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Funny: Quack Pack
  • In the episode where Donald and the boys get superpowers and Donald turns into an insane supervillain, he decides to gather up and destroy all the TVs in the world. Daisy, reporting on the scene for What In The World realises that this means no-one is watching her and decides to do what she always wanted to do on live TV- play the bagpipes (briefly exciting the owners of the only TV Donald missed, a small Scottish family on a mountain, who rejoice that "Finally, something worth watching on American TV!")
    • Donald then swoops in and takes that TV. "Sorry! Forgot one!"
  • In one episode, the boys need to get rid of a tree, so they use a solution that causes things to shrink, and it seems to work. Then Donald accidentally gets sprayed with some of it and gets younger and younger. Finally, at the end, the tree has regrown and is now massive. The episode ends when a (now-giant) Donald begins stomping toward the house...
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