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Headscratchers: Ice Age
  • Between Ice Age and Ice Age 2, the entire ice age happens. It starts out in the first that everything is about to experience instant permafrost for the next few thousand years, and in the next, everything is melting, and a mammoth, giant ground sloth, and sabretooth cat with the same names and personalities (and, in the case of Sid, Lord of the Flame, skills) as the first movie's protagonists are experiencing the end of the ice age, and nobody thinks it would ever end, because everything has been frozen since before the earliest stories. They could have easily handwaved this, by saying it's the first movie's characters' descendants, or by not having everyone say that the ice had been there forever (the sloth priestess did say it was lava melting the ice), but they don't even bother explaining the discrepancy.
    • I always thought the first movie took place near the end of the Ice Age. Remember, most of the animals were headed south, where it was warmer, and Manny was moving against the flow which is how he got wrapped-up with the left-behind Sid. After the errand with the human was done, the three of them could've just followed common sense and moved south too.
      • The "Ice Age" wasn't just long stretch of permafrost. It was cyclical.
    • Actually, going by the specific assortment of animals seen (and ignoring the dodos), it's pretty clear that the film is intended to be set in South America. Moving south would most likely take them into colder territory, not warmer.
      • I really don't think they were trying to make the setting be South America so much as a generic ice age American land. Bisons, brontotheres, mammoths, Gastornis and Hesperornis (two birds seen in the second movie) all come from North America and Moetherium (the things that looked like little naked tapirs) comes from Africa. But many of those lived way before the ice age anyway, and Hesperornis was contemporary of dinosaurs.
      • The movie gave hints of being set in all kinds of places. We see both Old Faithful and Stone Henge within less than a day's walk of each other.
      • Well, this was before Europe and North America split apart, although it still doesn't make a lot of sense.
    • This world has Pangaea, non-avian dinosaurs, and Christmas, in the Ice Age. Why would you expect there to stick with the reality as to when the Ice Age starts and ends?

  • In Ice Age 2, one would think that the mammoth-who-thinks-she's-a-'possum would at least realize that she's way too big to hide behind a small shrub. Rule of Funny, yeah, but really, she should think that she was a giant 'possum rather than a normal-size 'possum who looks big for her size.
    • Something tells me that she also wanted to belong with her brothers regardless of her size. That includes sleeping in groups.
    • Never forget that her brothers are idiots. It's possible they thought she was a possum too for a while, and nobody ever thought to tell her.

  • The buzzard chick hatches, and instead of imprinting on Scrat (or the acorn), which could have been funny, it decides the acorn (and not the squirrel) is food, and that the buzzard is its mummy. It seemed the writers were trying not to abandon every scrap of logic for the Rule of Funny, but really, they chose oddly in deciding which scraps of logic to throw out.

  • Ice Age 3. Dawn of the FRIGGIN' DINOSAURS. Anyone with any knowledge of prehistory would know that the ice age came AFTER the dinosaurs. What were they thinking?
    • They were thinking that the dinosaurs would have been previously frozen in ice, probably a call back to that scene in the first one, and then thawed out, although even that concept is questionable.
    • Well, they probably ran out of ideas that didn't involve things that lived after the dinosaurs. But Ice Age has never been big on being chronologically accurate anyway (the dodos, for one, are in the wrong time and place). Plus, who DOESN'T want to see dinosaurs?
    • I'm just pissed that every time I see an animated movie, I have to see that same damn trailer where there's the female squirrel AND NO FUCKING DINOSAURS. Are they even in the plot?
      • Trailers for the first two movies focused on the squirrel almost exclusively, when in fact that squirrel had little to do with the plot. It's kinda tradition for the series at this point.
      • This troper had a drama teacher who figured it was a deliberate tribute (or an unconscious cultural nod) to Shakespeare. To take the obvious example, Romeo and Juliet starts with two servants who have absolutely nil to do with the plot; it's a scene-setting device, just like Scrat the unfortunate squirrel.
    • Based on the most recent commercials, it looks to be a lost world scenario, with the dinosaurs somehow living in an underground jungle. Huge trees and everything.
      • Writers wanted the movie to be an homage to Lost World based fiction, especially Journey to the Center of the Earth so it's understandable.
      • The designer also said they were running out of giant mammals to introduce, and the lost world could be a good variant to the icy environment with mostly brown animals.

  • What is it with the happy families thing they pull in 2, What kind of responsible adult would let their kids out on their own in an area known to house a carnivore (it's only Diego, but he is a carnivore)?
    • We have carnivores. They are called DOGS and CATS.
      • okay, would you let your kids play outside in an area 'known' to contain a murderous cannibal (which is the only analogy that can be drawn, since we also have pet food, and cats and many dogs are smaller than anything bar a newborn)?

