Awesome: Where on Earth Is Carmen Sandiego?

  • Once an Episode, Carmen's spectacularly well-planned escapes. Of particular note was her cool-as-a-cucumber plunge off of Victoria Falls, waiting for her henchman, who went over after her, to catch her in the speedboat/airfoil.
  • In the Christmas Episode, Zach and Ivy use a bit of subliminal manipulation to lure Carmen into a trap. Knowing that Carmen had already had two narrow escapes, they'd left a clue suggesting, ostensibly, the White House Christmas tree. However, the message used the phrase, "Skating on thin ice". Knowing that after a couple of close calls, White House security would be a bit too daunting for even Carmen Sandiego, and the tree at Rockefeller Plaza in New York would be an ideal famous tree for Carmen to nab, Zack and Ivy laid in wait for her there.
    • Carmen then gets a moment of her own for still being able to make off with the famous tree.
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