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Headscratchers: Naruto The Abridged Series
  • This LGBTQ troper likes most of Naruto Abridged, but the authors' apparent attitude towards male homosexuality makes her uncomfortable at times. They gave Haku a gender lift (and were rather mocking/in-your-face about it; "Oh, and by the way, I'm actually a girl."), for one. This Troper respects the decision to make a "No Yaoi/Yuri" rule for the fanart contest (although they could have been a little less obvious about their double-standard). But you know that WHOLE action-filled exchange that ends with Sasuke getting his curse seal? You know, that big, plot-important part? The one with Orochimaru in it? The one that incidentally has a lot of Ho Yay? They didn't just gloss that over, they cut the entire sequence out and replaced it with about ten seconds of scribbles while Naruto Motormouthed a synopsis. The fact that Sasuke got bit was added as if it was an afterthought, instead of it being the huge event that effects the rest of the main plot from here on out. And yes, I mean effects. If Sasuke hadn't been bitten by Orochimaru, Sasuke wouldn't run off with him, there would be no Rescue Sasuke arc, they'd have to come up with a different reason to have a two-year timeskip, Sai wouldn't join the team, Naruto wouldn't be still chaising after Sasuke's Missing-nin ass (because he never left), Orochimaru would have taken Kimimarou's(?) body instead, and Team 7 in general would probably not have matured the way they did over aforementioned timeskip. This troper would have felt better if they had hammed up the entire sequence (because mocking is what abridged series do) and made jokes at its expense (once again, because that's what an Abridges series does), instead of just leaving it out. [/rant]
    • While Rule of Funny might have something to do with it (something hugely plot relevant happening practically off screen? You haven't heard of Virginia Woolf's 'To the Lighthouse' - several major characters are killed off in brackets over a few pages), I'd have to agree. A little. But would you have been as offended had they abridged the scene and made loads of Rapist!Orochimaru jokes? I personally hate that whole fanon, so I'd prefer they cut it over even more Orochimaru jokes. But that Haku thing was just poorly done, and it wasn't even funny... That same sentiment appeared in the fanart special, especially the Double Standard concerning Yuri.
      • Rapist!Orochimaru jokes are overdone, and while I would certainly hope that they'd try to do something that's actually funny instead, I've grown accustomed/resigned to Pedo!Orochimaru jokes as being kind of par for the course, so no, I probably wouldn't have been as offended. I'd have headdesked, facepalmed, and rolled my eyes, but I would not have been as offended.
      • Wait, what's wrong with Haku? Dude looks like a lady so they turned him into one. It's funny because they took the line when we find out his actual gender and then switched it so we're still surprised.
      • If changing Haku's gender was the only thing they'd done, I wouldn't have much minded. It was that combined with all the other little things that I find upsetting.
    • Part of them cutting it probably had to do with the editing for the scene. That scene had a lot of movement, which probably would have made coherent editing more difficult than the relatively static animation they typically use in their series. Likewise, they've cut, or drastically altered stuff before. The Kiba fight, for one. Anyway... I didn't really see the gay jokes as particularly offensive.
      • The whole Gaara fight had a lot of movement, too, but they didn't cut that out. Heck, most of the fights are full of movement (since they're, you know, fights), but they manage to make do just fine. And yeah, they do cut out a lot of stuff, but never anything as drastically plot-important as that. Them changing the end of the Kiba fight is nowhere near the same thing. Also, what gay jokes? Name one gay joke that they made. The problem I have is that they're systematically cutting out every ounce of Ho Yay as they come to it, instead of acknowledging it and hamming it up the way they ham up everything else.
    • You do realize that the fact the Haku is a girl wasn't just them flipping genders. In the original Japanese version, Haku WAS a girl. It was changed in America because they believed that the first major villian should be a guy. All they're doing by making Haku a girl is referencing the original.
      • Except, you know, that's not true at all. I've only seen the Japanese version of the anime, and the part where he tells Naruto he isn't a girl is still in there. Also, he uses a masculine form of "I"
      • Complaining about Haku's gender is pointless. the fans honestly have their own opinions over whether Haku lied to Naruto or not, and this isn't helped by the fact that Haku comes back in recent chapters with female lips and lipstick, so changing Haku to female? Its old hat.
    • The thing is, they're GUYS. Of course they're not a fan of yaoi. If it's any consolation, they kept Orochimaru's shower scene in the latest episode.
    • They also cut out the Sannin fight with Clucky the giant chicken. They tend to cut out stuff they don't have anything funny to say about; personally, I thought both scenes were pretty funny. And they HAVE made the occasional jab at the yaoi prevalent in the series and in the fandom, like the aforementioned drawing special or shower scene. Really, they don't need to make all those "Sas GAY, get it?" or "Orochimaru's a PEDO!" jokes, because they've already been made a thousand times before; and they're not going to ham up the yaoi for the most part, because that's not their style of humor. It's like I said, they'll mention it, but they're not gonna focus on it. It's not really Selective Squick, its more along the lines of taste differences.

