Awesome / We're the Millers

  • Rose punching out Scotty after he tries to force himself on Casey
    • Kenny was all set to take on Scotty too, despite the fact that he isn't exactly the toughest guy.
  • Kenny punching out Pablo Chacon, then planting a Big Damn Kiss on Melissa under the fireworks.
  • Don beating up Pablo's henchmen with a coffee mug.
  • Brad screws over David, so David screws him over back by siccing the DEA on him. Capped off by his final line:
  • Rose's stripdance routine, which she does so that she can knock out Pablo with some steam so they could all get away from him and his henchman. Jennifer Aniston rocks the hell out of being a stripper.
  • Kenny's letter-perfect rap-a-long to TLC's "Waterfalls", which doubles as a Brick Joke.