Trivia / Valkyria Chronicles

The game has the following trivia:

The anime has the following trivia:

  • Fan Nickname: Faldio is often referred to as 'Superman' for his ability to do no wrong at certain points in the anime. Probably to make his eventual fall that much more shocking.
    • Maximilian has been called 'Maxi-pad' by people who are familiar with the game, due to the fact that he seems to be a mama's boy and well, just look at Lelouch's profile.
    • Early on, the series itself was nicknamed 'Kana Goes To War' on account of Alicia's various goofy facial expressions.
  • Name's the Same: The new guy, Karl, shares a name with one of the squaddies. Perhaps they got around that by never referring to the name of the Gallian Karl.
  • The Other Darrin: