Funny / The Thin Blue Line

  • Stephen Fry's Large Ham One-Scene Wonder in "Kids Today." He appears for all of 2 minutes and steals the episode. It can be seen in its hilarious entirety here
  • Also from "Kids Today":
    Grim:(having heard Fowler's idea) A camping trip? A bleeding camping trip? blimey!
    Fowler: Am I to take it that you don't not approve of my proposed initiative?
    Grim: Yes you may take it Raymond and you may shove it up your truncheon pouch! Society is collapsing round our ears and "Baitin' Powleir" calls for a chorus of "Ging Gang Goolies!"
    Fowler: "Ging Gang Goolie".
    Grim: What?
    Fowler: The Goolies are singular. The song you refer to goes "Ging Gang Goolie Goolie Goolie Goolie Wacha Ging Gang Goo Ging Gang Goo".
    Grim: Fowler! We are discussing youth crime, which will not be solved by shoving a sausage on a stick and whistling "Kum ba yah". It's war out there mate, war and the bleeding kids are winning.
    Fowler: it's not war Derick or anything of the sort. The vast majority of young people are law abiding citizens. I admit we don't like them, but if it were illegal to be sex mad, tone deaf, and impossible to understand we should have to arrest the entire population of France.
  • Fowler informs an uncooperative young delinquent that he, if he suspects him of possesion of drugs, is entitled to order a full body search, "which involves a pair of rubber gloves and a large spoon." Cooperation ensues.
  • "... and that should be enough for any man!", or in other words, Constable Habib being an Yaoi Fangirl and pointing out the Ho Yay in Biggles and Sherlock Holmes.
  • At the end of the episode where Raymond and Patricia sees a sex therapist, something that squicks the conservative Raymond out to no end, Patricia is thrilled when Raymond announces that he's finally willing to spice up their sex life. She is somewhat less thrilled when she finds out the reason is that he'll "do anything, absolutely anything, if it means I never have to lay eyes on that foul woman again!"
  • Pretty much all of Grim's Double Entendre related to his arse. In particular:
    • "I am involved in serious policework. If you get in the way, I'm responsible. Your cock-up, my arse."
    • "Look, this may be a hoax, it may not be. All I know is, if it is genuine, my arse will be on the line, and I don't want a cock-up."
    • "You seem to forget Kray, it's my arse on the line, so you'd better pull your finger out!"
    • "This is a very important operation. Now it's my arse, and if you stuff it I'm going to end up very red in the face."
    • "Raymond, do not interfere with my decisions. I, and me alone, am responsible for the operational fitness of my officers. It is my arse and I will not have you sticking your nose in and sniffing about."
  • The carol-singing thieves, especially because of how obvious they are. Later on, they run into some actual carolers - then the police rush in, and the thieves take off, leaving the actual carolers to get arrested.