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Tabletop Game: Dragon Strike
Published in 1993 by TSR, Inc., who also published Dungeons & Dragons, Dragon Strike was made to be an introduction for players new to Role Playing Games. The game featured a large number of pre-made adventures, simplifed rules, pre-made characters and other features to help new players get accustomed to the genre. One of the most notable mechanics of the game was that it used cards to randomize traps and loot meaning that even when replaying old adventures the traps and treasure would always change. Despite how simplified the game was, it was actually rather fun to play.

That being said, that is not what this game is known for.

The game also included a VHS containing a thirty-minute So Bad, It's Good short film made to be a visual representation on how to play the game. The plot of the video is about a group of unseen players sitting down to play Dragon Strike which an overly-enthusiastic (and Hammy) DM who is represented by a floating head in the darkness. In the game, the players are a group of adventurers who are sent on a quest to stop an evil wizard who has put a curse of eternal night onto the land. Ironically, the VHS is actually better known than the game that it came with. You can watch the movie on YouTube here.

The Game Itself Contains Examples Of:

  • Baleful Polymorph: In one of the adventures, there is an Orc NPC that is actually a human who was turned into an Orc.
  • Dungeon Crawling: What the Player Characters spend most of their time doing in the VHS, and by extenuation this applies to the actual game too.
  • Healing Potion: One of the possible (and very useful) treasures that a player can get.
  • Yet Another Stupid Death: Ironically, for a game meant to be played by novice players it can be rather easy to die due to some adventures having outright malicious trap and enemy placement.
  • The Smurfette Principle: Out of all of the playable characters, only one of them is female.
  • Troll Bridge: In one adventure there is a Giant who refuses to let the Player Characters pass over his bridge unless they give him an item.

The Movie On The Accompanying VHS Contains Examples Of:

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