  • What's with the huge delays between releases? No seriously, I don't mean to sound demanding, but taking over a year to release one episode is just pathetic.
    • They're probably busy making DBZ Abridged episodes with Team Four Star.
      • Especially Masako X. Dude (currently) does Goku, Gohan, and Roshi. Given the fact he was also the one putting together the videos for N:TAS (Vegeta3986 comments something to the effect that things looked crappy in the casting decision video because he put it together), it's understandable if his time is divided... Especially since he's not exactly paid for his time (yet, though it'll probably change now that they have merchandise).
      • They only do the voices and since they've spent the second half of 2009 waiting for good Namek footage to turn up, the lack of NTAS isn't Team Four Star's fault. Masako mentioned real life getting in the way at some point and he's taken on other projects so it's probably just dwindling interest. But maybe we'll get that there movie soon.
      • Masako X has stated he's gotten an editing job here (go to 5:43) so it would make sense for him not to work on a two-person project where he primarily does the editing.
      • As of June 2010, no-one in the abridged community has heard from Vegeta3986, he's probably too busy trying to find work
      • And as of March 2011 it looks like they're back on track, having released 27 and 28 within a week or two.
  • The Sakura-hate. I mean, whatever, hate her, but they had to bring it up HOW often? Jeez. I didn't get past the first couple of episodes for that reason.
    • I recall reading somewhere that it's mostly a sort of an acknowledgement/joke about how Naruto fans loathe Sakura, rather than their actual feelings on the character, and also that they planned to tone it down once she becomes useful. Could be wrong, but there you have it.
  • Here's a question: Why is this series popular? Half the current episodes have mouth flaps that don't synch, switch scenery randomly, and rely solely on obscure anime references that no one gets. "It's either this or a Mermaid Melody fandub." LOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOL SO FUNNY.
    • Let me guess. LittleKuriboh, right? You do realize that the Mermaid Melody fandub joke was used only once, right?
    • Because it's really REALLY funny, why else?
    • Not to mention that LittleKuriboh's version are only done in April Fools Day and are pretty much he just throwing lots and lots of jokes, changing close to everything to make it more funny (Naruto smoking, David Bowe, Itachi being refereed as "Sasuke's brother" even by himself and Sasuke) instead of making fun of the errors, quirks, plot, etc. of the show (since Masako and Vegeta already do that) plus I still don't know what Mermaid Melody is but I still laughed.
    • I think you're talking about LittleKuriboh's version, right? I smiled at one or two jokes, but most of the "jokes" in his version are just random references, singing and/or simply not funny (Naruto's smoking, Gato giving Zabuza a Blowjob and Sasuke being an Emo). You're mileage may vary of course, but I don't find it funny at all.
      • LittleKuriboh's series is actually a parody of Masako and Vegeta's (Note the "Fan-based parody of a fan-based parody" line in it's disclaimer). A good ninety percent of it is playful jabs at how their series went and the rest is in-jokes and obnoxiousness, which is why you're not likely to find it funny if you take it straight-faced. And I, personally, would also like to know how people got to think Naruto: The Abridged Series was funny.

  • Why, oh for the love of ninjutsu, why, did they decide to cut out the ENTIRETY of the Sannin fight, instead having a "OMG LOOK OUT! CLUCKY LOLOLOLOLOLOLOL!" Deus ex Machina end to the arc? This isn't even the worst part, though, since as if to add insult to injury, they then spend two of the worst episodes yet depicting the FILLER ARC. This seems like a slap in the face so hardcore, it has officially broken any faith I had in this series being better than "Look! Cheap laughs AND HITLER! LOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOL!"
    • You forget that the point is to make fun of the show, that's why they don't emphasis on battles that much unless they can make it funny.
      • I'd have to argue with that claim. If we want to break it down to it's core principles, as an abridged series it's never been about openly mocking the series. It's been about shortening it down, with the humor derived from pointing out the oddities of the show while at least partially exemplifying the good aspects of it. What's annoying me is how they instead feel the need to insert insane amounts of material for the sake of a joke, and jokes that are only arguably funny at that. Before I get called a LittleKuriboh fanboy, (which in itself the NTAS Fan Dumb uses as a Chewbacca Defense) Yugioh Abridged also gets flak even from it's fans from including material for the sake of a joke, so don't bother calling Double Standard. Now I'm starting to question whether or not this should even be considered an Abridged Series, considering how it now fits all the categories of straight up parody instead. Joke's over, people.
      • As stated, an abridged series shortens down the plot, how they make it funny is up to them, whether its funny is up to the viewer to decide.
  • Naruto the Abridged Movie... why?
    • Why not?
    • Speaking of the movie, did it was truly one part? Or he delete the rest?

  • Minor and pointless question here but why did Kankuro call himself the Third Funk Brother? He and Gaara are the only Funk Brothers. Temari's a sister.
    • At a guess, he's including his puppet as a 'Funk Brother'.
    • Maybe the three are in a band called 'The Funk Brothers'
  • The main page refers to a video released by Vegeta3986 is done abridging . Can someone point me to it because I can't find it.
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