Funny / We're the Millers

  • David gets tased and kidnapped by his own boss Brad's henchmen, forcibly brought into Brad's place with a bag over his head. Then, they stop to tell Brad's secretary about David having to meet Brad, and she nicely offers David a drink such as coffee or fresca. The next shot shows Brad still being dragged by the arms with a bag over his head into another room, but now he has a fresca (straw included) in his hand.
  • David asks Rose to suck dick. Rose asks David to suck dick. David asks Kenny to suck dick.
  • The messed up game of pictionary.
    • "Black Cock Down!!!"
  • Edie hitting on Rose and later her confessing it to Melissa.
  • Kenny practicing kissing with Rose and Casey.
    • Melissa's reaction to said practice kiss.
  • The homage to Flashdance.
  • Kenny getting bit in the groin by a spider and everyone's reactions to it.
  • David describing the type of haircut he wants.
    • The guy in the background can be seen watching the entire thing, and he points to his head and says "right here." "Yeah give me that."
  • After retrieving Kenny from the hospital, David is an understandable hurry to get back to Brad with the drugs. Unfortunately his impatience causes him to drop Kenny on the ground.
    Casey: What the hell is wrong with you?
    David: What's wrong with me? Look, this job has a deadline, and it's in...four fucking hours, all right? And if you think I'm gonna lose a half a million dollars payday because one of Kenny's boo-boos, then you are out of your goddamn mind!
    Rose: Whoa. Wait a second. You're making half a million dollars on this deal?
    David: [Oh, Crap!] ...I...roughly.
    Rose: I. Can not. Believe you.
    David: Rose. Listen to me. I can explain.
    Rose: You are making five hundred thousand dollars and you were only gonna pay me thirty?
    Casey: You're making thirty grand? I'm getting a thousand!
    Kenny: [puzzled] ...You guys are gettin' paid?
  • On the plane David introduces his "kids" to the flight attendant Casey mischievously ad-libs:
    Yeah. I'm going through all those typical teenage girl issues, like finals and college applications and am I gonna get asked to prom? Plus, I haven't gotten my period in, like, two months, which is really weird, because I've mostly just been doing anal...(Kenny who is sitting next to her and drinking a bottle of water does a Spit Take)
  • The group narrowly avoiding getting caught at the border when a group of Mexicans crawl out from under the RV and make a run for it.
  • "Fuck off, real-life Flanders!"
    • After David has his Eureka Moment: "Holy fucking shit!" *beat* "Thank you, dickheads!"
  • Kenny singing/rapping TLC's "Waterfalls".
  • Any time one of them instinctively starts acting like their role in private, and they all roll with it without calling each other out.
  • "You can buy a house! And then run away from it!"
  • Rose: "It also sends that message to teens, just stick to the big A". David: "Yeah, Anal".
  • The aftermath of Kenny punching out Pablo.
    David: I like to think I taught him that.
    Melissa gives a little gasp of amazement at Kenny's kissing technique.
    Rose: I know I taught him that.
  • The Hilarious Outtakes at the end:
    • Emma Roberts has a little trouble opening the mini-fridge in the RV:
      Emma: It takes two men to open this mini-fridge.
      Emma: (laughing) It's slippery.
    • Another one shows Jason Sudeikis flipping through radio stations and coming across one playing "I'll Be There for You" by The Rembrandts (theme song to Friends). Everybody else begins singing along as Jennifer Aniston covers her head laughing.