Fridge / We're the Millers

Fridge Horror
  • David's friend from college/boss apparently has no qualms about sending him on a suicide mission. Or the fact that said mission is likely going to get three innocent people killed along with it.
    • Kind of a dick move, huh?
    • Not to mention he never planned on paying him, and was probably going to have him killed anyway.
  • Watch the CBP beat the guy with that sachet of ganja. If there are no Mexicans crawling under his RV, what would happen to David?
    • Not to mention the Customs officer opens fire on them as they run away.
  • The poor mechanic that David found tied-up in the front office of the auto garage was most likely killed by Pablo after the Millers made their escape.
  • Kenny is super-friendly to everyone because he's incredibly lonely, on account of having been de facto abandoned by his parents.
    David: Where's your mom?
    Kenny: Gone for a drink.
    David: Oh.
    Kenny: ...Couple of days ago.

Fridge Logic
  • David should have known that Rose's real name was Sarah long before she told him, since they're neighbors and he sometimes receives her mail by mistake (unless she gets mail under her stripper name, which is unlikely).
    • It might've been addressed to Rose's boyfriend.
    • He also bought her an airplane ticket... without knowing her name? How that's possible?
    • Unless they used the fake papers with her fake Miller name on the plane. The papers they would have to have in order to pretend they're a family on the way back.