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Headscratchers: The Amazing Spider-Man 2
  • Is it just me, or did the monolouge from the Electro teaser remind anyone else of the lyrics to "Bouncing Off The Walls"?

  • Ok, so if Richard Parker made a point of saying that the venom would only work on someone with Parker DNA, how on earth does Harry turn into the Goblin? It should have done absolutely nothing! In fact, judging from their fight, he's physically STRONGER than Spidey! Did Richard Parker go insane and decide to give the bad guys a power boost?

  • Why does everyone keep saying Harry is the Goblin? All the looks we've had are either far away or blurry!
    • Agreed; the closest we've had to a clear image makes it look nothing like Harry. It seems one or two think it looks like Harry, then articles have exaggerated on how much it looks like him until people in general start to believe this as fact.
    • Another reason is because we've seen Norman Osborn in the trailer and he looks way to old and sickly to be the Goblin. He also seems to have a different hair color to the Goblin. Plus Harry Osborn seems to be more sinister here than in previous versions which leads to many thinking he's the Goblin.
    • Eh, the point of the Lizard and Richard Parker's research was to cure Norman, so him taking a cure during this film would likely explain away the old and sickly part by having him rejuvenated and healed, while Harry, I don't see it. He didn't seem any more sinister than usual to me, really; a bit cocky and smug, and like he's trying to investigate his dad a bit, but nothing in the trailer made him look like he had any malice to me. I'm not seeing why people are getting this idea.
    • The Goblin on the poster beared a strange resemblance to Andrew Garfield, so the theory a mate and I came up with was that maybe the twist would be that Peter is actually Norman Osborn's biological son that Richard Parker was ordered to experiment on, and when those experiments became increasingly more life-threatening, Richard adopted Peter and tried to flee Oscorp, but they were hunted down leading to the events of the first movie. Maybe Peter becomes the Goblin upon learning this revelation and then, in his insanity maybe kills Gwen, a traumatic event that makes him go back to being Spider-Man and maybe in the trailer the Spider-Man fighting the Goblin is Harry who was given the same experimentation as Peter or something.
      • Yeah, that's probably the single most unlikely thing that anyone's put on any of these pages.
    • Its now pretty much confirmed that Harry is indeed the Goblin. He will lead a Villain Team-Up with Rhino and Electro to capture Spider-Man and the Goblin formula appears to drive him...a little bonkers. He is probably not the Green goblin though and might just be testing it on himself to see if it works on his father, and to help him capture Spider-Man.
      • So he's Proto-Goblin? (Look it up)
    • The film and credits pretty much confirm Harry is the Green Goblin.

  • So in one of the most recent trailers it shows that a part of Electro's origin will include a obsession with Spidey and goes evil because he can't remember his name but just a nitpick but shouldn't it be enough that Spider-Man can recognize him when he's glowing blue?
    • Spider-Man actually doesn't recognize him— the only reason he remembers him as "the guy with the blueprints" is because Max reminds him that he saved him from the cab that was about to take him out.
    • It's pretty clear that this Electro is a little loopy. And by "a little" I mean full-blown Psycho Electro.
    • A recent clip indicates that was just the result of editing out a significant portion of that scene in the trailer. Electro doesn't go evil because he doesn't remember his name, he goes evil because a sniper shoots at him after Spidey promises that he won't be shot and he believes that Spidey was just lying to him to try and lure him into a trap or something. See here:
      • It actually goes a little further than that: when Electro sees the people cheering for Spidey and all the screens replace his face with webhead's, he assumes Spidey had set the whole thing up just to be the Big Damn Hero and goes berserk.
      • He also actually does lash out at Spider-Man for not remembering him, if not just his name. Interestingly, Electro says "It's Max" right before Spider-Man says "Is it 'Max'?" They speak their respective sentences almost simultaneously, so it's hard to say if Spidey was just being sarcastic or if he actually remembered at the very moment that Electro reminded him.
  • Why make Doctor Kafka the Mad Scientist? Why give Adaptational Villainy when Phineas Mason, Miles Warren, or Michael Morbius could have fit the role?
    • The character is quickly disposed of. It makes sense not to waste someone who may be more important later.
    • A bigger question why they made the character male, German and far more resembling of Otto Octavius than the female long-raven haired psychiatrist.
    • Its possible that this isn't that Doctor Kafka and might be intended to be a relation, like a father or something. A quick if cheap way to give the real Doctor Kafka some depth or a character arc if she ever shows up in the future, giving her an additional reason to get messed up in the Ravencroft Institute. Might also be that since they intended said institute to be shady in this series, they didn't want to villainize the original character.

