Funny / Pride and Prejudice and Zombies

  • In the book, the fates of Charlotte and Wickham are extremely dark, but portrayed in a way that it becomes Black Comedy.
  • In the film, Collins' walk with the Bennet girls has a couple of funny moments.
    • Collins tries to take Elizabeth's hand, but she quickly pulls it away.
    • Elizabeth struggles to carry all of her sister's rifles, and Collins comes to help. Instead of carrying some, he rearranges it so one of the rifles is on her shoulder, and walks off, saying, "Gallantry isn't dead."
    • Mrs Bennet asking if Lady Catherine's eyepatch is "fashion or function", and Lady Catherine replies "function" immediately.
    • Lizzie turning down Darcy's proposal is turned into a kung fu fight between them. It must be seen to be believed.
    • Collins expressing his desire to court Jane at the dinner table, only to backtrack to Lizzie when Mrs. Bennett informs him that Jane is taken. Mr. Bennett sums it up nicely.
    "Be careful of your talent for the delicate compliments, sir."
    • Darcy uses carrion flies to detect zombies in hiding. When he attempts to use them on Jane, Lizzie catches the flies one at a time, then crushes them and drops them back in Darcy's hand.
    "I believe these belong to you."