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Funny: We're the Millers
  • David asks Rose to suck dick. Rose asks David to suck dick. David asks Kenny to suck dick.
  • The messed up game of pictionary.
    • "Black Cock Down!!!"
  • Edie hitting on Rose and later her confessing it to Melissa.
  • Kenny practicing kissing with Rose and Casey.
    • Melissa's reaction to said practice kiss.
  • The homage to Flashdance.
  • Kenny getting bit in the groin by a spider and everyone's reactions to it.
  • David describing the type of haircut he wants.
    • The guy in the background can be seen watching the entire thing, and he points to his head and says "right here." "Yeah give me that."
  • The group narrowly avoiding getting caught at the border when a group of Mexicans crawl out from under the RV and make a run for it.
  • The blooper that has Jason Sudeikis, Emma Roberts, and Will Poulter play the Friends theme as a joke for Jennifer Aniston.
  • "Fuck off, real-life Flanders!"
    • After David has his Eureka Moment: "Holy fucking shit!" *beat* "Thank you, dickheads!"
  • Kenny singing/rapping TLC's "Waterfalls".
  • Any time one of them instinctively starts acting like their role in private, and they all roll with it without calling each other out.
  • "You can buy a house! And then run away from it!"
  • Rose: "It also sends that message to teens, just stick to the big A". David: "Yeah, Anal".
  • In one of the Hilarious Outtakes at the end, Emma Roberts has a little trouble opening the mini-fridge in the RV:
    Emma: It takes two men to open this mini-fridge.
    Emma: (laughing) It's slippery.

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