Awesome / The Star Wars Holiday Special

  • The only Crowning Moment Of Awesome in the entire special: The cartoon segment, in no small part due to introducing Boba Fett.
  • Bea Arthur's performance as Ackmena the bartender. Probably the only earnest, likable, and non-embarrassed-to-be-involved performance in the entire special. (And for that matter, one of the few sober ones.)
    • That whole sequence was surprisingly competent (considering what's around it), managing to elicit some actual emotion and humor. On this special, that's an impressive achievement.
    • They should just re-edit it and make it just those two segments and the Life Day stuff trimmed down to the "search" subplot and the bits with Luke, Leia and most of Art Carney (since he's also relevant to the plot). Come to think of it. It would be a nice idea for a fan-edit.
  • A meta example would be the fact that the franchise actually managed to survive this trainwreck.
  • Some have made re-edits and thus made the special surprisingly kinda GOOD. This one edit, is a good example.