  • What in the hell did they feed that baby? A baby cannot live on watermelon- a baby just learning to walk is still drinking almost exclusively milk. And there weren't any other women with the humans- which also makes NO SENSE? So how did they keep it alive afterwards, anyway?
    • On that last point, it's a possible interpretation that the group of humans was a search party or a hunting party, so the women would be back at the camp, or in some other temporary hideout where they would be safe. Presumably any other children the tribe has are with them.
    • Babies learning to walk are usually around 10 months to a year old, they can eat pretty much everything by then. He could have been picking up things to eat off the ground too

  • The flashback of Manny in Ice Age 1. I haven't seen the movie in a few years so maybe my memory has been jogged but..Was the baby Manny? Or was the adult Manny?
    • The flashback shows the baby, along with the mother, cornered by hunters. The adult that trumpets in shock afterwards is Manny.
    • I agree with above, this also explains some of the attachment Manny has with with human baby.
      • It's debatable. When I first watched it again, I always assumed they killed Manny's parents.
      • It was definitely his wife and child. It's referenced in the second movie that he's lost his family, twice (by the kid at the start, then Manny mentioning it's his family holding him back from trying to get with Ellie).

  • I can forgive Dawn of the Dinosaurs since it's a rip-off homage to Journey to the Center of the Earth. I can't forgive The Meltdown for not offering any explanation for how two carnivorous aquatic reptiles can survive being frozen in ice for millions of years with no side-effects, other than being Super Persistent Predators.
    • Oh you mean except Scrat at the end of 1 (okay ~20,000 years, but just as bad)?
    • I'm not entirely sure what you mean by "side-effects" so this may not be of any help to you, but being a dino nerd I know that the sea reptiles of the dinosaur time and the ones in the movie had a few differences in physical appearance. But Word of God states that the differences in appearance are because the sea reptiles were mutated from being frozen. So does mutation count as a "side-effect"?
      • Well, if Cretaceous and Maelstrom didn't have legs, they wouldn't have posed much threat to the heroes. At least it makes some sense, considering mosasaurs and ichthyosaurs descended from land reptiles.
    • It's a cartoon. Things frozen in animated ice are basically immortal.

  • Okay, in Ice Age, the baby's mom is nearly dead in a river. She looks up and sees a fucking mammoth hovering over her and her infant. She simply smiles, dies, leaving the baby at the mercy of the mammoth. Of course, we know this mammoth is Manny and he's not going to hurt the infant, but seriously, IRL, a woman would not be too pleased that an elephant is within a few feet from her baby.
    • She was probabley woozy from being near-death and unable to get out and help her child. She might have not even known that the animal next to her child was a mammoth.
    • Or she thought she was hallucinating Manny. Or she was hallucinating something else entirely.
    • Based on the beliefs of ancient peoples, at the very moment she needs it, along comes what could well be a totem (protection spirit) of strength and gentleness. She takes a chance and offers Manny the baby (since he certainly won't

  • Fridge Logic: Mostly the context of the fight VS Rudy - a) how did it know to wait for them in that cave? and b) how did it even fit inside in the first place without wrecking the cave door? It's HUGE!
    • Rudy is suposed to be intelligent and he was tracking them.
    • He was not exactly there in the cave that leads to the Lost World, his roar is just loud.
    • How did the eggs wind up in the ice cave in the first place?
      • Think about it. Where's the safest place to hide vulnerable unhatched offspring from predators? Somewhere they would never go. Hence, cave. It's not Mama's fault Sid decided to adopt steal them.
      • I think the OP may have been referring to how the T rex got them there in the first place. If I remember correctly they had to walk over a path of bones over a fall to get there that would of broke under the weight, and the cave probably wasn't tall enough for her to get in there with out breaking it. If that isn't what he/she was referring to, then it's a new question.
      • The simple answer is that there's multiple ways up and Mama used a different one. Maybe she even blocked it off so nobody but her could get to it.

  • Did this movie kill the dinosaurs?

