely someone else entirely.
  • Also bear in mind that THFRO was written in 1983-84, at which time Putin was a minor official in the KGB - Clancy probably didn't even know who he was. However, the answer to the main question is actually No - In the Ryanverse, Boris Yeltsin was succeeded by President Grushavoy.
Why didn't Loginov (the mole)go straight for the torpedoes without drawing attention to himself?
Just as the Americans are accepting the officer's request for asylum, the mole opens fire, sending one of them into retirony before retreating into the missile launch area in an attempt to detonate a missile and destroy the sub. If the mole had not revealed himself by shooting, he would have been able to sneak into the missile room and destroy the sub at leisure, effectively killing everybody on board.
  • The book is more sensible about this; the mole does indeed go straight for the missile room, and only opens fire when someone else walking through the missile room on an errand happens across him while he's busy with his sabotage. Sadly, shooting the man to prevent him from calling for help fails, as Jack Ryan is alert enough to hear the sound of the gunshot.
    • The book also points out better that, while Loginov is a GRU professional, he's also very young and in it for patriotic reasons, implying that a loss of control upon hearing the officers request asylum isn't totally out of the question.
  • He might have been trying to kill everyone and return the submarine to Russia. When his first attempt failed, and he lost the element of surprise, he knew a second attempt was doomed to fail. So he tried the next best thing; prevent the submarine from falling into American hands.

What language were the crew of the Red October singing in?
In the film, after Translation Convention kicks in, during any scene in the film in which Russian is spoken amongst only Russian characters, Russian is heard by the audience as English. But when the crew begins singing, the audience still hears that as Russian. So what language are they singing in that, even though we hear Russian as English, we hear the singing as Russian?

Why keep both keys?
After killing Putin, Ramius keeps both missile keys, with Tim Curry and the GRU mole as witnesses. This would seem awfully suspicious, especially as he overrules Tim Curry's protests. As he specifically does not want to use the nuclear missiles, he does not have a reason to keep both keys. If someone else wanted to use his key, they would have to take it from him, and if they could do that, they could get the second key too. He could have easily given it to Borodin or Melekhin or any of the other officers. He could have even taken Tim Curry's suggestion, and handed it over, as he never needs to use the key, so it doesn't matter who has the second one, as long as he had one of them.
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