Headscratchers / Jack Ryan

Teeth of the Tiger

  • Teeth of the Tiger puts a big emphasis on being "post 9/11." This doesn't make sense to me because WAY WORSE THINGS HAVE ALREADY HAPPENED IN UNIVERSE! Denver was NUKED! It was so bad that they got rid of ICBM's. Why does 9/11 get attention in light of this?
    • This can be easily explained. Clancy has often gone on record with the fact his books are an allegory to the time they were written, and if given a choice between canon consistency and getting his point across, he often chooses the latter, though it doesn't diminish the validity of the argument 9/11 would be far less horrifying than the nuking of Denver or worse, the biological terrorism Daryaei used in Executive Orders, which does get referenced in TOTT.