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Tropers / Hayati

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Current goal: Avoid being eaten by hungry tropers!

-wobbles- This troper seems to be unique, as his form seems to be made of pure gelatin. He claims he comes from Jelly world of Neopia...

He is known for doing edits to Neopets, although he is still a new person here. Sometimes, he will make sure the other pages get the tropes they deserve, but as he is still a new troper... he makes mistakes.

Sometimes. He has become a better Troper within the months, but still needs a little help now and then. He became a troper due to NatTheWriter and BlueEyedRat, who are both friends of him.

Is a Very known Forumer of the NTWF, so sanity may be low.


Tropes Associated with this troper:

Vandalism Time!

  • Nat The Writer attacks you in retaliation and turns you into marshmallow!
  • Godot Was Here.
  • Mmm... Tasty...
  • What time zone might Jelly World be in?
    • It seems after much research, Jelly world's time zone? Mountain time.
  • So... what flavor? - Amused Troper Guy
    • Orange flavor, Obviously. >.> -Hayati