Funny: The Star Wars Holiday Special

  • The infamous "Fighting the Frizzies at eleven" comment by the news anchor. This guy's been given an absolutely absurd sentence to read in front of millions of people, and he says it with absolute conviction.
  • The scene with Harvey Korman as the cooking show chef is actually pretty funny.
  • The stormtrooper who actually fights Han one-on-one only to lose when he apparently trips over his own gun, sending him hurtling over a railing to his death.
  • A more straight example: Deadpan Snarker all-business bartender/owner Ackmena can jab as only Bea Arthur can.
    Ackmena: (to customer) Well, I'm certainly not going to get rich with customers like you. I thought I taught you to drink faster than that. Well, at least you're steady.
    Ackmena: (to Krelman) We are talking. You're not ordering. I'm not pouring. We are not drinking. We are talking.
  • As Jack Packard of Red Letter Media pointed out, if you look hard enough, you can see the exact moment at which Harrison Ford stopped caring even the slightest bit about being in it.