Awesome / The Sharing Knife

  • Beguilement: Dag, with his good arm broken, shimmying up a tree one-hooked and defeating Sunny Sawman and his friends by Persuading a nest full of hornets into their faces, and up their pants.
    Dag: "Limp home, Sunny."
  • Legacy:
    • Dag intercepting an attack on another Lakewalker by a greatly advanced Malice, and surviving being half Ground ripped.
    • Double one by Fawn and Dag, with Fawn figuring out how to use Kaneo's knife to break the Ground lock Dag is trapped in, and then Dag using the insight he gains at that moment to free himself and everyone trapped in the Malice's construction.
    • Finally Dag giving a "The Reason You Suck" Speech to the entire camp council as they debate the veracity of his and Fawn's marriage, letting them know that they need to learn how to work with Farmers to defeat Malices, and then telling them he's going to travel through Farmer country, trying to figure it out himself.
  • Horizon: Fawn, her brother and his wife—three farmers lacking any special powers beyond brains and wearing ground-shields created by Dag—prove generations of Lakewalkers wrong and take down an advanced malice themselves.