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Headscratchers: The Boondocks

  • What pays the bill for the family? That's a darn fine house they live in.
    • It's heavily hinted at the boy's parents died and left them either enough inheritance, life insurance money, or both to make them well-cared for.
      • Robert was a Naval Officer his entire life, and their house is nothing compared to the Wunclers or Thugnificents house.
      • Wasn't Robert a Tuskegee airman? That's Air Force (well, Army Air Corps), not Navy.
    • In the first episode, Robert says that he spent their inheritance on the house.

  • Two things. At the end of "Riley Wuz Here," who did Riley spray-paint on the house? Was it Granddad and his late wife or was it Huey's and Riley's dead parents? Secondly, if Huey is retired from political activism and Caesar is scheduled to appear this season, then whats the point of bringing Caesar in the cartoon unless Caesar snaps Huey out of it? Caesar was made to be that optimistic moderate-liberal foil to Huey's cynicism and radical beliefs. If Huey isn't being...Huey, then what would we expect Caesar to be?
    • It was probably Grandad's wife, since he was the other person in the painting. As for Caesar, someone on the [adult swim] Message Board claimed to have conformation from Caesar's potential actress on him being in Season 3, but since it's the final Season, and he hasn't shown up yet, he probably won't show up at all.
      • The whole point of the painting was "someone who's not with us anymore". Robert's still alive, so it wouldn't make sense to put him in the painting. It was probably Robert's son and daughter-in-law.
      • If Robert had a son and not a daughter? Matter of fact, we don't know much about the characters' personal background aside from that episode.
      • I think that wedding dress was a bit too slutty for grandpa Robert's time, so it was probably his son and daughter-in-law.
      • Seeing as how the guy in the painting looked exactly like Robert, especially considering we've seen flashbacks of him, I'm pretty sure that it was his late wife. Late. As in "someone who is not with us anymore"
      • Well before season 3, Granddad was always shown with glasses so the guy in mural did not look exactly like Robert. Huey already stated in an earlier episode that he used to think Robert was gay at the age of three since he was never with another woman. Plus, how would Riley know to paint that mural if he, himself, never met his Grandma if Huey thought Robert was gay at an early age when Huey is two years older than Riley?
      • Riley calls everyone gay. And is it that impossible to imagine that someone might not wear glasses on their wedding?s And is it not impossible that he used their wedding photo for reference? I sort of thought that those three things were blatantly obvious to everyone.
      • Point of Fact, in "Wingmen" Robert is shown flying a plane in WWII without glasses. He couldn't have been a pilot with poor eyesight.
      • Huey thought Granddad was gay at the age of three. He said it in "Guess Hoes Coming For Dinner" when Granddad was out on a date. Huey said this. Not Riley. Its extremely prevalent when Huey,of all people, thought Granddad was gay at the age of three. Its definitely ambiguous on just who that was in the mural when even Huey(a kid who represses almost all emotion) was shocked to see it. And saying that he looked just liked Robert isn't helping when A.) Robert could have had a son that looked just like him and B.) Robert's past view on himself seem to change with every Flashback. To say that it couldn't be the boys' parents at all is ignoring the fact that the viewer never seen those characters at all and we have no idea what they look like besides the possibility of the mural being them. Is it just so odd that Robert has a picture of his son/daughter getting married in his house?
    • The question was what would the point of Caesar if Huey was retired from political activism, not whether or not he would even appear. Its irrelevant since Mc Gruder flat out said in season 2 DVD commentary that the only reason Caesar didn't appear in the earlier seasons was because he didn't have a voice actress that could make a proper pitch. They already had an episode made for Caesar in season 2, but since there wasn't a voice actress available, it wasn't ever set to air that season. Plus, season 3 isn't even half way through yet.
    • It doesn't especially matter who it was on the mural; Robert would feel astonishment at the mural if it was either he and his wife on their wedding day, or his child and spouse (presumptively his son, since he and the boys share a last name and there's no reason to believe that they had a bad marriage or anything) on their wedding day. I personally believe that it was Huey and Riley's parents because of Huey's own level of surprise, but again, who it was is not important; it was about the manifestation of Riley's artistic gift in a way that Robert could not possibly deny that it was Riley who painted it that made the moment so significant.

  • What happened to Huey and Riley's parents? I don't think the show really has ever mentioned them in any episodes.
    • Fanon usually says that they're dead. Others might be under the interpretation that Huey and Riley's mom might have been a single teenage runaway (explaining Grandad's less than kind attitude toward his grandkids). However, the world may never know.
    • Well somebody had to die since the boys inherited something to get that house. Who died is another question entirely.

  • Jack Flowers has an opportunity to take one hostage during his escape from the Wuncler mansion, so he takes Ed III? Why take him and not Ed Sr.? It's obvious Ed Sr.'s the brains and Ed III is just dumb muscle.
    • Who's gonna die first? Who actually CARRIED THE PLAN OUT? What show is this parodying?
    • He can't take Wuncler senior because Obama told him not to. At that point, he was basically just taking Ed III as a general "fuck you" to Wuncler, rather than for any practical purpose. Not that he needed to take especial care with prisoner taking at the point either, as Wuncler basically gave him leave anyway. Also, Rule of Funny.
  • If flowers was going to cause a scene that lands him in prison for life at absolute best, why not just shoot Ed III? I mean he'd already gone rogue and everyone was pissed over the chicken flu thing three episodes ago. I mean he has the gun pointed at Ed right then and there and has nothing to lose at this point.
    • Because live hostages help you get away. Then again, he could've shot Ed Sr. and then used Ed III as a hostage to help him get away.

