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The original Valkyria became the Darcsen.
Supposedly, the Valkyria defeated the peaceful Darcsen and then blamed the whole "conquering the world" thing on them. There's no other written record of this other than the Valkyria's (and their super secret inaccessible temples), or even an oral history by the Darcsen themselves. Then the Valkyria disappeared off the face of the planet, but not before giving their superweapon to a betrayer branch of the Darcsens who pretended to be Valkyria and were given their own kingdom. Supposedly there is an ancient language of the Darcsens, but nobody has ever seen an example in writing.


What happened was the Valkyria were kicking butt and taking names, but then there was a feud among two smaller factions, who completely destroyed each other via a Final Flame attack in what was later called "The Darcsen Calamity." Realizing that their own power doomed themselves and the world, one branch who would become the Gallian Royal Family used a weapon/skill that genetically sealed their powers, and their memories of those powers, and then used it on themselves; a side effect erasing their memories of everything and darkening their hair. The Darcsens walked away, the Valkyria vanished, and history had a muddled sense of what happened and blamed everything bad on who was left.

The "blame the Darcsens" thing was supposed to be a scolding for themselves, but it was vastly over-interpreted.

The genetic seal, ironically, would be nullified via rare cases of crossbred atavists with other races.

  • This would explain one small, but unusual thing. We never learn Aliasse's last name in the sequel. Maybe her parents were Darcsens who were related to non-darcsens (e.g. like Lynn and Karl's children would be). Aliasse might not even have a last name.
    • It might be a little on the meta side, but why assume Aliasse is a real name in the first place?

Valkyria are powered by Spiral Power.
The seashell twist temples, spinning drills, spinning shields and twisting energy blasts weren't a clue?
  • It even says in the game that the Valkyria themselves uses a Spiral insignia to represent their power.

The viewpoint of the player is from that of a Reaper.

As to why one would be playing with these meatbags... Boredom, maybe. Or interest in the Valkyria.

  • So all the Gallian soldiers have the brain implants necessary for Reaper possession? Man, that's creepy.
    • What better way to explain how they just shrug off being SHOT while moving around? The enemy soldiers seem to deal with pain a great deal less...
      • It has been speculated that Shepard is somehow a "human Reaper" who empowers those who join him (but without controlling their free will). If so, this is the kind in the game.

The game shares a universe with Battlefield Heroes
The overall aesthetic of Heroes is a World War II one, Ninja Pirate Vampires not withstanding, and both games are vastly more colorful than ours was during the same approximate period. Ragnaid also explains how Bandages and Combat Medicine work.

  • Jossed. Battlefield Heroes has become far too saturated with modern weapons to work alongside VC.

VC 4 will see another Imperial invasion attempt
Because as far as we know, EWII is still going on, Ragnite isn't getting any less scarce, and from all the evidence we can gather, Gallia wouldn't have fully recovered even WITHOUT the minor matter of a massive civil war ripping the country in two. While I don't know the precise details of the game (I don't have it), I wouldn't even put it past the Empire to have instigated the whole thing in order to do exactly that.

Something happened to all the male valkyrur
According to this theory, the valkyrur were not always a One-Gender Race. At some point in the past, though, something happened that killed all the males. The females who remained discovered that after many thousands of years of evolution they were still able to mate with human males, but that just wasn't enough to save their empire.

Welkin is a male valkyrur.
Or at least a throwback to one. He didn't get the blue flames or red eyes, but his hair, normally brown, in some light is a toned down grey. His power is in his Commanding Voice, which can, among other things, command machine guns to punch through tank armor and awaken dormant powers within people. The Aged Gentleman was another one.
  • Yes, there are others who can use commands, enemy leaders and Avan in the sequel, but the enemy leaders don't use the Game-Breaker ones, and for Avan these require far higher levels of training (and a lot more Command Points) to learn and use. Avan's bizarre Jack-of-All-Trades ability to be anything lets him use the commands, just not as well as proven commanders like Kurt and Welkin.

Dr. Foerster is the Big Bad of the series
She has no allegiance to any nation working for both the Empire and Gallia. She experimented on Selvaria, and created every version of the Artificial Valkryia equipment. (Odds are good she'll work for the Federation and maybe had a hand in aiding VCIII's opposition, Calamity Raven.) She's completely without morals or ethics, and she's convinced that a Valkyria only has use as being a Person of Mass Destruction. When she's got the Artificial Valkyria 'right,' odds are good she'll use it on herself. Then Alicia, Aliasse, Riela (aka No. 13), and maybe Isara have to take the bitch out before she unleashes a Final Flame that levels Gallia.
  • Seems like it considering she's gotten away scott free in EVERY SINGLE GAME.
  • ...Isara is dead. Her Old Save Bonus appearance in the sequel is treated as non-canon by that game.