  • In Ice Age 2 after Manny flings Crash into the tree Ellie yells at him and then claims believing crash accually could was Manny's fault. REALLY? and she's supposed to be his WIFE
    • She's supposed to be his wife AFTER the events of the second movie. Chronology, folks!
      • I understand, and I love Ellie's character usually, and maybe she was just worried about her "brother" but what happens when Peaches gets hurt (as most little kids do) will she yell at Manny for that?
      • Again, chronology. They had time enough to make a kid between the two movies(20 months or more, assuming mammoths and elephants have roughly the same gestation period). They changed.
  • Just how long before the third film's events did Buck have his near-fatal encounter with Rudy? Carnosaurs like Rudy replaced their teeth when they were damaged, yet he's still missing a tooth in the film.
    • It's to make the character distinctive and to give a visual aid as to why they're rivals in the first place. Plus, it makes Buck more Crazy Awesome.
      • Also note that Rudy has a scar where the tooth used to be. Buck might have done perminate damage that prevented a tooth from growing there, making for even more reason for a grudge.
  • Word of God says that Diego really did die in Number 1. So, in the sequels, Diego's a ghost?
    • He had nine lives. Now he has eight.
    • Actually, he's a different sabertooth, also named Diego. Note that in the sequels, he has a different attitude, a different personality, and even different eye color than the first film.
      • Also, while the "second Diego" hates water, the "first Diego" has no problem with it, even crossing a river while chasing Roshan's mother.
      • Maybe that's his brother or some other close relative who replaced him?
      • I always assumed that Diego was just so completely focused on getting the baby that the water didn't cross his mind.
    • Diego was supposed to die in Ice Age; they changed it after making the test audience cry. Probably what they meant was that, when they were making the scene, they did it with the thought that yes, this character is dead, hence why it really did seem like he had died until he came back. I don't think we're supposed to believe that another, previously unmentioned, tiger randomly joined them, or anything else like that. Any inconsistencies between the first two films are coincidental.
  • What I never got when watching the first; what exactly happened when Diego jumped between Manny and Soto that nearly cost him his life? Soto bit his throat? Way too subtly shown in that case.
    • actually it looks more like it should have been a gut shot...still no visable injury though.
    • He hit his head against a rock and there was a sort of cracky thud, so it was probably because he, y'know, hit his head.
  • In Ice Age: Dawn of the Dinosaurs, why was Ellie mad at Manny after he and the others got out of the helium/laughing gas? He asks her how much she heard and she says she heard everything. I didn't hear him say anything about her? Was she mad about what he and Diego had said to each other
    • She's not mad, they're embarassed because they were being stupid and she overheard them.
  • In Ice Age 2, A Piranha eats Scrat's acorn, but after Scrat beats them up, he get the acorn out of another Piranha. How is this possible?
    • The Piranha Scrat gets the acorn out of is the same Piranha Scrat used to whack the Piranha that ate the acorn. It is possible that the acorn was knocked out of one mouth and went into the other.
  • Is there a reason Gupta In the fourth movie is welding a knife that looks exactly like Buck's knife from the third movie? My first thought to this was "Omg, he killed Buck?!"
    • This also seriously creeped me out, especially because every other weapon in the movie, no matter how minor, has its own unique design. But then suddenly, this knife appears. Exactly like Buck's. But I think it's unlikely, because Buck was seen in the start of the movie riding Rudy. On the other hand, that was before the continents split and the oceans appeared in-between [and further more, the continents split exactly on the place where Buck was], so it is entirely within the realm of possibiliy that the Lost World of the dinosaurs was flooded and he was marooned, where Gutt found and had Gupta murder our favorite little ferret-thingy. Fridge Horror indeed.
      • Considering all the skulls they have for grappling, it's likely that they either found a skeleton with a tooth that big or they killed a prehistoric shark.
      • Or alternately, the tooth belongs to Momma T-Rex. It's entirely likely that when the Lost World of the dinosaurs was flooded and she was marooned and badly injured, Gutt and his crew found her and killed her, Gupta taking her tooth to use as a weapon.
  • The sirens- are they magic or something? It's definitely more than just a mental illusion, since Scrat was able to pound one disguised as an acorn into the ground like any other acorn, and then the others transformed into floating acorns and pounded him.
    • While I'm not entirely familiar with how the siren mythology goes, they're rarely mental illusions, but real objects, such as an element having been enchanted with a magic presence in the shape of/or with the voice of a beautiful woman, luring the listener in by their beauty/their voice's beauty before killing the victim. As an example, watch the siren scene from Dreamworks' Sinbad: Legend of the Seven Seas [1]
  • In the first movie when Sid was hiding behind Manny from Carl and Frank, why couldn't Sid just explain to Manny that the two wanted to kill him for pleasure? Manny heard about this from Carl and Frank a few minutes later and was disgusted and horrified, so why couldn't Sid just tell him that instead of being like "Please don't let them impale me! I wanna live!"?
    • Because he had two multi-tonne animals out for his blood. Sid wasn't in the right state of mind to discuss Carl and Frank's motivations for killing him.
    • Because Carl and Frank explain it seconds (not minutes) later.
    • He didn't know. When Manny points out that rhinos are herbivores, Sid says "an excellent point", implying he thought they were going to eat him too.
  • So how does this franchise have a Christmas special when its characters exist thousands of years before Jesus?
    • Money, and the fact that many forget or don't think about that Christmas as we know it would not exist without Christ. No Christ, no reason for Christmas, no St. Nicholas to inspire the myth of Santa Claus.
      • Even more people forget or don't think about Christmas being a very ancient festivity with Christ just recently (historically speaking) inserted into the Holiday.
    • It's a cartoon it's not meant to be taken seriously.
  • Soto's second plan doesn't make a lot of sense. Original idea: Attack the human village, steal baby and eat him. Okay, Diego lost the baby and his mother at the waterfall... why the heck did Soto ask Diego to meet them (Sabers) again at Half Peak? "OK you lost the baby. Diego, we'll go to a volcano -dozens of miles- away and you'll take the baby there instead of us helping you find it".
    • Soto's "victory or death mentality" (see the Ice Age fridge brilliance page) would make one think that he'd just kill Diego there immediately but he doesn't. I think it was just a ruse to get Diego out of the way since Soto clearly doesn't like him and - as I put on the Fridge Horror section - he might have known that the volcano was going to erupt too at that time and was deliberately trying to make sure Diego died when that happened. So, it's not really a plan to get back at the humans, it's a "reprieve" for Diego since he's already holding multiple ImpliedDeathThreats over his head.

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