  • So his name is Colonel H. Stinkmeaner. So... was he actually an Officer in the Army/Air Force/ Marines, or is his first name actually Colonel?
    • KFC Colonel Sanders wasn't a colonel in any branch of the US Millitary and never served at all. He bought the title nominally.
    • It must be a nickname or nominal title (he's been blind since he was 15, how was he going to get into the military?). His crew features similar Theme Naming, so it's presumably either just a nickname or a 'gang rank' of some kind.
    • The title 'Colonel' is basically Kentucky knighthood. It's bestowed on any Kentucky citizen who the state feels to be exemplary. Dave Thomas, Carol Channing, and Johnny Depp are all colonels.
    • Exemplary and Stinkmeaner aren't really words that go together. Since he drives despite being blind, fighting in combat despite being blind wouldn't be totally out of question, although it seems rather too honorable for him to be involved in. Stinkmeaner is indicated to hate blacks slightly more than he hates people in general, so maybe he chose the title Colonel because of its association with white Southerners.
    • There are people (sadly way too many) who simply want to join the military as an excuse to kill/torment other people (especially people of another race/nationality) and get away with it. We even have a trope for it, as I recall. Stinkmeaner sounds just nasty and hateful enough to want to join the army purely for the sadistic pleasure of hearing another man's death rattle.

  • Why did everyone go crazy in the "Fried Chicken Flu", chicken isn't the only food in the world?
    • Satire. The episode's plot comes from a news story about a drive-thru running out of chicken and the patrons acting like the world was about to end.
    • It was a joke on both the mass hysteria over swine flu, and the huge backlash KFC received a few years ago after Oprah endorsed people to try their new baked chicken and KFC ran out almost instantly.

  • In the Reals how did Riley trick the reality show people?
    • Riley sent videos to both Pimp My Ride and Extreme Makeover: Home Edition that made the producers think Granddad was blind. (In reality, he was only wearing sunglasses to emulate Bill Cosby.) The EM crew also believed that Granddad was running a homeless shelter out of the house, and Riley brought in Tom, Jazmine, and Ruckus to pose as homeless people. Granddad played along with the deception, but was so excited to see the finished car that he forgot to act blind, leading the EM crew to stop work on the house.
    • Yeah that what bugs me cause don't reality shows usually check records to make sure that people stories about illness, disabilities, or whatever are actually true and not complete B.S.
      • They do in the real world (no pun intended). Not in this show, which works purely and unashamedly on Rule of Cool and Rule of Funny.
    • Who would give a blind person a car, anyway? You need to see in order to drive.
      • Note that Ruckus is seen in the video posing as Grandad's driver. He actually says "Give 'im something better", implying that he would be the one driving "Bitches" around so he could get women.
  • Why everyone, even fans and Huey, say that Tom got owned by Riley in "The Trial of R. Kelly" is beyond me. All Riley did was continue interrupting Tom and make really shallow (but I'll admit, funny) arguments against him. Almost feels like we're praising Fox News, here.
    • He presented a logical fallacy that, while overly simple and easily refuted, managed to trip Tom up in the heat of the moment. ("R. Kelly is on trial to be imprisoned for peeing on a girl, therefore everyone must go to prison for peeing on someone"). Tom is on the ropes the whole episode, since the black audience wants R. Kelly to be freed, and his failure to refute even that simple statement was probably what lead Huey to say that.

  • Where's Caesar in the cartoon?
    • Wordof God stated that there were never plans to have Caesar in Season 1 of the show in the first place, in order to develop the already existing cast and introduce new characters gradually over the course of future seasons. It's also worth noting that this matches the comic, Caesar didn't appear instantly there either. For Season 2 there were plans to have him added to the cast (like what happened with Cindy) but that was held off on due to Aaron and the crew "not finding the right actress yet", although they noted they had an episode ready for his introduction. For his lack of appearance in Season 3, that could be explained as having been due to it originally being the final season of the series. It's anyone's guess if he'll appear in Season 4, though with Cree Summer joining the cast for the first time this Troper has his fingers crossed.

  • In the show, why does Riley always seem to throw punches with his pinkie fingers extended? That's a good way to break them and not hurt your opponent at all. Are there people who punch like that in real life? If so, then who? He had to have gotten it from somewhere, but where?

  • Ed Wuncler Jr. is a predatory lender. How exactly did he help the convenience store owner build that store without winding up owning the place?

  • Has Uncle Ruckus ever said anything against Tom?
    • At times, yes. But he never goes in full ham on Tom. Likely because he is an Oreo.

  • Why does Robert always date women that are old enough to be his daughter or granddaughter? I mean, that might be part of the reason why his relationships end badly. He could have found a Helen Mirren or Meryl Streep to date. Heck, that would probably have made for a good episode.

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