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Funny: The Hour
  • Isaac bumbling around in the astronaut outfit from 1.02 and Freddie's hilariously unsympathetic response.
    Isaac: Um, Mr. Lyon? I can't breathe.
    Freddie: Take it up with NASA.
  • Hector Madden: Fashion Police.
    • To Freddie from 1.03, when he's wearing his usual shabby-reporter chic to dinner at the Maddens' country house.
      Hector: Freddie, you can't possibly wear that jacket! (double take) And those shoes!
    • To Freddie again, in 1.05. It's not just that Freddie's dressed as a woman, with a scarf knotted around his head, it's that Hector stops him from taking it off by saying "a lady never removes her hat in a gentleman's car".
  • Bel and Freddie's blase recounting in 2.02 of what they've been up to.
    Freddie: Where have you been?
    Bel: Buying pornography. You?
    Freddie: Picking up fascists.
  • Virtually all of Lix's Deadpan Snarkery and patronizing of the younger journalists.
    • "Children, there will be tears."
    • "Remarkable, Mr. Wengrow, looks just like you or I."
    • The capper has to be her comment to Hector in 1.05:
      Oh, beautiful tie, Hector! It goes SO nicely with your eyes. Weren't you wearing it yesterday?
  • Randall's deadpan response to Bel and Freddie pitching an interview with a fascist on the same day the BBC brass are going to be observing the show:
    Randall: There might be better days to test-run this as an idea. Sundays are good.
    Freddie: We don't work Sundays.
    Randall: You get my drift.
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