Headscratchers: Octopussy

  • How come 009 could reach a British embassy West Germany so easily by just letting his body be pulled along by a river from Karl-Marx-stadt? The inner German border was heavily guarded, and dozens of people were caught and then even killed doing things like that. Not to mention that incredibly dangerous-looking lockage he was flushed into at the beginning...
  • How exactly did Bond manage to get out of the Gorilla suit in the few seconds between the Indian Elite Mook noticing him and the decapitation of the costume? Without said Elite Mook seeing him doing so on top of that?
    • Because he used his Stealth Hi/Bye spy ability.
  • Why does the airplane at the end have those handy rails on top for Bond to hold onto? It's not like they strap cargo onto the roof of the plane!
  • So are we just not going to say anything about that name?