  • Why wouldn't Peter give Harry some of his blood? He says it's because it might not work, but as Harry points out he's dying anyway - what does he have left to lose?
    • Because he feared the same thing would happen that occurred to Connors, and perhaps letting Harry die would be an better option than turning him into a monster.
      • He also told Harry he could give him some of his blood, but not now. He needed to be sure it wouldn't horribly mutate him, or kill him immediately, and as we find out, it technically did both, severely accelerating his condition, and twisting his mind and body once he was healed by the suit.
      • That wasn't Peter's blood, it was the straight unadulterated venom. Maybe being already metabolized by Peter's bloodstream, assuming Harry and Peter's blood types are compatible, might have made a difference.
      • How would the situation be any different later? The implication is that he wants to wait for additional research into the risks... but how could anybody do that research without a blood sample to work with? Was Peter planning to figure it out on his own?
    • Not to mention, his fears were pretty much confirmed when he saw his father's recording, which outright states that the modified spider venom only works on people who share Richard Parker's DNA.
      • Why? The venom in that vial had no DNA in it, it was just a complicated organic compound. It makes no sense.
      • Well, as shady as Norman Osborn has been shown to be, Richard likely used his blood in the process to ensure personal oversight over any application, and once he realized the dangers, bolted. Without his research notes, it's very likely that Osborn slapped together an incomplete version to both sate his investors and his own desperation for a cure to his condition, much like Harry displayed in the film.

  • On a similar note to the above, if Harry was so afraid of dying, why didn't he just put on the suit? He knew it existed before he injected himself with the venom, and it was more than enough to stop the disease in its advanced stages. Why didn't he just find it and put it on so he could heal?
    • My guess is that the suit is more of a stabilization unit than a curative measure. Harry would never settle for having to live the rest of his life in military-grade armor. Plus, in his desperate state, of course he would go for the Venom first.

  • How can Electro shoot fist-sized holes into body-armored guards and instantly kill them, yet Spidey who even with his enhanced durability takes a vastly more amount of attacks from Electro is not even injured lightly?
    • They answered that earlier in the movie, the venom that gave Peter his powers also provided a healing ability. It's not to the degree of Wolverine, but properly enough protect against electric attacks. He also seems more durable than an average human, and the killing blasts Electro deals are done to stationary targets and that sort of precision takes focus. With Spidey flipping around, it'd be hard to deal a direct hit.
    • In the comics, Spider-Man took hits from the Hulk and Juggernaut, both capable of punching helicopters out of the sky, with nothing more than a black eye or a KO and maybe a a broken rib or two. Electro is not going to hurt him at least fatally anytime soon.
    • Gwen and Pete magnetize his suit to protect him. That was the whole point of the jumper cable scene and Pete sticking the car keys to his forearm.
      • Actually, that was to prevent his web shooters from shorting out. It's theorized in-universe that Spider-Man's neoprene suit acts as an insulator that helps protect him from the electricity.
      • Highly doubt a neoprene suit can protecting him, Electro's blast can literally destroy buildings and level friggin Time Square unless his suits are made from unstable molecules it's pretty much Spider-Man's powers that save his life.

  • Why would Dr. Parker send an e-mail to his own computer in a secret lab?
    • It was his "testimony"; if he had lived, he probably would have recovered it or told people how.
    • Why wouldn't he send it to as many people as possible to get Oscorp under scrutiny?
      • A respectable multi-billion dollar biotech company, which is stated to have revolutionized medicine and saved a lot of lives, is accusing one of its employees of committing industrial espionage and threatening national security (apparently with evidence to back it up). A video of that employee saying "Nuh-uh, they're the ones who are really corrupt!" isn't going to be particularly convincing to anyone who doesn't know the situation intimately.

