Funny: Ice Age

  • To save all those individual entries, Scrat's entire adventure provides quick bursts of hilarity throughout.

Ice Age
  • Manny's constant sarcasm in general.
  • When Manny and Sid tell Diego to step off, as the baby belongs to them. Diego's reaction, besides being funny, also doubles as a crowning moment of Deadpan Snarkery plus Getting Crap Past the Radar.
    Diego: Oh, I see. Can't have your own, want to adopt.
  • A couple of moments from Sid in the first film, namely:
  • Sid collapses from exhaustion on top of a geyser. Manny and Diego count down "3, 2, 1." It goes off.
    Manny: Sure is faithful.
  • Sid ice skating past Manny and Diego with the baby who are having trouble staying up on the ice and saying "Hiya Manny!" "Hiya Diego!" Cue him crashing into an ice wall with his head stuck in the ice wall and Manny and Diego walking by saying "Hey Sid."
  • "Where's the baby? THERE HE IS!" Cue a terrifying shot of Diego, teeth bared, claws out.
    • "Stop it! You're scaring him!"
  • Sid and the baby's poke fight. "Don't make me reach back there!" "He started it!" "I don't care who started it, I'm gonna finish it!"
  • Manny while the trio passes Stonehenge; "Modern architecture. It's not gonna last."
  • "No thanks. I choose life."
    • "Then I suggest you take the shortcut."
  • Sid getting his tongue stuck on ice.
  • The entire scene where the gang comes across the Dodo birds.
    • When the dodo who steals the 1st melon puts it on the stump and turns & sees Manny Sid & Diego
    Crazy Dodo : BAKAK INTRUDERS! (sprints around like a lunatic)
    Coach Dodo (lecturing about a smoking crater); Now don't fall in. If ya do, you will definitely—
    Crazy Dodo: (sprints in, not paying attention to where he's going): INTRUDERS INTRU- WAAAH!!.(trips & falls into crater.
    ("sound of sizzling is heard' the dodo students cringe "eww")
    Coach Dodo: ...burn and die.
    • "Hey, look at that, dinner and a show."
  • The dialogue right before the volcano sequence:
    Diego: Do we have to get a news flash every time your body does something?
    Manny: He's doing it for attention. Just ignore him.

Ice Age 2 (The Meltdown)
  • In the second film…
    Sid: We're gonna LIVE!
    (beat as they realize they're surrounded by rising water)
    Sid: We're gonna DIE!
  • Just the whole "repopulating their race" thing with Manny and Ellie. It proves unfounded later, but still.
  • At one point, when Manny tells the animal kids the story of a burro.
    Fawn: Burro is a demeaning name. Typically, it's called a wild ass.
    Manny: Fine. "The wild ass boy came home to his wild ass mother." (As they all laugh) See, that's why I call it a burro!
  • The beaver dad's response to the shifting ice wall.
    Beaver: Dam!
    • It also counts since it's a wall of ice, which was like a giant beaver dam.
  • "Food, Glorious Food" is pretty funny, but Sid dancing to it, then humming it later, really puts the cap on it.
  • The two vultures doing a "traffic report" as they watch the mass migration of animals towards the boat:
    Vulture 1: We've got an overturned glyptodont in the far right lane. Traffic backed up as far as the eye can see!
    Vulture 2: Ooh, and it looks as though there may be a fatality! [beat] I call the dark meat!
  • The entire thing with the pygmy sloths and the "Fire King"

