Funny / The Thin Blue Line

  • Stephen Fry's Large Ham One-Scene Wonder in "Kids Today." He appears for all of 2 minutes and steals the episode. It can be seen in its hilarious entirety here
  • Also from "Kids Today":
    Grim:(having heard Fowler's idea) A camping trip? A bleeding camping trip? blimey!
    Fowler: Am I to take it that you don't not approve of my proposed initiative?
    Grim: Yes you may take it Raymond and you may shove it up your truncheon pouch! Society is collapsing round our ears and "Baitin' Powleir" calls for a chorus of "Ging Gang Goolies!"
    Fowler: "Ging Gang Goolie".
    Grim: What?
    Fowler: The Goolies are singular. The song you refer to goes "Ging Gang Goolie Goolie Goolie Goolie Wacha Ging Gang Goo Ging Gang Goo".
    Grim: Fowler! We are discussing youth crime, which will not be solved by shoving a sausage on a stick and whistling "Kum ba yah". It's war out there mate, war and the bleeding kids are winning.
    Fowler: it's not war Derick or anything of the sort. The vast majority of young people are law abiding citizens. I admit we don't like them, but if it were illegal to be sex mad, tone deaf, and impossible to understand we should have to arrest the entire population of France.
  • Fowler informs an uncooperative young delinquent that he, if he suspects him of possesion of drugs, is entitled to order a full body search, "which involves a pair of rubber gloves and a large spoon." Cooperation ensues.
  • "... and that should be enough for any man!", or in other words, Constable Habib being an Yaoi Fangirl and pointing out the Ho Yay in Biggles and Sherlock Holmes.