Funny / The Prince and the Pauper

1990 Disney film

  • Goofy selling snow cones in the middle of winter.
    • The flavors are plain, rock, and twig.
  • The funny sequence of what the Prince does to Donald during his lesson; Mickey naming the three secondary trigonometric ratios while using his pea shooter on Donald, before the duck tried to shoot a candle at the Prince, but he accidentally hit Horace's butt instead, causing him to yell out in a high-pitched voice.
    Horace: Sire, we have been through this time and time again. It's hypotenuse. Hypote- (gets hit in the butt, high-pitched) -NUUUUUUSE!!
  • The Prince mocking Donald while mimicking Horace behind his back.
    Donald: (points at the Prince) But he started it—
    Horace: Donald! (he and the Prince point to the door)
    (Donald leaves in a huff, grumbling)
  • A Weasel guard's reaction after hearing Pete booting out the actual Prince.
    Weasel guard: (spits out beer in shock) You threw out the prince?! (laughs, doing 'shame, shame' hand gesture to him) You're gonna get it! You're gonna get it! NYAH-NYAH-NYAH-NYAH-NYAH, NYA— (Pete suddenly grabs the Weasel by the throat, making him stick his tongue out with a hilarious facial expression.
  • The Weasel guards screaming as they fell off from midair while attempting to get the Prince, Donald and Goofy who held onto the door.
  • The Prince cutting Pete's trousers loose, revealing Pete's underpants to all. Heck, seeing the crowd laughing, I've never seen so many tonsils in my life!

1937 movie

  • Tom admitting he used the Great Seal to crack nuts.