Ice Age 3 (Dawn of the Dinosaurs)
  • This exchange between Manny and Diego whilst they are trapped inside a carnivorous plant. If you've seen the movie, you know what I mean. Also a moment of getting crap past the radar:
    Diego: I feel… tingly.
    Manny: (rolls eyes) Don't say that when you're pressed up against me!
    Diego: Not THAT kind of tingly!
  • Pretty much anything said by Buck in the third movie.
    • Especially him using a rock like a cell phone.
    Manny: (to Diego) That's you in three weeks.
  • Scrat, Scratte, and the Nutty Tango.
  • The third film, after Peaches is born:
    Sid: It's a boy!
    Diego: That's its tail.
  • "I thought you were a female!"
  • "Can someone slap him for me?!?"
  • That pterodactyl. "WHO'S DRIVING THIS THING?!"
    Buck: ''(while giving the pterodactyl mouth to mouth) Tastes like fish.
  • The Chasm of Death scene with these lines from Manny, Crash, Eddie, and Diego when they get affected by the fumes, which seem to be a mix of helium/laughing gas.
    Manny: (helium voice) You know what's funny, though? We're trying to save Sid, and now we're all gonna die! (He, Diego, Crash, and Eddie laugh.)
    Crash: (helium voice) And I don't even like Sid!
    Eddie: (helium voice) Who does? He's an idiot!
    Diego: (helium voice) Thanks for getting me into this mess. It's the most fun I've had in years!
    Manny: Thank you for deserting the herd! That was totally super!
    (Diego looks at Manny in confusion, before they all begin laughing again)
  • When Buck makes his debut, everyone gives him a WTF? reaction. Even the dinosaurs.
  • When Sid Shows Manny & Ellie the eggs
    Sid: I'd like to present Egbert, Shelley, & Yoko.
    Manny: Sid, whatever you're doin' it's a bad idea.
    Sid: Shh. My kids'll hear you.
    Manny: They're not your kids, Sid. Take em back. You're not meant to be a parent.
    Sid: Why not?!
    Manny: First sign: stealing someone else's eggs. Second sign One of them almost became an omelet.
    Ellie: Sid somebody's probably sick looking for them.
    Sid: No! they were underground in ice! If it wasn't fore me, they'd be... eggcicles
    Manny: Sid, I know what you're going through you're gonna have a family too someday. You're gonna meet a nice girl with...no real options or sense of smell...
    (Sid is offended by Manny's words)
    Ellie: What Manny means to say is—
    Sid (insulted): No no I get it I'll Take them back. You have your family and i'm better off alone...by myself. (puts the eggs in a sled, starts to slide away) A Fortress of Solitude, in the ice. Forever. A lone, lonely loner! (begins to leave)
    Manny: That's a lot of aloneness.
    Sid (from offscreen): PRECISELY!

Ice Age 4 (Continental Drift)
  • "Captain, iceberg ahead!"
  • From a more recent trailer for "Continental Drift":
    Peaches: When will you let me hang out with boys?
    Manny: When I'm dead… plus three days, just to be sure.
  • From the movie, Louis wondering how Crash and Eddie can be so calm and happy in the face of death.
    Crash: Should I tell him our secret?
    Eddie: *Nods*
    Crash: We're both very… very… stupid.
  • Granny's eventually acquired dentures.
    • Granny in general.
  • When Manny, Diego, and Sid are on the ice floe during a big huge thunder storm
    Manny: just keep your eye on the horizon!
    Diego: I can't find the horizon!
    • HOLY CRAB!
    • If i don't make it, find me a wife, and tell her I LOVE HER!!!
    • Then when the three are sucked into a tornado and they go upwards into the clouds Sid exclaims "Hey guys! There really is a rainbow around every corner!" Manny and Diego stare blankly...before all three plummet back down to Earth

  • The Hyrax chief goes all Braveheart. It's priceless.
  • After the Siren escapade, Sid goes back to the roaring Siren that lured him and says "Call me". The Siren recoils, and makes a grunt that sounds like "Ew. Uh-uh."
    • Scrat NOT being Distracted by the Sexy when a siren pretends to be Scratte. When it pretends to be an acorn, then he falls for it.
  • Sid's communication with the hyraxes, as well as Manny and Diego's reaction to it.
    Diego: That they got?
  • Manny referring to Squint as the Easter Bunny. Squint is NOT amused.
  • This exchange:
    Diatryma Chick: When you drink water from your trunk, does it taste like boogers?
    Ellie: Uh, no! Well, sometimes...
  • Before the "Master of the Seas" number:
    Gutt: Morning, Sunshine! Let me be the first to extend the Hand of Friendship!
  • Manny's method of distracting himself from the Sirens? Stuffing leaves in his ears and singing (badly) "The Candy Man".
    • He realizes the sirens aren't really Ellie and Peaches when Ellie tells him "You were right, you were always right."
    Ellie would never say that!
  • This dialogue:
    Sid: My mother once told me that bad news was just good news in disguise.
    Diego": Was this before she abandoned you?
    Sid': Yes it was

  • In the Christmas Special, when Manny becomes flabbergasted at meeting Santa Claus, whom he denied his existence. Peaches replies to that with a sarcastic "Duh".
    • The revised version of "Deck the Halls".
    Head Mini-Sloth: Too many La's in this song.
    • During the "Deck the Halls" montage, the Head Mini-Sloth tosses away a ball of twine saying no one would want it. Cue Diego playing with it like a housecat would.
    • Sid trying to eat yellow snow. Prancer tells him "don't, just don't".