Funny / Valkyria Chronicles

  • In the beach episode:
    • The fact that they bring the Edelweiss to the private beach. No explanation is given on why they used a tank instead of an ordinary transport vehicle.
    • Welkin's reaction to Alicia's really time inappropriate swimsuit.
    Welkin: You're as pretty as a white winged gull!
    Alicia: I look like... a seagull?
  • Ending A of the DLC chapter: Enter the Edy Detachment, Edy tries to sing Rosie's song she did during Isara's funeral. Result, Lynn, Jann, Suzie, Marina and Homer are knocked unconscious with parodies of their death quotes. Made funnier when the sound effect when Edy sings is actually "Fail!"
  • The brawl between Squad 1 and Squad 7 in episode 6. Highlights include: a pissed off Jann grabbing Hebert and Mica by the backs of their necks yelling "Do you want me to teach you the joys of men?!" and Edy clubbing Salinas with a big stick.
  • Jann again, this time in episode 17 where he gives Largo a gift during the feelgood Valentine-esque celebration, said gift was quickly revealed to be a leopard print man thong. Largo's expression? Priceless.