YMMV / The Sims Medieval

  • Fridge Horror: In one quest, the physician can ''create life'' in the form of a Frankenstein-esque creature made from body parts. The knight or spy who procures said body parts for the physician may 'harvest' them from a transient named Abner. After the physician assembles the creature, he/she will remark how it looks like his/her long lost brother, Abner...
  • Fridge Logic: Some examples, as in every Sims game. One is that you can throw eggs at a person in the stocks whether you have eggs (a purchasable item) in your inventory or not, and in fact if you have eggs in your inventory throwing one won't use the inventory eggs up. You can also throw a tomato, which you can never obtain in your inventory. Some people theorize that the tomatoes and eggs are simply rotten.
  • Genius Bonus: In a quest you get a screenshot of a tablet with writing in Runes. The transliterated message is: nom donuts are so good like them lots.