  • Why didn't Peter or Gwen try to follow up on where Electro came from? Peter just left him to the police when he knocked him out and Gwen just took the first flight to Britain when she had the chance. It seems especially bad when you consider Electro wound up so far gone because nobody cared about him.
    • Gwen, at least, did follow up on him, and got chased by security for it.
    • That would be a sign to most people that something big is being hidden, I should get the police. Considering who raised Gwen it's baffling that she would just look the other way. And at that time it was brought to Peter's attention again, yet he doesn't try to find out more about it either.
    • Lack of evidence plus, as with the Richard Parker example, the problems of an employee accusing a billion-dollar multinational conglomerate. Going to the police would have done absolutely nothing except make trouble for her.
    • You also have to ask yourself what more you expect Gwen or Peter to accomplish by following up on Electro. He is already in custody, and the police would be handling the investigation on why the guy is made of electricity.
    • Considering she barely escaped the clutches of the company she worked for, you would imagine she wouldn't be safe from that point on and would need to get protected. In any case she's still not the type of character to ignore the right thing because of personal risk. I imagined Peter, as Spider-Man, would have questioned Harry on the incident before his blood discussion then continue from there but that didn't cross his mind. He was expecting to come across Electro again because of the resistor experiments on his webshooters, finding out more about what created him should be a big concern. It's really that they seem to exhibit no curiosity or responsibility in spite of the fact that they know a cover up is taking place that bugs me.

  • So Harry knows Peter is Spider-Man, yet apparently decided not to reveal it to anyone else outside of his inner circle and kept it quiet for five months? I assume if he told anyone they'd chalk it up as him just being off his nut, but that would be an oddly specific person to name.
    • Why tell anyone? He probably has a The Only One Allowed to Defeat You mentality going on at this point. Exposing his secret just makes it more likely that someone else will take Peter out while he's still stuck in Ravencroft.
      • Harry still needs Peter's blood to make a proper cure, so its best to keep it all to himself.
    • Also, what does Harry have to gain by telling anyone? He doesn't want revenge against Peter, at least not in a "I'm going to kill you" sense. He wants to break Peter of hope. He feels betrayed by his only friend. Plus, he needs his blood. He can do both by creating the Sinister Six and causing havoc - the first by causing so much harm that Peter can't keep up (or something to that effect), the second by having enough lackeys that eventually during a fight, Peter will bleed.

  • This might have been answered in a deleted scene, but if they needed Richard Parker's genes to continue his research, why not kidnap Peter? He even mentions "his bloodline."
    • Because they don't know that they need his blood (Richard makes it quite clear that Osborn does not know its his blood that was used), and if they have begun to suspect they don't want to draw attention by kidnapping a teenage boy, particularly if it doesn't work out. At best Norman might have seen Peter snooping around the lab in the first film on his security cameras and decided to let him get bitten and see what happened, but it didn't occur to him until that moment that Richard might have used his own blood for the research. Afterwards, of course, there is a new problem- you aren't trying to kidnap Peter Parker anymore; you are trying to kidnap Spider-Man.

  • Why on earth was plutonium, an explosive, radioactive material that is in some forms fissile (i.e. able to start a nuclear chain-reaction), being transported through a major city protected by just an armored truck?
    • Because OsCorp is shown to be highly incompetent in most things it does. However, there's nothing to say that the truck wasn't part of an armed convoy. We only see it after it's been hijacked.
      • Even assuming a whomping police presence (which there seems to be at least after the hijacking), the Russian guy's crew seems to be himself, a tow truck, and two guys with submachine guns in the back. So without Spider-Man, OsCorp would likely have lost enough nuclear material to destroy the East Coast to three semi-equipped mobsters. Dear lord.
    • My guess OsCorp was actually doing business with the mafia, so they just left the back door open for them to take it.
      • That's a bit of a stretch; even a Mega Corp. like OsCorp should blanch at giving nuclear material to the Russian mafia as 1) Nuclear weapons are extremely Serious Business. Almost no reward would be worth the potential collateral damage that might very well include themselves, and 2) Plutonium isn't exactly growing on trees. The material and the heist would be easily traceable back to OsCorp even if the robbery went off without a hitch. Not to mention there's less dangerous and high profile ways of making an exchange than a hijacking in broad daylight in a major city.

