YMMV / The Sims Medieval

  • Fridge Logic: Some examples, as in every Sims game. One is that you can throw eggs at a person in the stocks whether you have eggs (a purchasable item) in your inventory or not, and in fact if you have eggs in your inventory throwing one won't use the inventory eggs up. You can also throw a tomato, which you can never obtain in your inventory.
    • The inventory item eggs are used for foodstuffs. Supposedly your sim uses rotten eggs at the stocks?
  • Genius Bonus: In a quest you get a screenshot of a tablet with writing in Runes. The transliterated message is: nom donuts are so good like them lots.
  • They Just Didn't Care: The 2.0 patch for the Steam version makes the game unplayable in Windows 8. The problem is that, by default, Steam always keeps your games updated, and doesn't allows to downgrade a game or install a downgraded version. Installing the Pirates and Nobles expansion installs the 2.0 patch, too. For some reason, this bug have been fixed in the Origin version of the game (fortunately, it is possible to use the Steam product keys of the game within Origin, which prevents you to have to buy the game twice).
  • Ultimate Showdown: If you go sailing, one scenario you may find yourself in is an Ultimate Throwdown, with a Dire Whale, Man O'War, a spirit army, the Kracken, Unicorns, Golems, Goblins, a Crab Bandit, and other creatures. The winner? A dire chinchilla.