Headscratchers / Pinky and the Brain

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     The Future Can Be Changed, So...? 
  • In the episode "This Old Mouse," Brain invents a device that allows him to see into the future. He looks and sees himself and Pinky in their old age, still trying to take over the world. Despairing at the realization that he will never succeed in his ambition, he decides to give up on world domination and go out into the world to try something different. Eventually, however, Pinky chases him down in order to warn him that he has looked into the device and seen Brain dying in a freak accident in just a few minutes. Brain, however, refuses to try and save himself, convinced that the future cannot be changed and that he will die no matter what he does. Fair enough, except that... the future has already changed. The first time Brain looked through the goggles he saw himself and Pinky growing old. If the timeline has changed so that he now dies in a few minutes, there's no reason he couldn't change it again and avert his death, and Brain should know that. The only obvious explanation that this troper can come up with is that Brain has a death wish, but somehow I suspect that isn't what the writers intended to imply...
    • It sounds like an "I just can't win" sort of giving-up. "I try to avoid one terrible fate, and lo and behold, this new path leads to my demise. What's the use? Let this new terrible prediction happen."
    • It was definitely a case of despair. Keep in mind what Brain said. He didn't say, "The future can't change." He said, "The future can't be changed." His attempt to change the future into something better only made things worse, convincing him that he had no control over his future; maybe it can change, but there's nothing you can do to make what you want happen — any such attempts will just backfire on you, so don't try. Or so he came to believe before Pinky proved you can Screw Destiny.

     Holding Back the Gene Splicer 
  • Why couldn't Brain just put his parents into the gene splicer during the events of "The Visit"? It would have been easier than putting an intelligence-giving backpack on them. Plus he did later put Pinky's family in the gene splicer in "The Family That Poits Together, Narfs Together." so why he doesn't simply do that to his own parents is a mystery.

     Where is Everybody? 
  • What happened to everything else from Tiny Toon Adventures when they added Elmyra? Something terrible must've happened to Acme Acres between 1994 and 1998 if it meant everybody else vanished.
    • She doesn't live in Acme Acres anymore. She goes to school with other kids instead of cartoon animals. I assume they kicked her out for being an annoying bitch.
      • So why does Elmyra's house look exactly the same as it did in TTA (from the outside, at least)?
      • The house was kicked out of Acme Acres too, for associating with Elmyra.
      • You win.
    • It's easily possible that she lives on the overlap between her old and new schools' jurisdictions. (and that the rest might not be convenient anymore.)
    • It's not canon, therefore nobody should fret.

     Shades of Gray (and Red) 
  • How come Pinky's nose and Brain's nose show as a shade of grey in black and white, but Yakko, Wakko, and Dot's noses show as red even in black and white?
    • In the black and white Pinky and the Brain episode, "The Third Mouse," Pinky and Brain's red noses show up as a shade of grey, but Dot Warner's red nose appears red.
      • Shouldn't all the red-nosed Animaniacs and Pinky and the Brain characters have their noses appear red even in black and white cartoons so it won't be so jarring?
      • These are the Warner Brothers (and the Warner Sister) being talked about. With all the bizarre things they've been apart of, their nose color is the least of our problems.
    • In the Animaniacs episode, "The Girl With The Googily Goop," the character who is a parody of Betty Boop has a red nose that shows as red even in black and white.
    • Pinky and Brain are merely cartoon mice. The Warners are... Well....
    • Because Pinky and the Brain exist entirely within the Fourth Wall (unless you count the occasional Aside Glance), while the Warners regard the 'fourth wall' as a fun trampoline. Boingy, boingy, boingy!...

     Father, Mother, Sister? 
  • So, did Pinky ever have an actual sister? A mouse one? His whole family seems to easily accept that the empty spool of thread found at the petting zoo is his sister, but the pet store had records of selling a mouse to that zoo.

     Lab-Grade Weirdness Censor 
  • Okay, seriously. How the ungodly fuck does nobody in this program question anything? Why is it tiny little labmice walking around demanding appointments with the President or opening businesses or whatever is apparently socially acceptable? Brain even admits on various occasions, almost once an episode that he's a lab mouse trying to take over the world, and everyone either accepts this or (admittedly reasonably) decides he's joking. Obviously the show wouldn't work otherwise, but it bears thinking about.

     Who is the Genius and Who is Insane? 
  • Einstein defined insanity as "doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results." Brain tries to take over the world every night, always with the same results. Is he really the insane one?
    • The Brain is definitely insane, but the lyric "one is a genius / both are insane" wouldn't have sounded as good.
    • Brain always uses different methods though, so it doesn't count as doing the same thing repeatedly.
      • It's kind of the inverse actually, because he does different things every night, but the result he expects always stays the same.

  • "Narf" is Pinky's catchphrase, but where does "poit" come into it?

     Giving Up Too Soon 
  • A large number of Brain's schemes require him to make a lot of money to finance something, usually some machine. When Brain fails to make the money he needs, the entire scheme is thrown out. But the 'something' wasn't what failed, it was getting the funds to make it.
    • A similar (and more specific example) is when Brain creates a mind control serum, and plans to spread it via a pancake jamboree. Except Pinky can't mask the horrible taste of the serum, and so Brain tells him to "cut it out" (meaning stop pestering me). So Pinky does cut it out (cuts the serum out of the pancakes). So naturally the serum isn't spread, but Brain just abandons it without trying to use the serum in some other way.