Headscratchers / Neopets

  • What happened to all the human pet 'owners' in Neopia once most Neopets in 'Plot events' gained an Anthropomorphic Shift? Did they just disappear, because according to the TNT staff since 2003, There are no humans in Neopia.
    • So...the Tiki Tack Man's not a human?
    • Last I checked, weren't the human pet owners turned into Neopets and then the pets became petpets?
  • When you first make an account, you're pretty much forced to create a pet. You're unable to access any other page on the site until you create a pet, even your account control panel. My question is what's the point in this? It's nothing but aggravating and it's more likely to result in a neglected pet (which the staff have stated they're strongly against).
    • It's required because users need a pet to access and play on many parts of the site in the first place. It is a site about virtual pets, after all. And you only really need one pet to enjoy the site.
    • Although it is clearly pretty pointless to play a virtual pet site without pets, I do think users would be more likely to end up with a pet they're happy with if they can have a look around first. A lot of people might want to adopt from the pound rather than create their own pet, or pick a pet based on pets other people have or that they see around the site.
  • Why do "pet" Aishas have hoof-like paws (no digits) while "human" Aishas (Hoban, Lisha, etc.) have fully articulate fingers?
    • Plot characters are always more "anthro" than the original pets they were based off of. Ixi pets have hoofs, yet plot Ixis like Nabile, Sophie, and Hanso have hands with digits.
  • Not sure if this is canon or Fanon, but how come nearly every story I have read on that sight involving the one of faeries losing their wings and turning grey has Queen Fyora banish them from Faerieland?! No, most cases there was no crime, danger, or anything these ladies had done to deserve banishment, they're disabled and not that pretty anymore. Wow. Fyora punishes her people for having a handicap by throwing them out on the street to fend for themselves. Well, guess faeries aren't as nice as they look, huh?
    • As a devout Neopian, I can verify that this is indeed fanon.