Tear Jerker / The Hour

  • Oh god. Just try to get through the season two finale without breaking down. If Randall's OCD fit and subsequent breakdownnote  don't get you, Lix's silent, heartbroken reaction will. Or Hector's stunned, gut-punched reaction to Marnie telling him she's pregnant (with a child that cannot possibly be his, considering his infertility). And that's discounting the entire last 15 minutes of the show, where Freddie pulls a two hour long Holding the Floor, taking a hellacious beating from Pike and Cilenti, in order to give the Hour time to air Kiki's tell-all on Cilenti. Bleeding, broken Freddie is juxtaposed with Bel finally reading the letter she never sent him, telling him she does love him, but that she's too cowardly to take the leap with him. The final scene is a frantic, terrified Bel finding Freddie's body on the street outside Lime Grove, his possible last words being "Moneypenny".
  • In 2.05, the scene with Lix and Randall in the pub, where they've just discovered that the girl they found isn't their daughter. Lix is cold, telling Randall off for "waking her up", making her remember the past, and out of nowhere, calm, authoritative Randall breaks down. The final shot of the scene is heartwarming, but also incredibly sad, as Lix curls up beside Randall, holding his hand.
  • Bel's stunned, heartbroken reaction to meeting Freddie's wife Camille, just when she'd decided to tell him she loved him.