Awesome / We're the Millers

  • Rose punching out Scotty after he tries to force himself on Casey
    • Kenny was all set to take on Scotty too, despite the fact that he isn't exactly the toughest guy.
  • Kenny punching out Pablo Chacon, then planting a Big Damn Kiss on Melissa under the fireworks.
  • Don beating up Pablo's henchmen with a coffee mug.
  • Brad screws over David, so David screws him over back by siccing the DEA on him. Capped off by his final line:
  • Rose doing a fantastic stripdance routine so at the end she can knock out Pablo with some steam so they could all get away from him and his henchman.
  • Kenny's letter-perfect rap-a-long to TLC's "Waterfalls", which doubles as a Brick Joke.