Gallia's demographic situation is going to come back to bite it in the rear soon enough.

Consider: Even by the most GENEROUS assessment, Gallia lost 75,000 people in EWII... out of a population of 800,000. Now, even if we tweak those numbers to their most generous extent, that still leaves us with just under an 8th or a 9th of their population to death, and chances are it was actually *higher* than that. And then, just when the ability to rebuild is absolutely necessary, a civil war breaks out soon after the end of the Imperial invasion and lasts for about two years. And this is before we talk about the more likely lower population threshold minimum, which would have seen at LEAST 46,000 dead out of a population of 430,000, WEEELLLLL over 10% dead. Now, even assuming that births outpace deaths throughout this period of time, that STILL is a massive chunk of the Gallian population that is just dead, with the most affected being men and women in the prime of life (who are in the armed forces and generally get killed, incapacitated, or disappeared)- precisely those in the traditional childbearing stages of their lives- with most of the replacements being (naturally) extremely young. As such, the older generation is probably decimated in an almost literal meaning of the term (with about a 10% death rate at least and even more rendered all but hopeless by their wounds). And if Gallia faces another large-scale conflict at any point in the next twenty or so years, that demographic situation is likely only going to worsen. Which means that soon Gallia will be desperately short of warm bodies and with absolutely no room to maneuver in terms of military and political options. And traditionally when that happens, VERY bad things occur.
  • On the other hand, the sequel mentions that a large number of Darcsens are immigrating to Gallia from the Empire after Cordelia revealed her heritage. Granted, many were killed by the rebels, but that still represents a source of repopulation, especially after the civil war is won and they can safely resume immigration.
    • Are you sure the population is 800,000? One of the guidebooks I've got (the Japanese artbook, I think) gives the population as 4.3 million or 4.5 million or so. I had been wondering about the population because Avan's hometown of Mellvere is big enough to field a soccer team, which wouldn't be possible if the whole country had a population equal to one big city. Gallia being in the 4-5 million range puts it around the same as Norway and Finland.

Selvaria, in her Final Flame, transcended reality and is now a Queen Under the Mountain and she will arise to save Europa in its darkest hour.

There was a process of "resurrection healing" being experimented on that was mastered in the second game.
A Project run by Dr. Foerster, who doesn't care what country lets her experiment or who gets her research. The first subject was "Ty the Immortal", the Ace who took grenades and headshots and kept appearing in later stages; and then this was given to other Imperial Aces. The nature of this treatment was a kind of "Ragnaid Concentrate Implant" that burst upon the death of the body; flooding it with Ragnaid and rejuvenating it. It takes very severe bodily damage to overwhelm a Ragnaid Implant.
  • Second game; a minor feature of this was given to Lanseal Cadets. Characters do not die anymore if their bodies are set upon by enemies after they're downed. They're "hospitalized" for 3 battles; and then return good as new.
    • Abilities like "Phoenix" also trigger this feature; and so is Dirk and Baldren's ability to revive any of their units that you don't send one of your units to retrieve the body.
      • After Dr. Foerster left Lanseal, and after Lavinia and Avan destroy make the Ghost Tank stop moving, Dr. Foerster studied it and learned how to duplicate them. The Three-Star missions in VC 2 are Dr. Foerster's mastering reviving Dirk, Baldren, and Audrey (this was occurring even during the main game; hence how you could keep killing them and they would get back up); and backing them up with Ghost Tanks for combat data.

The reason the Valkyria are so rare now is because they lose their powers when they get married.

Wherever the Valkyria come from, it was a matriarchal society. It wasn't a One-Gender Race, they simply come from Lady Land; eventually when they came and conquered Europa, the Calamity happened. It's said that they installed Cordelia's family to rule and disappeared afterward— but they didn't. They simply married. Just like the legendary Valkyries, marriage is a punishment that enslaves a former Valkyrie to her husband and robs her of her powers— they knew the Calamity was their fault, but also knew they couldn't rule Europa and do penance for what they had done, so they installed the Darcsen traitor family as rulers in their stead, hoping to do both. Generations down the line the Valkyria eventually married themselves mostly out of existence; modern living Valkyria simply have never had married ancestors.
  • Not married, but perhaps when they have children, for the same reason only women seem to be able to naturally use such power.
    • Alicia pretty clearly loses her blue-flame powers with the ring and the kiss, though it's possible that she would have only lost her rapid healing and boosted stats at half-health after giving birth (after all, those abilities probably make childbirth a breeze)... unless li'l Isara had already been conceived by that point... *blush*
      • Having the powers dissipate after a kiss doesn't mean she lost them, just that she stops using them. We have no reason to believe they were actually gone for good.
      • I dunno, I think that part is up to interpretation. She never uses them again, after all that blue fire dissolves into green pollen and scatters all over the plant life around them. Every other time, the fire just goes out, it doesn't go anywhere. That scene is ambiguous enough to be open to interpretation.
      • The green pollen seems like a pretty obvious nod to Welkin's influence. It makes more sense for Alicia to be subconsciously compelled to use her powers, then freed from them through marriage as a nod to the Norse myth, because if that's not what happened, then Alicia spent most of the game being a huge moron.

