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Funny: Where on Earth Is Carmen Sandiego?
  • "dur-dun-grrr, dur-dun-grrr, Meat Loaf ain't got nuthin on the Chief-loaf...."
  • One funny moment happens in Follow My Footprints, despite being a bit of a Mood Whiplash given the plot of the episode: Moe Skeeter and Lars Vegas trying to figure out how to steal Leonardo da Vinci's The Last Supper.
    Moe Skeeter: Uh, Lars, the painting's on the wall.
    Lars Vegas: Right, so what do you need? Bolt cutters? Screwdrivers?
    Moe Skeeter: No, it's on the wall.
    Lars Vegas: Of course it's on the wall! This is a museum!
    Moe Skeeter: No, it's a fresco!
    Lars Vegas: *grabs Moe* It's a museum!
    Moe Skeeter: No! The painting's a fresco!
    Lars Vegas: Noo! The painting's a da Vinci, you witless insect! So how are we gonna take it?
    Moe Skeeter: We're not! It's a fresco! And that means it's painted on the wall!
    *Lars takes out a flashlight to examine The Last Supper*
    Moe Skeeter: I told you it was on the wall.
  • Zack thanks Ivy for rescuing him from a dicey situation by going on a spree of Incredibly Lame Puns with an egg-theme.
    Zack: I'm a shell of my formal self.
  • In "The Play's The Thing", Carmen shows amazing hutzpa by delivering Zack and Ivy's burgers to them on their Stake Out.
    Ivy(having just seen the invoice): Zack, Carmen Sandiego was the caterer!
    Zack: No way are we leaving a tip, then.
  • In "Trick or Treat", Zach overhears Ivy and Carmen confronting each other, and dashes to assist his sister, only to see Carmen Sandiego running down the hallway. He jumps her and ties her up, only for "Ivy" tor remove her wig and reveal herself to be the real Carmen Sandiego. The Carmen that Zach just nabbed was really Ivy in costume. Made even funnier by the earlier conversation that we overheard.
    Carmen: Interesting costume choice, Ivy.
    Ivy:And did you really think you were getting out of here dressed like that.
  • Carmen joyfully singing "Hallelujah! Hallelujah!" as she escapes ala Mary Poppins in "Just Like Old Times."
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