Funny / The Lost Vikings

  • A magazine ad for Lost Vikings 2 showed a giant, fiery explosion, with the text over it, "You idiots. That was our village!"
  • The discussion that happens when a level is failed 15 times:
    Thor: This is the voice of Thor, the Viking god of thunder. I am real angry with you guys.
    Erik: How have we displeased you, oh mighty voice of Thor?
    Olaf: Why can't we see you?
    Thor: Would you want to be seen with Vikings that have failed 15 times to get through a level?
    Erik: But...
    Thor: In my day, Vikings were faced with much more difficult levels, and we always got past them on the first try!
    Olaf: Always?
    Thor: Do you doubt Thor? Now go out there and find that exit!!!
  • When Baleog asks one of the shamans if gods will make Olaf eat less, he answers that even their power has its limits.