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Funny: World of Tanks
  • Many people failed to pay attention to the date when the designers released a YouTube video showing what they claimed was playtest footage of a German Ratte, a tank so large that its turret was a modified version of those found on a Scharnhorst-class battleship.
  • A developer's blog for the game's first physics overhaul features a back-flipping German tank.
  • 8-Bit Tales, which are hilarious World of Tanks-based shorts in 8-bit. There's one about the TOG II, the KV-5 and Arty in general.
  • A somewhat common sight is seeing one tank pushing another, much slower one up a hill, sparks shooting from their bumpers the whole way.
    • The presence of a TOG II* guarantees this.
  • Also present - tank "conga lines" or "derp lines" consisting of an entire lineup of tanks pushing one another across the map.
  • Tanks accidentally falling of cliffs and drowning. Becomes even funnier if the tank that falls off the cliff or drowns is attempting to ram or push off another tank on the cliff edge, but lands up getting pushed off, or even better, misses and overshoots its target.
    • Artillery players are notorious for drowning their vehicles on purpose to deny the enemy team a kill, but real hilarity ensues when one of the enemy team vehicles goes after the artillery and either crushes it from above or rams it to death while underwater.
  • On the rare occasion that an artillery player goes into tank destroyer mode and tries to shoot an enemy tank at point blank range, the splash damage from the HE can blow up the artillery itself while leaving the enemy tank alive.
    • On the other hand, when some light tank finds an arty and thinks they're getting an easy kill, only to be abruptly one-shot by their prey.
  • Having the last surviving vehicle on a team capture the enemy base - and getting killed in the five-second window before the victory is called (turning it into instant defeat).
  • Destroying an enemy vehicle by landing on them, especially if the tank doing the stunt would be completely unable to kill the enemy in any other situation. Special mention if the vehicle getting stomped is a Maus.
    • This backfires spectacularly if lightly armored vehicles like the Hellcat ram larger, heavier vehicles - the one attempting the landing is blown up instantly while the vehicle below isn't even scratched! Boom!And again!
  • Light Tank Wars. Sometimes balancer goes nuts (more than usual) and assigns 30 tier 4-5 light tanks in one game. The sight of dozens of ELC AMX note  racing around each other at circles is pretty unique experience. Its like aerial dogfights, but with tanks.
  • Witnessing a player's first encounter with an autoloader-equipped tank note . When the autoloader has fired 4-5 shots in the time it takes the victim to get off 1-2, and the victim quickly deciding to give up and try to escape.
    • Bonus points if they then whine in chat and threaten to report the autoloader player for "hacking".
  • Light tanks getting rammed, especially if A: they're the only ones moving or B: the victim is a Tank Destroyer that hits the breaks and has them run headlong into the often Heavy sized TD.
  • Outside the game proper, one of the team members, The Chieftain (Nicholas Moran), does videos of him talking about and exploring the real life examples of the tanks in the game. The fun comes not only from his rather dry Irish humor, but from the fact that he is nearly 6'6 and is trying to get into various crew positions in the tanks. There is a reason that the Soviets had a maximum height for tank crews, and other nations weren't much better. A classic example was him trying to get into and out of the driver's position on the IS-4, which had a sealed hatch so he had to maneuver in from the main cabin.
  • In 9.0, detonating an ammo rack now causes the victim's turret to fly off the tank. Cue the hilarity when it lands on someone, either giving them a nice little souvenir or potentially even killing whatever it lands on as it can still inflict damage on impact.
  • The end of Best Replays Weekly #13 contained a bonus clip with what many people have dubbed a DJ Maus.
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