The Valkyria lost their powers because nobody wrote notes on how to activate them.
Any ancient writing of the Valkyria is either incredibly poetic/cryptic or else propaganda. Being able to use the power required specialized "awakening" (of which modern methods are a costly and inefficient attempt at) which were such an extremely guarded secret that a generation passed without anyone passing on the secret on how to awaken the power; and thus the knoweldge was lost, and the Valkyria used their remaining power to cover their butts.
  • The Darcsen Calamity was the destruction of the only known "Awakening" method of the Valkyria. With it gone they were doomed. In retaliation, they blamed the Darcsens.

The dead characters who are bonus unlockables in Valkyria Chronicles 2 are Einherjar.
As in Norse Mythology, after they died, they went to Valhalla, regardless of previously Earthly allegiance. While one large skirmish and resurrecting every day is good basic training long-term campaigns can teach long-term tactics so Odin sent them back to Earth, each with a glamor to prevent anyone from recognizing them and instructed not to reveal their identities. (Selvaria's powers were locked as they would be too hard to conceal.)
  • Juliana and Leon are later invited into this group.

The "Militia isn't allowed to participate in Civil Wars" rule is diplomatic wording.
The Rebellion was formed of disaffected nobles. In the first game, there was a big class difference. "Commoners" made up the Militia, and "Nobles" made up the Army. (Then the Army got nuked...) With the rebellion, some nobles were on the bench, but since the Army was literally halved in the first game, didn't want to take command from "commoner" Militia. It even says in game that the Army rebuilt its numbers using vast amounts of the former Militia. So Cordelia changed the criteria of who is a member of the Gallian Army. Nobody was turned down from defending the capital from rebels because it was against the rules. The Army was mostly held up in Northern Gallia, though.

Welkin was part of a secret strike force helping Lanseal out in the second game.
Two years after the first game, people are slaughtering Darcsens and he's taking it easy just because they aren't Imperials? No. He was spearheading special operations, many of them being the "3 Star" missions you can play post-game. Many of the other unlockable characters are part of this team.
  • Also, if people are revolting because of the revelation that the royal bloodline isn't Valkyrian after all, then some of them might want to put a true Valkyrur on the throne, and the only living person out there with a proven Valkyrian heritage is his wife. His family is a major political symbol in the war whether they want to be or not, so he needs to do something to help keep them safe.

Aisha and Helmut (from VCII) will appear in a future sequel, perhaps as story characters.

Aisha is only 12 in the game, by far the youngest unit in the series thus far (even beating out Aliasse in the sequel). It says she starts studying strategy to emulate Eleanor Varrot. So 20 years down the road, she might be an important character (maybe playable, maybe not). Given she's been described as a genius, she'll probably be 'The Zeri' in your squad so far as brains go. Same with Aliasse.

Also it says Helmut and the Imps were preparing for another invasion... but his heart was not into it. So we might have a possible turncoat for the Gallians.

The sniper shot the medic
I was wondering why Welkin didn't bother to call for the medic when Isara was shot, and I've come up with a theory. The sniper heard that Isara developed the smoke mortars that allowed them to pull off the impossible. He shot the medic, not accurate enough to kill her (considering she's carrying a ton of ragnaid) but enough that she couldn't make it in time. He then shot Isara (or maybe vice versa). Welkin heard over the radio what happened to the medic, which is why he didn't bother calling out. He knew she wouldn't make it in time.
  • But there was only one shot, right? Or did the Plot make the other one happen off camera?
  • The Personnel tab says the "Medic" is actually three triplets, all three would have to be shot to prevent them from assisting.

The male Valkyrur were like male Claymores
Just as powerful as the females, or perhaps even more powerful, but far harder to control. They exploded at the tiniest provocation and went on berserk rampages all the time. At some point the female Valkyrur just had enough of their bull and decided to mate only with human males from now on (due to some quirk of their chromosomes, the male children of a female Valkyrie and a human male can only be regular humans, while the female children have a 50% chance)

Characters with "Full HP Healing" or "Phoenix" are of partial Valkyrian descent.
It would explain why they can heal just as quickly as Alicia, who is a Valkyria. The Valkyrian descent gave them at least some of the powers that would be granted to a full Valkyria.

When an enemy reaches a fallen comrade...