  • So if Oscorp destroyed the spiders that produced the biocable that Spider-man used as his webbing, where the hell is Peter getting his webbing from? Whether he stole or purchased the biocable I'm assuming he's acquired a lot of it but as of the second movie he's been Spider-Man for awhile now so if he hasn't run out yet at some point he's going to, so what on earth would Spidey use for his webs?
    • I don't recall either movie claiming the webbing comes from the spiders. IIRC it is mentioned to be some kind of thin steel cables.
    • Well I might be wrong but I remember the first movie saying that the cable was produced by genetically engineered spiders. I think it was said in a video about the cables when Peter is creating his Spider-Man costume.

  • How did Electro get a suit somehow after Harry freed him? For a huge part of the movie, Electro was either naked or was wearing boxers.
    • Dr. Kafka's assistant was shown wearing the suit in a previous scene.

  • Apparently Oxford doesn't really care what your schedule is, because they'll (A). Not tell you if you're even in the running for their scholarship program until a while after you've graduated from high school (rather late in the game for figuring out where you're going to college), (B). do the interviews for said scholarship even later, and (C). have a freshman orientation almost immediately after accepting you. Though admittedly, Gwen might have been making the last part up to more easily break from Peter.
    • The latter, is because she is purposely going to an early class.
    • I just assumed that all this was happening about a year after HS graduation, and she was either transferring to Oxford, or was just about to start college after a year of working at Oscorp.

  • So Harry has the same genetic condition as Norman, but he's dying at age 20 while Norman made it to 63? What's up with that?
    • Norman said that his disease started when he was about Harry's age so the disease is likely just very slow acting. Harry probably had a lot more time to find a cure which when you think about it makes his reaction to Spider-Man saying he can't have his blood YET a huge overreaction.
    • Norman has also been doing a LOT of very, very weird stuff to himself. And, appeared to have purposely been trying to drive harry up the wall.
    • I don't think that his death was to be any more imminent than his father's, more so that he's taking the terminal prognosis (and the fact that his dad already spent at least three decades and billions of dollars only to fail at curing himself) poorly.
    • Diseases affect people differently; its unlikely that Harry would die that much faster than his dad, but its not outwith the realms of possibility. Plenty of Real Life cases, including those involving close blood relatives, where two people have the same illness and one dies rapidly while the other lasts for years.
    • Beyond all that, there is of course the fact that we're talking about Norman Osborn here; if he is anything like his comic book counterpart- and its looking pretty likely that he is- its well within the realms of possibility that the disease isn't genetic at all, and he actually infected Harry with an advanced strain of it. Fanon right now, but definitely the kind of thing Norman would do, to keep his son "motivated".

  • Why do bystanders stand so close to electrical attacks that throws cars and gigantic billboards around and heavy gunfire from no less than 30 yards away with no regard for their own safety?
    • The same reason rubberneckers slow down to look at large car crashes, or people stare through video cameras at fires/tsunamis/other disasters. Some people are funny like that.

  • So Harry is perfectly fine just giving away the R.H.I.N.O. suit to the first Russian thug willing to sign up? See, this is the only problem I have with Rhino being a guy in Powered Armor: it means that anyone can be the Rhino. Why did they pick the R.H.I.N.O. suit for this guy instead of anything else in that bunker?
    • It's always possible that they just let him have his pick of what was in the bunker. I mean Aleksie is clearly a violent man so it's likely that he chose the Rhino suit just because of the sheer amount of weapons the suit was packing.

  • What the point of introducing Dr Kafka if character won't have anything to do with original. I've seen Gender Flip, and I've seen Adaptational Villainy but this is first time I've seen both at the same time.
    • See above: it could be that the actual Dr. Kafka will appear and her relative having been evil could be part of her backstory or interest in Ravencroft altogether, or simply throwing us a name we'll recognize without wasting one of the bigger names we'd expect in such a role. ...but yeah, that's probably giving the producers too much credit.

