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Heartwarming: The Sharing Knife
  • Dag's thinly-veiled "The Reason You Suck" Speech to the Bluefields when one of her brothers asks why Dag would possibly want to marry Fawn, especially since Dag won't inherit any land — or, indeed, anything at all — for marrying her. Also an Awesome Moment.
    Dag: (when asked for three good reasons) Only that? Very well. For the courage of her heart, which I saw face down the greatest horrors I know without breaking. For the high and hungry intelligence of her mind, which never stops asking questions, nor thinking about the answers. For the spark of her spirit, which could teach bonfires how to burn. That's three. Enough for going on with. All this is set beside me, and you ask me instead if I want dirt? I do not understand farmers.
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