They disappear in game, but that is just to hide that you just stabbed/finished them off. At least that is what I can see.

The Americas were never discovered, or just plain don't exist, in the VC universe
There are only 2 mentions of places outside of Europa in the game 1: A fantasy of being able to conquer not just Europa, but the globe (And Asia, Africa and Australia would be outside of Europa but still in the globe) 2: Its Europa War 1/2, not World War 1/2. The Airplane doesn't exist in the universe either. Shin Hyuga's bio (some country from the far east) and being based on Feudal Japan is written in a way implies VC!Japan isn't known or not important to the outside world, which could be done by Commodore Perry never existing.
  • VC!America could be an Isolationist country. Just like what America almost became during Real Life World Wars 1 and 2.
    • Alternatively, since we not know much about the Atlantic Federation (not that one) who tried to kidnap Cordelia, their capital could be in the stand-in for the Americas.
    • Isn't Arcadia the VC-verse's version of the Americas?

The nail that causes VC's Earth to be the way it is is the lack of Christianity
The opening gives suffix to the year. I forget what it was, but I'm sure it didn't refer to Christ. Christmas doesn't exist, but something more along the lines of the pagan traditions it is based on does. The only mention of religion is the Valkyria.
  • Avan tells someone to "Go to Hel!" or something along these lines in VCII. It would seem that the dominant religion in Europa has evolved from a sort of Germanic paganism.
  • Given that the Valkyur literally took over all of Europa with magic-like Ragnite technology, it's extremely likely that even if there was a Christ-like figure at some point in time, he would be completely ignored over the invincible god-like figures shooting laser beams and "saving" the world from the Darcsens. As it is, Yggdism (worship of the Valkyur as, at minimum, vassals of god) is a huge portion of continental history. Also, EC refers to the "Europan Calendar", whose year 0 is when the Valkyur came by and subjugated the Darcsen.

Europa is only Europa because no one is speaking English or French
Luxembourgish, Dutch and German (with some French, though not primary) are the languages spoken in the real world in what is Gallia in the VC universe, and the continent is Europa in all of them.

Ragnite is Energon.
Seriously, How Did We Miss This One?? It's a glowing blue crystal used for fuel and many other things. Question is, does that make the Valkyrur Cybertronian Protoforms?

Bastion takes place in the past of Valkyria Chronicles.
The Caelondians are an offshoot of the Valkyrur (then called the Cael) that left their homeland before the discovery of ragnite. The Ura are the predecessors to the Darcsens, who, after the Bastion evacuates, discover large quantities of mysterious blue crystals with great healing properties in the depths of the ruined Tazel Terminals.

Decades/centuries pass and the Ura rebuild themselves, renaming themselves to Darcsens in the process, the Caelondian survivors become the (mostly) normal people that inhabit most of Europa and the Cael discover smaller quantities of a material that is termed ragnite either by them or the newly encountered Darcsens, discovering that several members of their race possessed mutations that allowed them to metabolize the miraculous substance. A side effect of this mutation is premature albinism.

The Cael eventually find out that an Ura were responsible for the utter destruction of one of their most prosperous colonies, and they wage a bloody war of revenge that ruins both great nations.

Some of the unlockable characters in VC2 are a What If? version of that character.
For example:
  • Hubert Brixham never received the eye injury that ended his sniper career.
  • Juliana Everhardt survived the invasion of Lanseal in August.
  • Leon Hardins didn't undertake the "special mission".
  • Isara Gunther didn't die at the Marberry Shore.

Ragnite is actually poop

Alicia is going to be bugged a lot by archaeologists after the war
She is the only known living person capable of opening the door to the Valkyrian temple at Barious, after all.

The Valkyrur were descendants of a lost Atlantean colony
In the movie, Atlantean crystals are glowing all-purpose power sources with healing properties and enormous destructive potential that are a little reminiscent of Ragnite. Suppose a major lode of the stuff was discovered in the far north and a colony established to extract and refine it. It's far enough to escape the cataclysm that destroyed the home country and possessed of technology far in advance of its neighbours. Over time, these Atlanteans developed a new culture and a pale complexion more typical of that latitude, eventually embarking on the conquest of Europa. The healing abilities of the Valkyria are related to Atlantean longevity, both tied to ragnite exposure, and the shell motifs of Valkyrian art is an echo of their sea-faring ancestors. They just never again assembled enough ragnite in one place for it to start thinking.

The ISARA biplane would give way to an Age of Aviation in Europa
The creation of the biplane would lead to a technological revolution, especially in peacetime for commercial uses. Sadly, however, one or both of the great powers will end up weaponizing this technology, producing the Europan equivalent to aerial warfare and use it in future conflicts. Welkin, Leon and Kris will be disgusted in what they see as tarnishing Isara's memory.