Funny: Plants vs. Zombies

  • "We are SO the undead!" during the end credits song.
  • The Dolphin:
    • "The Dolphin is also a zombie."
    • The Dolphin saying "I'm gonna eat your brains." during the end credits song.
  • The Help Section in the first game.
    Help for Plants and Zombies Game

    When the Zombies show up, just sit there and don't do anything. You win the game when the Zombies get to your houze.

    -this help section brought to you by the Zombies
  • The original Dancing Zombies and his legion of backup dancers.
  • The way that the Disco Zombie & his legion of backup dancers make their appearence in the gameplay trailer for Garden Warfare, which is a Third-Person Shooter.
  • The "WTF?!" face the zombies seem to have when their face is splattered with a giant pad of butter.
  • There's a chance that a Swashbuckler Zombie falls into the water instead of landing on the platform.
  • The reaction where a zombie eats a Chilli Bean. First they pause and turn green, then they die and let loose a gas cloud behind them which stuns other zombies.
  • When a zombie eats a Plant Food-powered Hypno-shroom, IT TURNS INTO A HYPNOTIZED GARGANTUAR that easily smashes other zombies. It's both this and a Crowning Moment of Awesome.
  • Sometimes, when Lightning Reeds electrocute chickens in the sequel, instead of turning into a poof of feathers, they become buckets of fried chicken.
  • The Banana Launcher. It has a derpy looking face with a seemingly weird personality, and the Almanac entry notes how he's "totally bananas", while saying that we should avoid stereotypes shortly before the statement.When it fires it's banana missile, it utters "Banana!" in a chipper, high-pitched voice, and it reaches its ultimate conclusion when it is fed plant food, which it will then say "Ba-ba-ba-banana!" while firing multiple bananas. Also, when you try to plant it on minecarts in the Wild West...
    Bananas are too slippery for Minecartsnote 
  • The reactions you get from plants you water in the second game's Zen Garden usually are joyful. Some plants, however, have reactions that can make you crack up.
    • Fire Peashooter: You put out its fire, turning it into a regular pea-shooter while it looks at itself in bewilderment, before re-igniting itself.
    • Pepper-pult: You put out the fire of its ammo, causing it to smack it a few times to re-ignite it.
    • Double pea-shooter: A simple one but really cute: It looks like it's howling like a wolf!
    • Ghost Pepper: Starts out all happy and smiling... and then realises it's hovering above the soil you're watering, at which point its expression changes to "You Have Got to Be Kidding Me!"
  • The way zombies and plants react to the boulder trap, excluding the Gargantuar. They fly away spinning hilariously when hit.