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Funny: Plants vs. Zombies
  • "We are SO the undead!" during the end credits song.
  • The Dolphin:
    • "The Dolphin is also a zombie."
    • The Dolphin saying "I'm gonna eat your brains." during the end credits song.
  • The Help Section.
  • The original Dancing Zombies and his legion of backup dancers.
  • The way that the Disco Zombie & his legion of backup dancers make their appearence in the gameplay trailer for Garden Warfare, which is a Third-Person Shooter.
  • The "WTF?!" face the zombies seem to have when their face is splattered with a giant pad of butter.
  • There's a chance that a Swashbuckler Zombie falls into the water instead of landing on the platform.
  • The reaction where a zombie eats a Chilli Bean. First they pause and turn green, then they die and let loose a gas cloud behind them which stuns other zombies.
  • When a zombie eats a Plant Food-powered Hypno-shroom, IT TURNS INTO A HYPNOTIZED GARGANTUAR that easily smashes other zombies. It's both this and a Crowning Moment Of Awesome.
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