  • Why are the new yorkers and cops in the ASM universe so dimwitted? They have an angry blue guy who can shoot electricity in their world and they insult him by calling him a freak? Are they crazy?

  • If Oscorp destroyed all genetically-modified animals to comply with a lawsuit, where did the eels Dillon fell into come from? And don't say that they were a secret experiment, Norman had a whole basement for those.
    • Well, it probably was a secret experiment, but one with practicality: The eels were evidently a successful attempt at creating bio-electrical power source. Either they were too good of a product for Oscorp to just throw away, or they hadn't been properly disposed of yet.

  • Why didn't Max put on some gloves or something to protect his hands before climbing up and trying to put the wires back together?

  • Spider-man is all about science but:
    • Why does magnetizing the web shooters keep them from shorting out? Magnets interfere with thing by them self.
      • Not everything. There is a scientific relationship between magnetism and electricity. Hence "electromagnetism".
    • How does being electrocuted magnetizes them? It did not do that the first time. Does Electro have super special magic electricity?
      • Peter and Gwen magnetized them, which prevented the electricity from reaching disabling the shooters because semi-plausible technobabble.
    • Why does being connected to the grid while it is working defeat Electro? That was all he did the second half of the movie.
      • They overload him with more power than he can handle.
      • How? Electricity takes the path of least resistance, which is not Electro floating in the air in an insulated suit. In real life the electricity should have gone from Electro to the grid.
      • It looked to me as though the grid began to act as a capacitor, and as Electro was a being of of pure energy at that point, it simply absorbed him (much like the ground wire in the MTV show.) In fact, that would be a perfect excuse to bring him back somehow, since energy can neither be created nor destroyed. Or as Jamie Foxx himself put it, "electricity never really dies."

  • Why does the same venom that turned Peter into Spider-man makes everyone else evil? From the label it is a relatively simple compound (ok, it is college difficulty) jet it differentiates between DNA. With that technology you could cure AIDS!
    • It doesn't make everyone else evil, just mutated and mentally unstable. Heck, Harry was nearly killed outright. No one other than Parker the elder has ever been able to make a stable, usable version of the stuff, and they killed him.
    • Was it the same venom, though? Richard Parker killed the self-repair spiders when he ran away (the only trace remaining being the sample in the special projects vault) back when Peter was a small child. The spider that bit Peter as a teenager was part of the bio-cable program.

  • Why does Aunt May stop questioning Peter about the dirt on his face after he gives her the bullcrap cleaning the chimney excuse? You'd think the clear lies would just make her more curious.
    • It's pretty heavily implied from the first film she's much more aware about Peter's activities than she's letting on. She probably dropped the subject because she knew she wasn't going to get a straight answer.
    • For that matter, how did his face get dirty to begin with? Did he take off his mask?
  • At the end of the movie, Rhino uses the rhino bot to cause havoc. He exposes his face twice to taunt the police. Why don't the cops open fire at Rhino's vulnerable head.
    • Kill Rhino, his body falls on the controls, machine goes nuts and rams into a building, killing hundreds of people.
      • How would he fall on the controls? Look at the way he is in the rhino suit. There's not enough room for him to move around or lean back. One bullet to the skull and the rhino suit would have dropped to the ground.
  • So Green Goblin knows Spidey is Peter just from looking at Gwen? Knowing her personality, she could be helping a guy stop a threat. Just because you hang out with Spider-man doesn't necessary mean you are dating him. What? A girl can't help a fellow new yorker out?
    • That isn't the only piece of information that he has. He knows that Gwen and Peter know each other and potentially are dating (remember the deleted bit where Harry says Peter's being watched?). He knows that Peter knows Spider Man; he spoke to Spider-Man, and I would be very surprised if he didn't stop at one point to think, "You know, he sounds exactly like Peter". He sees that Gwen is being very friendly and familiar with Spider Man. It's not hard to put two and two together here.
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