Tear Jerker / Valkyria Chronicles

The Game

  • Valkyria Chronicles has one about half way through. Isara getting shot and killed out of nowhere. It doesn't help that she dies with a smile on her face.
    • Then in the next cut scene Rosie only being able to fill her promise to Isara by singing at her graveside is sad, the fact that the song is beautiful makes it totally heartbreaking.
    • And in the ending, when Welkin asked Alicia "How's Isara been today?", and out came their daughter. This one isn't directly a Tear Jerker by itself but still, if you know why it's like this...
    • Isara's death was very sad, but the true Tearjerker of this game is Selvaria's last words before she blows herself up. "Goodbye, my lord Maximillian. All Glories to you." Sniff.
    • Some people also feel this way about Selvaria's using her Valkyria powers the last time.
  • In Chapter 8, imperial soldier Fritz gets separated from his squad, and shot several times, and has to stagger to the only shelter he could find, only to die begging for his mother. This scene drives home the point that every soldier on the battlefield has a family to go home to, a life outside of this crazy war. It's not too difficult to see how hearing him cry out for his mother can trigger Vietnam flashbacks for some people.
  • For everyone other than Welkin, Alicia, Largo, Rosie and Zaka, death on the field is permanent. Add this to the fact that every recruit has their own model, personality, biography, and fully voiced death sequence, and this trope is a possible reaction to JUST ABOUT ANY SQUAD MEMBER dying in battle. Listed below are some particular sad deaths:
    Susie Evans: "This is why I...detest war... Too many have...already killed and...been killed..."
    Catherine O'Hara: "Heh heh...It's strange...I feel this is...better than losing...a comrade..."
    Lynn: "Ahh... Karl... I love you... I'll always..."
    Ted Ustinov: "I-Is this... really the punch line...? If so, I...I'm not laughing..."
    Aisha Neumann: "Welkin? Help, I'm scared... Please don't let me... I don't wanna die..."
    Vyse Inglebard: "Heh...sorry, Aika... Looks like... my adventure ends... here..."
  • The Darcsen concentration camp being burned down at the end of mission 10 is a disturbing enough scene on its own. Taken in context with the later revelation that Rosie's family died in a fire caused during a Darcsen hunt makes her reaction all the more potent. Seemed that one hit too close to home.
  • Once you've played through Selvaria's DLC, you'll never feel the same way about shooting Oswald the Iron dead in Chapter 10. At least, if you think he's Killed Off for Real instead of getting back up with different titles all the time.

The Anime

  • Welkin crying in Isara's room after they retake Bruhl.
  • Hell, everything from Isara's death to that point there is a major league tearer.

The Manga

  • Isara's and Welkin's last moments together, Squad 7 mourning for their comrades who just died and Welkin crying over failing to protect Isara.