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Funny: The Sims Medieval
  • When playing as the monarch in one of the quests, you have to ask 3 of your servants to give you an honest opinion of how you're running the country. While they're all funny on their own, I found talking to the jester hilarious. Simply put, the jester recites a poem that is obviously more of an insult than anything. The monarch's response?
  • When holding court as a monarch, some of the petitions the citizens approach you with can get really amusing. Of note is a guy who asks the Monarch for permission to have a child. The positive option is to tell him he doesn't need your permission for something like that, and the negative one...
    Monarch: Are you kidding? You want my permission to breed. You know what? No. Just because you asked me: no. You are banned from having children.
  • Also when holding court as a Monarch, a villager will come to request permission to burn the vulgar shrubbery his neighbor is sculpting, and regardless of how the Monarch replies, it's a rather easy request to forget. However, another villager might come later asking for funds to make a statue of the Monarch. If you say no, s/he will reply that they shall "go back to their other pastime of sculpting vulgar shrubbery".
  • If you use the Monarch to make an ally of the Crab Bandit, your reward is a fake mustache matching the bandit's.
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