Haiku / Plants vs. Zombies

Plants Versus Zombies-
The title should tell you all
That you need to know.

Grow plants to survive
House is next to a graveyard
Mad doctor wants brain.

Many thanks to you
Bloom and Doom Seed Company
I love having brains.

Quoth the sunflower
There's a zombie on your lawn
You don't want it there.

Brains brains brains brains brains
Totally not a zombie
Brains, can't get enough.

I'm not a zombie
I do not like eating brains
Let me in your house.

Big Wave Beach, Big Wave
Beach, Big Wave Beach, Big Wave Beach
Time to quit this game

Neon Mixtape Tour
The harbinger of hatred.
Thank god for Thyme Warp.

Big Bad Zombie Boss
Drives gigantic evil Robots
Adores metal butt