Funny / The Sharing Knife

  • In the first book, Dag being cornered into revealing his age — which is fifty-five years old to Fawn's eighteen years, making him thirty-seven years older than her. He is essentially forced into revealing this in front of all of the Bluefields, including Fawnnote . In the middle of dinner. While Fawn is taking a drink. And to make it worse...
    [Fawn] looked up sideways at [Dag] in muffled, possibly, alarm. Or dismay. He hoped it wasn't horror.
    "Papa," she muttered, "is fifty-three."
    All right, a little horror. They would deal with it.
  • The sheep-unstealing incident in the third book, when Fawn ropes in Whit and Barr to try and return some stolen sheep to their pasture. The funniest part comes when they return to the boat and find Dag waiting for them. The normally-deadpan Lakewalker manages to go back to bed with Fawn... and cracks up.